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Item #: SCP-3469

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Samples of SCP-3469 are to be seized and individually contained in Low-Value Anomalous Storage Units. Individuals found carrying or utilizing SCP-3469 are to be detained and questioned to ascertain its origin and the potential location of PoI-60249.

Description: SCP-3469 is a creamy white substance of unknown composition. When SCP-3469 comes into contact with a solid, it rearranges portions of the object's composition to form a pattern that resembles the numeral 69. The size and components rearranged depend on the proportion of SCP-3469 to the object covered; changes are non-fatal and usually of little physical damage to living creatures. SCP-3469 does not affect items whose volume is less than 3 cubic centimeters.

SCP-3469 is primarily distributed in aerosol cans composed of mundane lacquered tinplate with plastic caps. These cans are immune to SCP-3469's effect until they are emptied of SCP-3469, at which point they are normally affected by it.

Recovery Log 3469: On 06/09/2018, London-based street artist Twobit (real name S████ N███) streamed a video of her sneaking into ████████ and attempting to paint over a recently restored wall. At 01:09, after breaking and entering into the building, she begins painting the wall only to discover SCP-3469's anomalous properties. In the remaining 21:25, Twobit paints over several segments of the wall she had originally intended to, as well as the floor and the opposite wall, before the stream is remotely terminated by Foundation assets. At 02:45 AM, Twobit was apprehended by Agent Mearns, posing as local law enforcement, as she attempted to escape from ████████. The following interview was carried out 45 minutes after the apprehension.

N███ was released without amnestics and placed under covert Foundation surveillance, in hopes that the contact who provided her with SCP-3469 (temporarily designated PoI-60249) approaches her again.

Addendum 3469-1:

The following interview was extracted from the January 2019 edition of the magazine ArtWar(t), a "zine" edited and curated by a German anart group under surveillance by the Foundation. Following an investigation by Agent Mearls, it is believed that the person named Darn See in the interview is PoI-60249.

Incident Report 3469:

On 06/09/2019, a wave of SCP-3469 spontaneously manifested in the form of a tidal wave in the beach of N███, France. The wave engulfed the city, currently under emergency evacuation due to an unrelated outbreak of SCP-████. Upon the wave settling, the buildings of N███ reassembled themselves by dragging their foundations along the ground across the course of four hours. When the buildings had settled, a reconnaissance helicopter revealed that the buildings of N███ now portrayed the number 69 when viewed aerially. 20 minutes later, a video was uploaded to the anart site ████████.onion, featuring PoI-60249 as recorded by an unknown cameraman.

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