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Photograph of clean-up team responding to WGU Nova event.

Item #: SCP-3473

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3473 is to be contained, when possible, in a cell with dimensions of 10 X 10 X 10 meters. Each of the cell walls of the containment chamber are to be made of at least 5 meters of lead located between an internal 1 meter layer of titanium/tungsten alloy, coated with silica aerogel that is to be replaced bi-weekly, and 3 meters of steel-plate reinforced concrete externally. As of the events of 3473-NE-7-WGU, containment of the entity within facilities is no longer considered a valid option.

SCP-3473 currently resides within, and is restricted to, a 10 kilometer radius around the entrance to Site-190, which is located in the area known as "█████ ██████" in the █████████████ Desert. This is considered its containment area for all intents and purposes. This Site’s main buildings are subterranean, located 2 kilometers beneath the surface and designed to withstand high intensity radiation and temperatures, as well as substantial seismic activity. On-site personnel are not permitted to leave the site if SCP-3473 is within 3 kilometers of the entrance. A secondary bunker is located 13 kilometers from the main facility, outside of the Site’s perimeter. Permission for the construction of additional “satellite facilities” around the perimeter border is pending.

Should SCP-3473 come within 2 kilometers of Site-190, or go beyond the 10 kilometer perimeter, a detachment from Mobile Task Force Omega-47 (“Sunscreeners”) are to be dispatched from either the main site, or the offsite secondary bunker, whichever is closest to the entity, and meet with it at a safe distance to guide it back within those boundaries.

If the entity is within the 2 kilometer radius of the entrance, it may have adopted this position intentionally to attempt to prompt communication with on-site staff. If this is confirmed to be the case, it should usually be allowed to do so as long as it does not enter the Site proper, and must be monitored by the MTF until it returns to its safe boundaries. Beyond this, because SCP-3473 does not sleep, 24 hour surveillance is required and operated via the use of multiple long-range observation drones, as well as satellite tracking.

All on-site personnel, including members of MTF Omega-47, must don appropriate Hazard Gear in preparation for possible interaction with SCP-3473. No attempts are to be made to retrieve unprotected subjects who are exposed to SCP-3473 and succumb to its effects during feeding or otherwise. All permanent on-site staff within the perimeter must be fluent in sign language and semaphore to communicate with SCP-3473 at both close and long distances. Interaction with SCP-3473 should be performed at a distance of no less than 10 meters if at all possible.


Recording of a small Nova Event by researchers. The nature of the streaks above the explosion are unknown, although they are present in most cases.

Description: SCP-3473 is an animate entity reaching almost three meters in height. It possesses basic humanoid characteristics insofar that it has a head, two arms and two legs connected to a central body, but analogies with humans become less useful beyond this. The entity is androgynous and lanky in terms of physique, although it usually takes a hunched stance despite this. Each limb is long and thin, and is tipped with three digits resembling avian talons. It has a thick neck and large toothless maw that remains continuously open, and despite possessing no olfactory or auditory organs, the entity does possess eyes, which are yellow in coloration and lack any pupils.

The entity possesses four long tendrils on its head, and two more on its shoulders, which resemble the antenna of insects. In addition, it also possesses a set of fin-like structures on its back, arms and legs. These are assumed to be sensory organs, although their exact means of function are not currently known.

SCP-3473's skin is usually luminescent orange in color, but shifts to either a dull reddish hue during the night or a bright yellow during midday, in respect to time-zones in its current location. These color shifts can also be brought about when the ambient temperature changes, as well as when the entity is feeding or agitated. The exception to this is a series of symmetrical, black, exoskeletal plates that cover large portions of its body.

The surface temperature of the entity's body is approximately 1100°C on average, with the black patches at its extremities being the coolest at slightly under 600°C. Its mouth is the hottest area on its surface, reaching 3000°C on average. However, this is not the maximum temperature the entity can reach, as it achieves many times these temperatures when feeding or when agitated. The entity emits intense radiation in addition to heat, which can only be partially screened by use of Grade 1 "Heat and Radiation" Hazard Suits. The exact composition of the radiation the entity emits appears to change based on multiple factors.1

SCP-3473 is also capable of a form of levitation, and is able to suspend itself roughly a meter in the air. Additionally, SCP-3473 is also seemingly able to sense the presence of objects and places which emit abundant electromagnetic or ionizing radiation. How it is able to perform these feats is currently unknown. As of writing this, its internal temperature can only be guessed at, as no currently available technology is durable enough to withstand the measurement processes. Genetic or medical information (if such things are even applicable) about SCP-3473 beyond physical description are also unobtainable due to its volatile form.

SCP-3473 is sapient, and while it is incapable of audio-based perception and cannot communicate verbally, it has excellent eyesight and is fluent in the use of sign language and semaphore (which it was taught as its methods of communication with Foundation personnel). While it does not possess any apparent sexual organs, it seems to identify as male and uses masculine vocabulary when referring to itself. Foundation personnel are permitted to use such terms during informal communication with the entity.

General intelligence tests have determined that SCP-3473 has the same mental capability as an average adult human, although its behavior and personality are more akin to that of an inquisitive child. It has offered little insight as to its origin or species, as when questioned about these topics, it will either ignore the question or, on rare occasions, point towards the Sun's location in respect to its current position, doing so with absolute precision even if the Sun is not visible. The entity has not elaborated further, either expressing confusion or irritation if pressured.

