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Item #: SCP-3453

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3453 is assigned a storage container in Site-11.
Special Containment Procedures for SCP-3453 have yet to be finalized. Past containment attempts are detailed below. MTF Beta-7 ("Maz Hatters") is to focus on keeping SCP-3453 away from the public eye with an array of containment equipment developed by the SCP-3453 Research Team.

Description: SCP-3453 is 250mL of orange juice that is in constant motion. While SCP-3453's movements are unpredictable it has always been observed as a continuous whole1.

SCP-3453 was first discovered at Bridgewater Elementary in Idaho Falls, Idaho, where SCP-3453 ejected itself out of its container through a straw and into a student's face. SCP-3453 then moved erratically for 2 hours before going down a sewer drain. 623 individuals were amnesticized with Class C amnestics and 15 video recordings of SCP-3453 were confiscated. SCP-3453 was later contained and transferred to Site-11, where it remained in its containment chamber for 1 month and 46 hours before breaching containment.

Since then, SCP-3453 has consistently escaped every containment chamber that has been devised2. SCP-3453 will spend approximately 1 month, on average, in a given containment unit before breaching containment. Furthermore, SCP-3453 has a record of escaping from re-used containment chambers within a matter of hours. Tests into its sentience remain inconclusive.

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