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WARNING: HMCL Approval Required

This file is accessible to personnel with Level 4/General - Level 1/3461 Clearance. If investigation into the changes to your employee contract has brought you here, contact the Office of O5-4 for Level 1/3461 Clearance.

Item #: SCP-3461

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The development of SCP-3461 is a Class IX research priority.

O5-4 has been designated as the HMCL of SCP-3461, to coordinate all involved departments and approve cross-testing of relevant SCP objects.

To facilitate SCP-3461-α, the Foundation Disinformation and Theology Departments are to receive 40% budget increases for the 2046 fiscal year.

The O5 Council has authorized the use of the PANDORA Protocol to carry out SCP-3461-β.

Under the SCP-3461-γ initiative, a current total of 021 anomalies have been reclassified as Thaumiel-class, and a total of 083 anomalies have been reclassified as Maksur-class. A comprehensive list is available in Appendix-3461-γ.

The physical components of SCP-3461-δ are to be kept in dedicated, maximum-security containment facilities. No Foundation personnel, except for maintenance engineers with Level 5/3461 Clearance, are authorized to enter the components' respective containment chambers. Component-specific containment procedures are available on a need-to-know basis in Appendix-3461-δ.

Efforts to extend SCP-3461 to the civilian population are underway.

I'll keep things concise for now. This effort, while tangential to primary containment, is no less important. It is aligned with the Foundation's zeroth goal, and thus has its full backing.

- The Administrator

Description: SCP-3461 designates a multi-faceted Foundation project to engineer an afterlife hospitable to humankind.

SCP-3461-α is a worldwide implementation of the Genius Loci protocol, as to alter collective religious belief on life after death. The goal of SCP-3461-α is to increase the inclusivity/amiability of any possibly extant, Leibniz-class dimensions. This entails a mass-scale social engineering program, promoting belief in universal salvation (or equivalents) in the world's major religions. Foundation-funded theologians, implants in religious institutions, and grassroots religious movements are currently part of the program. As per the Triumvirate agreement, the Foundation is obliged to help the Horizon Initiative in creating "The Universal Texts". Such efforts are to focus on advancing SCP-3461-α through the discovery and/or forgery of manuscripts that support this soteriological narrative.

There is nothing sacred to the Foundation. Truth and falsehood are only as valuable as they are useful. What is happening here is no different than what has been done for decades, centuries, even millennia.

It's a small comfort, I know. Even if you presuppose that the Foundation was just "discovering" and spreading the truth, the callousness at which it pays off great minds, manipulates masses, and forges scripture must weigh on the faithful among us. Nonetheless, we have a duty to look after the wellbeing of humanity in all of its forms. If it soothes your conscience, I advise that you consider it less so "doctoring" and more so "progressive revelation".

- Yusuf Zafarul, Theology Department Head

SCP-3461-β is the neutralization of all verified, inhospitable afterlives under Foundation purview. This serves to funnel human consciousnesses into Foundation-approved afterlives, created and maintained by the other components of SCP-3461. Under the PANDORA Protocol, the utilization of all assets available to the Foundation, including anomalous objects, is permitted to accomplish this objective.

"Drastic times call for drastic measures." These are drastic measures. Consciously or subconsciously, your mind is filling in the gaps.

There is no impetus for this initiative, no hitherto-unknown threat rearing its head, no XK-Class Apocalypse happening ahead of schedule. The world is in no more or no less danger than it always is. I promise to you all that it won't end tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after. The more cynical of you will question if it's my promise to make.

We aren't fatalists here. If nothing else, it's bad for employee morale. If you have a high enough clearance to access this file, you'll have an inkling of the kind of threats that loom over humanity's head. You'll think that we've gotten desperate.

SCP-3461 is neither an admission of defeat nor a shift of priorities. It, like every other entry in this database, represents a duty the Foundation is beholden to.

- O5-4, HMCL Supervisor

SCP-3461-γ is MTF α-0 ("Fishers of Dead Men"), an esoteric taskforce composed primarily of Type VI Volitional Spiritual Apparitions. This main squadron is supplemented by a number of Pistiphagic, Tartarean, Infomorphic, or Ectomorphic Anomalous Entities serving as secondary assets. MTF α-0 is tasked with the neutralization of threats to SCP-3461, typically those that prey on human soulforms, offer type-6 geases, or inhabit Leibniz-class dimensions. A secondary function of the taskforce is to safeguard human soulforms until exit from baseline reality.

Extra-planar warfare has come a long way since the early days of Identity Warfare Training.

The Foundation as has seen some change since those days. We're better equipped and better prepared then we've ever been. Alpha-Zero is emblematic of that change, enlisting anomalies we previously jailed, fighting entities we didn't even know how to classify before. And unlike certain other agencies, we're capable of coexisting with the anomalous, without drafting it or killing it. On top of all that, we're safeguarding Foundation personnel from entropy itself. Soon, all of humanity is going to bear that privilege.

I never thought I would get to see so many saints.

- Amos Sanchez, MTF α-0 Senior Adviser

SCP-3461-δ refers to an artificial afterlife created by the Foundation, designed as to accommodate and comfort an arbitrarily large amount of human soulforms, indefinitely. Further details are restricted to Level 5/3461 personel.

I'm sure quite a few of you are on this page due to a recent amendment to the Level 4 benefits package: "Should you die while under Foundation employment, you may choose to donate your soul for use in experiments pertaining to the afterlife. All efforts will be made to prevent it coming to harm." Concise, I know. Justifiably, you'll have your reservations. But there are no strings attached, there is no twist. Upper management has decided that each human being is entitled to paradise, and thus set about to create an artificial, pleasant afterlife. Your spirit, should you entrust it to us, will be put in various states approximating eternal bliss. Should our specialists determine that something has damaged it, or should your post-mortem consciousness withdraw consent, we'll cease experimentation and let natural processes occur. You soul won't be kept in a vat, or fed to a dark elder god, or used in bargaining deals with demons.

As the containment procedures imply, this offer will trickle down to the lower clearance levels. Eventually it'll be rolled out to the public.

Some of you might be concerned about the logistics of the situation, or question if this gift should be given to "undeserving" individuals.

Is that not the mission of the Foundation? To ensure the peace of every man?

- Odongo Tejani, Ethics Committee Chairman

Addendum: The following note is appended this document by High Command. It has been issued to all Foundation members with Level 1/General Clearance or higher.

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