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Item #: SCP-3472 Level 2/3472
Object Class: Keter Classified


SCP-3472 in its containment area.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3472-1 has been converted into Containment Area-██. SCP-3472's position must be maintained at all times. Any change in the position of SCP-3472 constitutes a possible WK-58 event, in which case Procedure-738-Comstock must be immediately initiated.

SCP-3472-1, along with SCP-3472's cables are to be inspected daily for any signs of degradation by a team of 3 Class-D maintenance personnel. Because of SCP-3472's effects on convicted criminals, Class-D maintenance personnel are to be recruited through Protocol 12. Class-D maintenance personnel are to be treated with SCP-████ to combat the antibiotic effects of SCP-3472, and must be given monthly blood transfusions as per SCP-████ guidelines.

Description: SCP-3472 appears to be a chandelier, approximately 6 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter. SCP-3472's exterior is composed of lights in the shape of decorative glass leaves, surrounding an unknown object. SCP-3472 requires no power to operate. Attempts to take physical samples have failed, as SCP-3472 cannot be damaged.

SCP-3472-1 is a structure surrounding SCP-3472, superficially resembling a cathedral surrounded by scaffolding, 15% of which is composed of unknown materials. SCP-3472 is attached to SCP-3472-1 by several cables. A control panel near the entrance of SCP-3472-1 is capable of changing the position of SCP-3472; however, any change that moves SCP-3472 out of a specific alignment will result in SCP-3472's anomalous effects expanding.

SCP-3472's primary anomalous effects manifest when certain organisms are brought within SCP-3472's area of effect. All organisms belonging to the Kingdom Fungi, the Classes Reptilia or Arachnida, the Order Hymenoptera, the Family Canidae,1 or any microbial lifeform, person convicted of a crime punishable under English Law, or nonsapient carnivore weighing at least 120 kg are susceptible to SCP-3472's effects. Within two seconds, life functions of affected organisms will cease, and said organisms will disappear completely within two hours.

SCP-3472's area of effect roughly fills SCP-3472-1 while aligned correctly. The radius of SCP-3472's area of effect will expand at a rate of 18 meters per second while unaligned with SCP-3472-1. It is theorized that significant structural damage to or a continuous nonalignment with SCP-3472-1 would eventually result in a WK-Class Mass Extinction Event.

Addendum [3472-004]: On 13/03/1986, during the initial containment of SCP-3472-1, a basement area was discovered. Exploration was authorized on 23/03/1986. An examination of the basement revealed a human corpse, several documents, several objects presumed to have occult significance, 14 minor anomalies later classified as anomalous objects, and one anomaly later reclassified as SCP-████.

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