Item #: SCP-3470

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The dissected SCP-3470 egg and three unhatched SCP-3470 eggs are in cold storage in Site-42. Mobile Task Force Lambda-12 ("Pest Control") is currently monitoring the area around Cibola National Park for signs of continued SCP-3470 habitation.

Description: SCP-3470 is a predatory organism that relies on aggressive mimicry to hunt human beings. Specifically, SCP-3470 resembles a Ford Anglia 105E of unclear age with a single occupant in the driver's seat. SCP-3470's most noticeable trait is related to the driver: although the windshield is perpetually fogged in such a way that the face of the driver is obscured, when hunting prey, SCP-3470 will extend the driver's left hand outside of the vehicle and make driving signals. There are two human eyes embedded in the palm, and they appear to react and work in the same way as normal human eyes.

SCP-3470 hunts only at night in a manner similar to ambush predators; it patrols roadways in its territory looking for solitary cars. When SCP-3470 identifies a potential prey, it will catch up to them, pass them, and then force them to slow down and stop with hand gestures. Just before attacking, SCP-3470 will rotate the hand so that human drivers can see its palm. However, SCP-3470's method of attack and consumption is still unknown.

SCP-3470's territory overlaps part of Cibola National Forest in New Mexico. Numerous reports were compiled of automobiles found still running with their occupants having gone missing. All such reports mentioned the same tire tracks and blue paint specks on trees near the missing persons' cars. Two police officers dispatched to investigate the area disappeared in a similar manner; however, they were in radio contact with other officers at the time of their disappearance, and their description of SCP-3470, particularly the hand of its driver, attracted the Foundation's attention.

Addendum: Investigation and Recovery Logs

Following the successful tagging of SCP-3470, the beacons showed that it followed a pattern of movement consistent with that of a carnivore foraging within its territory. Additionally, SCP-3470 was noted to consistently return to the same location and remain there while the sun was up; this location was presumed to be its nest. Mobile Task Force Lambda-12 was dispatched to investigate.

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