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C:\> load file_ SCP-3463

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Please remain at your current location. A security team will arrive in approximately 45 minutes. Failure to obey will result in termination.

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You have been cleared.

Loading iteration #███ of the file…

Item #: SCP-3463

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3463 is to be contained in a standard secure locker. Personnel not responsible for its containment are not allowed to know of SCP-3463. Documentation concerning SCP-3463 must be guarded with a password. Personnel assigned to SCP-3463 must have scored less than ten points on the Test of Manipulative Personality Traits. Personnel with speech impairment, dyslexia or improper handwriting are prohibited from accessing SCP-3463.

Description: SCP-3463 is a 60cm tall "National" brand blue fan primarily composed of plastic and iron. Its physical form does not possess any anomalous traits.

The primary anomalous effects of SCP-3463 are triggered as follows: If an individual says or writes a statement about SCP-3463, the person reading or hearing the information automatically believes that it is correct, even if the new information presented is impossible. The creator of the statement is immune to the cognitohazard. Even if an individual is conscious of SCP-3463's effects, they are incapable of doubting any information regarding it.

Information about SCP-3463 cannot be forgotten without the use of amnestics, but its effects on an individual can be replaced by other infomation which contradicts it. After approximately five years, the effect triggered by SCP-3463 disappears.

C:\> Show history of file_SCP-3463

Access granted to previous versions of the file concerning the anomaly.

Loading history of file_SCP-3463…




C:\> Close history of file_SCP-3463

Closing history of file_SCP-3463…

C:\> Close file_SCP-3463

Closing file_SCP-3463…

C:\> Shutdown SCPSYSTEM

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