SCP-3473 consumes matter regularly, and in a highly destructive manner. The mechanism by which this occurs is observed to be as follows: The entity raises parts of its surface temperature to extremely high levels and either comes into contact with, or [REDACTED] intends to absorb. This causes the target matter to either vaporize or energize into a form of ionized plasma, which is subsequently drawn into the maw of the entity. The absorbed matter appears to be collected and utilized internally via controlled atomic reactions, which are assumed to be a form of nuclear fusion, with any waste being excreted from its body as an increase in emitted radiation for a period of time after consumption. Current scientific principles cannot explain these processes which, on the scale they occur, appear to break understood laws of physics and conservation of energy.

SCP-3473 will not actively seek to consume humans or other life forms, but can also utilize these abilities to defend itself if attacked, and appears to show little remorse when consuming plasma formed from cadavers or hostile living creatures. However, the entity will firmly object to "consuming" living targets it is aware of that are not actively hostile to it.

Due to SCP-3473’s abilities, complete containment is currently impossible, as the entity will invariably consume the materials used in its physical containment. It is only possible to contain SCP-3473 because it willingly chooses to remain in Foundation care. All attempts to trap or restrain the entity, to date, have proven futile and further attempts are not currently permitted. SCP-3473 understands that it is currently held in containment for its own safety and the safety of others. It is also generally agreeable and is aware that mere exposure to its body is harmful to life.

Despite this, it has expressed repeated desires for more space to wander, and to interact with staff so that it may learn further about the world, or simply enjoy socialization. While direct interaction is permitted and encouraged, on site personnel must be firm in enforcing that it stays within its perimeter. Thus far, this has stopped it from fully breaching containment. However, should the entity, at some point in the future, leave its containment perimeter and refuse to return, [DATA EXPUNGED]

Staff communicating with SCP-3473 must be polite and non-threatening to it, as perceived threats can trigger an agitated state in the entity. If SCP-3473 experiences significant emotional stress for prolonged periods, the levels of heat and radiation it emits will begin to rise exponentially. Should SCP-3473 become sufficiently agitated for a sufficient length of time, it may trigger a "Nova Event". It was originally believed to be a form of defense mechanism, but the entity claims this is not the case, stating that it does not understand them itself and finds them distressing. Current hypothesis is based on the idea that it is more akin to a panic attack or seizure.

When a Nova Event occurs, SCP-3473's body temperature reaches extreme levels many times above the norm, unleashing massive amounts of heat, ionizing radiation and gravitational distortions into the surrounding area. The level of destruction varies, with the most intense Nova Event to date having an output roughly equivalent to that of a 20 kiloton nuclear bomb, although it is theorized that [REDACTED] even greater levels. Part of the basis for this theory is the fact that Nova Events occasionally have the same effect as solar flares on the reformation of SCP-1246.

Should SCP-3473 show signs of distress, agitation, anger or uncharacteristic hostility, Foundation staff are advised to attempt to calm the entity for a period of no more than 30 seconds if already in contact. If not already in contact, or should this agitated state persist in spite of attempts to calm it, Site-190 is to be put into a lock-down state as per “Ignition Protocol” in response to a potential Nova Event. The bulkheads within Site-190 are to be sealed for the duration of such an event, and all other staff within the surface perimeter must evacuate to the offsite bunker, if possible.

Nova Events also vary in duration. While the shortest on record lasted only 7 seconds, and most only last a couple of minutes, the longest recorded unbroken Nova Event lasted for 2 days and 11 hours. This resulted in the complete destruction of Site-91, the facility where SCP-3473 was kept at the time. Over 90% of on-site staff, multiple anomalous objects contained on the site and much of the surrounding landscape were destroyed in the process. This particular Nova Event is now referred to as 3473-NE-7-WGU, and lead to a redefining of the entity's containment procedures, as well as its reclassification to Keter. It should be noted that the on-site warheads were triggered as a result of the WGU event (due to damage caused by the event itself rather than manual activation), but had no discernible effect on SCP-3473 aside from presumably causing an increase in duration and intensity of the event.

After a confirmed event has ended, clean-up crews will then be sent in from off-site to both locate the SCP as well as assess and (if possible) repair damage it has caused. Until an "All Clear" is given, no on-site personnel are to leave Site-190 after a Nova Event. Nova Events will leave the entity in an exhausted and traumatized state afterwards, and it is top priority that the SCP be calmed by staff as soon as it is safe to do so, to minimize chances of a relapse. To date, there have been ██ recorded Nova Events, including WGU.

Acquisition: SCP-3473 was recovered thanks to a sweep of the ██████ Desert area. Reports of a relatively large meteor landing in the area had sparked the attention of locals as well as government agents. The Foundation was the first to reach and contain the area.

SCP-3473 was discovered in a scorched crater in the ███████ part of the desert. Foundation members initiated standard intelligent life protocols and made contact with SCP-3473. It followed Foundation forces to the nearest secure Site, but had to travel on foot because the response team were not equipped to transport high-heat/radiation loads.

Of note, when it was first encountered, its entire body was reported to have a charred, rocky appearance, and gave off a smell similar to burning coals. Over time it “shed” this outer crust of its body, and developed into its current form, which it has remained in ever since.

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