The following document contains scenes, logs, and depictions of extreme violence and death. While the Foundation is aware that the majority of our personnel may have already been briefed and/or exposed to these types of explicit content before, your safety continually remains our top priority.

If you experience any severe discomfort or stress as a result of reading this document, please immediately report to your on-site Mental Health Physician or Therapist for assistance. Alternatively, you may return this document to your Supervisor. Thank you.

— Dr. Jakob Reigen, Site-119 Coordinator


Image depicts Dr. Malcolm Stevenson undergoing the anomalous effects of SCP-3476. The picture has been filtered and re-colored in order for better viewing of the individual SCP-3476-1 instances surrounding Dr. Stevenson's body.

Item #: SCP-3476

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-3476's location, Site-119 is hereby responsible for containing the anomaly. The McQueen Estate, located within Bend, Oregon, is to remain permanently closed from the general public. A small perimeter is to be enforced around the property itself at the discretion of Site-119's current policies and procedures. Local residents who are determined to have entered the McQueen Estate or the vicinity of SCP-3476 are to be interrogated, amnesticized, and subsequently re-integrated into the general public following standard protocol.

Description: SCP-3476 is a series of phenomena that occur within a 4.5-meter vicinity of a cement structure resembling a fountain, located at the McQueen Estate in Deschutes County, Oregon. Around the base of SCP-3476, a series of thaumaturgic symbols have been discovered, although their meanings have yet to be identified. Whenever a subject who has experienced the death of a family member or close individual enters the vicinity of SCP-3476 for an extended amount of time, several instances of SCP-3476-1 will emerge from the subject. SCP-3476-1 is the designation given to a series of incorporeal red "strings" that will extend themselves upward at an indeterminable length.1

Individuals who have experienced the anomalous effects of SCP-3476 report feeling "tired" while under its influence. This also appears to be amplified by both the length of time the subject experiences SCP-3476, and how recently their aforementioned close individual has passed. Despite these negative effects, however, subjects have also attested to feeling physically closer to their deceased individual while in the vicinity of SCP-3476, which may cause some to continually stay nearby the anomaly. The underlying purpose and cause of these particular phenomena remain unclear, but it has been assumed by Foundation researchers that SCP-3476 may be siphoning chemical energy from affected subjects via SCP-3476-1 through currently unknown means.

SCP-3476 was discovered after an incident involving the residents of the McQueen Estate prompted a criminal investigation by local authorities and integrated Foundation personnel. During this investigation, Foundation personnel were also able to retrieve a journal by Alex McQueen — the son of the late Jason McQueen who had owned the Estate prior — which had been buried near SCP-3476. A series of camera recordings were also captured and provided to Foundation personnel. Both have since been added to SCP-3476's documentation as they appear to indicate the origins of the anomaly.

Addendum 3476-1
Recovered Documentation/Forensic Investigation

Addendum 3476-2
Collective Recorded Footage at McQueen Estate

Addendum 3476-3
Important Update

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