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The location of SCP-3462.

Special Containment Procedures: The town of Bend, Oregon has been evacuated and occupied by the Foundation. Major highways traveling through the town have been rerouted away from the anomaly. A 3.6 meter tall steel fence has been constructed around the town to prevent civilian entry. The town is to be patrolled by STF-Lambda-17 ("Live Studio Audience") who are to monitor for SCP-3462-A expansion. Lambda-17 members are to be housed in Containment Site-5T1, located a significant distance from the anomaly. The borders of SCP-3462-A are to be marked by portable warning signs that state "DO NOT CROSS" in simplistic black lettering. Any distortion to these signs are to be immediately reported. If SCP-3462-A is found to have expanded, D-Class personnel are to locate the border by placing labeled signs and observing for degradation. VHS tapes thought to fall within SCP-3462's restrictions are to be stored within Containment Site-5T1. A tape containing a list of films already provided to SCP-3462 is to be kept on site.

One per week, one nonviolent D-Class personnel is to be given a VHS tape thought to follow SCP-3462's restrictions and a traceable form of motorized transportation to ensure delivery. The subject is to deliver the tape to SCP-3462 and return if possible. Films considered for SCP-3462 are to be reviewed by multiple personnel familiar with SCP-3462's presumed restrictions and previously rejected films. Agents operating within the MPAA are to gradually decrease the rating of older movies as to increase the number of films accepted by SCP-3462. Research into a more permanent method of mitigating the effects of SCP-3462-A is currently underway and considered a Class-A priority.

Description: SCP-3462 is a humanoid entity within a heavily damaged Blockbuster video rental store. SCP-3462 is constructed of the film reel of various destroyed VHS tapes located within the building. The only surviving tape within the store is a copy of The Brave Little Toaster, which is embedded within the entity’s chest. Despite its construction, SCP-3462 has shown to have the strength of a baseline human, along with being able to withstand severe damage to itself by replacing damaged portions of its body with nearby film reel. It is unknown if SCP-3462 is sentient, though its actions while in containment have suggested some form of sapience. It is unknown if SCP-3462 is able to leave its current location, as it has not made any attempt to do so.


A photo of the store interior transmitted by a remote drone shortly before complete degradation took place.

SCP-3462-A is an effect surrounding SCP-3462 that causes the degradation of all recorded information exposed to it. Physical information within SCP-3462-A will show effects similar to exposure to extreme heat or caustic chemicals. This effect extends to things such as written words, drawn images, photographs, and electronic data. This will also cause damage to any surrounding material not containing information. The only objects found to be unaffected by SCP-3462-A is information contained on VHS tapes and a standard CRT television with a connected VCR1 located within SCP-3462’s building (tentatively designated SCP-3462-B).

When an individual enters SCP-3462-A, they immediately begin to experience brain atrophy, particularly in the hippocampus. Subjects will also begin to experience a swelling of the vocal cords, resulting in significant difficulty when speaking. This results in symptoms similar to short-term memory loss. After 15 minutes of exposure, large portions of the medial temporal lobe will begin to atrophy, eventually causing the inability to form or recall memories. Once this stage is reached, the vocal cords will continue to swell, causing a blockage of the throat and invariably asphyxiation. SCP-3462-A had extended approximately 0.2 kilometers from SCP-3462 at the time of discovery. As of the last revision to the documentation, this effect currently extends approximately 4.1 kilometers from SCP-3462.

At the end of every week, SCP-3462-A will extend a distance between 20 and 300 meters. To prevent this expansion from occurring, SCP-3462 is to be provided a movie during the week that meets to the entity's requirements. SCP-3462’s requirements are unknown and have only been interpreted through the VHS tapes that the entity deems to not follow them. Due to this, many requirements thought to exist have either conflicted with other requirements, were present in only certain films accepted by SCP-3462, or were unrelated to the film in question. The only requirements that have been proven to exist are that:

  • The film was commercially released to the public in a VHS format.
  • The film has not yet been incorporated into SCP-3462
  • The film does not have an average score of less than 35% on a variety of online movie review websites
  • The film does not have higher than a PG-13 rating by the MPAA
  • The contents of the tape have not been edited or modified after its manufacturing

For a full list of theorized requirements, please see Document-3462-TR

Once the movie is provided, SCP-3462 will place the movie within SCP-3462-B and watch its contents. If the movie meets the requirements set by SCP-3462, it will forcefully remove the reel from within the tape and add it to SCP-3462’s mass upon the movie’s conclusion. If the contents do not meet the requirements, SCP-3462 will place the VHS on one of the remaining shelves within the

Addendum-3462: Due to SCP-1981 nature as anomalous media, an investigation is currently ongoing to determine a link between it and SCP-3462.

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