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Item #: SCP-3471

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its close proximity to civilian populations, a covert perimeter around SCP-3471 is to be upheld at all times by a minimum of three security personnel under the guise of historical landmark restoration efforts. Individuals attempting to enter the site without authorization from personnel with Level 2 or higher clearance are to be apprehended. Paintings received from SCP-3471-1 manifestations are to be kept in Object Storage Lockers 4352 through 4355.

Description: SCP-3471 is a cast iron tramway bridge across the River Cynon between Trecynon and Robertstown, Wales. The bridge, constructed in 1811, supports a 11.2 meter long deck composed of several iron plates, each measuring approximately 3 meters wide. Alongside the absence of wear and tear expected from its age, SCP-3471's iron brackets and trussed support beams display no signs of excessive rust or external damage, appearing to be well maintained despite its limited civilian presence before containment. It is unclear exactly when SCP-3471 began to showcase anomalous properties, though the earliest reports of manifestation date back to 195█, 5█ years following the closure of the tramway.

Should any individual attempt to cross SCP-34711, SCP-3471-1 will manifest near the center of the deck, generally peering over the bridge railing. SCP-3471-1 appears to be an elderly Caucasian man, standing approximately 1.8 meters in height and wearing tattered articles of clothing. SCP-3471-1 also displays mannerisms and attributes akin to those affected by significant hearing loss, speaking only through sign language and being unaware of sounds made in its vicinity. In each manifestation, SCP-3471-1 is accompanied by a standard painting easel, a canvas, and a duffel bag2, all of which materialize near SCP-3471-1's person. Though displaying distinguishable facial and bodily features, attempts to connect SCP-3471-1 to any known individual through facial recognition techniques or similar methods have proven unsuccessful. Notably, SCP-3471-1 only manifests completely when its materialization position is out of the field of view of any individuals present. However, viewing the position through indirect means does not prevent SCP-3471-1's manifestation.

Due to SCP-3471-1's apparent hearing loss, subjects crossing SCP-3471 are capable of passing SCP-3471-1 without incident, leading to SCP-3471-1's dematerialization once the individual reaches the end of the deck. Should the crossing individual attempt interaction, SCP-3471-1 initially responds variably, most commonly acknowledging the subject's presence with a greeting and/or handshake. This interaction can continue comparatively to a typical conversation depending on the subject's sign language comprehension. Otherwise, SCP-3471-1 will attempt to relay information nonverbally through gestures and expressions.

Throughout the interaction, SCP-3471-1 will attempt to coax the subject into standing in its point of manifestation, making sure to keep the individual from moving from that position. If the subject complies with these coercions, SCP-3471-1 will step back to the easel and canvas, proceeding to withdraw acrylic paints, paintbrushes, and similar implements from within the accompanying duffel bag. Following this, SCP-3471-1 will begin to paint the subject through differing depictions with each individual. This painting process continues for varying amounts of time3, and paintings produced by SCP-3471-1 showcase characteristics akin to the Impressionism art movement. Once the artwork is presumably completed, SCP-3471-1 will write a message on the back of the painted canvas with a charcoal pencil. The individual receiving the painting tends to interpret the message as relating to impactful events they've experienced4. SCP-3471-1 will then proceed to secure the canvas with wax paper and string, and will attempt to give the completed painting to the subject. Individuals are capable of accepting or rejecting the painting, the latter of which resulting in little to no consequence with SCP-3471-1 typically expressing disappointment or understanding. In both cases, once the subject completely crosses SCP-3471, SCP-3471-1 will dematerialize.

Addendum 3471-01: SCP-3471 was discovered on 12/27/195█ following rumors circulating throughout Trecynon regarding the "benevolent spirit of a painter" haunting a nearby bridge. Town locals provided several possible identities of SCP-3471-1; examples of such include the impressionist painter Pierrot ████████, the deceased town local Dewey ████, and a Celtic water spirit. These possible identities are still under investigation. Upon further questioning, town locals referred to a Hywell ███████, who presumably had interacted with SCP-3471-1 the most frequently compared to other residents. Prior to SCP-3471's discovery, Hywell ███████ had succumbed to congestive heart failure, dying in his home on 11/09/195█.

Addendum 3471-02: Following Test 3471-231-05, a leather-bound journal was recovered on SCP-3471; irrelevant entries have been excluded.

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