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Item#: 3452
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Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-78 Leah Richter Maria Johnston Ω-45 ("Street Samurai")



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3452 and SCP-3452-1 instances are to be kept within the Site-78 armory in a standard weapon containment locker. SCP-3452 and -1 may be used by MTF Omega-45 with the approval of the Supervising researcher.

Description: SCP-3452 is the designation of the sword purported to be Durendal1 of French legend. Its appearance resembles a traditional french longsword from the 8th century but has been restored with modern furnishings.

The hilt of SCP-3452 appears to have been constructed to its specification in the legend. It contains a golden tooth, traces of human blood, hair, and a piece of raiment2. It is unknown at this time if these elements belong to the biblical figures mentioned in ancient texts or if they contribute to SCP-3452's anomalous properties.

The metal comprising SCP-3452's blade is capable of cutting through almost anything, including Boron Adamantide3. Chemical analysis of the blade reveals it to be made of a previously unknown anomalous carbon alloy. SCP-3452 cannot be damaged by conventional or anomalous means, and therefore doesn't require sharpening.

SCP-3452-1 refers to mass-produced copies of SCP-3452 made from the anomalous metal, Adamantite. Only 600 of these replicas are known to exist and are in Foundation custody. SCP-3452-1 instances do not possess the original's exact cutting abilities, this is believed to be because of lacking the original elements used in the blade's construction.


Researcher's notes: Before the discovery portion of this document, I thought it would be important to explain the situation with Valravn in Colombia.

There is a region in Colombia near the border of Venezuela called Catatumbo. The government hardly has any control here and crime is rampant as cartels use this area to traffic their drugs. The Sin Nombre cartel, an anomalous drug trafficking syndicate, has become prevalent in the area in an attempt to secure it for their drug trafficking operations in Venezuela.

This only served to attract the attention of the Las Viboras, a left-wing Guerrilla organization comprised of former members of the Serpent's Hand, led by a PoI named Cristina Cisneros. Las Viboras has the stated goal of liberating Latin America from crime, governmental oppression, and outside forces. Unlike other groups with similar intentions, Las Víboras have never been reported to engage in attacks against civilians nor to participate in the drug trade. So far so good, and the valiant rebels began fighting the cartel.

However, the Colombian government was not going to put up with it.

So they hired the worst people you could have picked for the job: The Valravn Corporation to supplement their forces in the region and restore order.

Needless to say, this didn't happen. -Researcher Johnston

From the period of June 1st, 2022 to June 25th, 2022, Site-78 operatives monitoring the Valravn Corporation reported the destruction of the 21st Rifles regiment of the Jomsvikingr4 as well as several Valravn agents in combat operations against Las Viboras.

Several video files were compiled from security footage taken from the conflict. Site-78 leadership is wary of Valravn's growing strength and has deemed finding their weaknesses in the field a priority.

Following these incidents, the following interview was performed by Maria Johnston to investigate what had happened to the 21st Rifles. Johnston and Foundation personnel were posing a non-profit organization delivering aid to low-income areas as cover to interview the civilian witnesses to the Valravn-Viboras skirmish. Out of ten individuals, Eliza Moria was the only one willing to speak about her experiences as she believed the Foundation may be able to assist her people. The rest of the witnesses cited their distrust of foreigners as reasons they would not talk.

Johnston: Stating my name for the Record. This is researcher Maria Johnston performing an interview with Eliza Moria, a collaborator with Las Viboras.

Eliza: Collaborator is a strong word, doctor.

[Eliza looks around at Foundation personnel around her.]

Eliza: You aren't accusing me of wrongdoing…. are you?

[Johnston shakes her head.]

Johnston: I did not come all the way here to judge, Señora. I just want to know more about what Valravn is doing in your country.

[Eliza's nose crinkles.]

Eliza: Ravens…. bah. They are more like… vultures than Ravens. Our president says they are here to help police the criminals but we suffer in the crossfire. It doesn't matter where the diablos are holed up, schools, orphanages, or churches. Valravn will blow them up and get dozens injured or killed.

[Johnston appears solemn.]

Johnston: You mention the churches, how does Valravn deal with the religions down here? From what I know they have a hard stance against non-pagans.

Eliza: Dios Mio. They round up men of the cloth and shoot them. They claim they're "collaborators" or dissidents, but we all know what is really going on.

[Eliza's voice begins to pick up in volume.]

Eliza: They leave their shrines to their gringo gods or prop up effigies of the old Colombian gods. They don't get to steal our faith and culture to wear when they commit crimes against US.

[Eliza shakes her head.]

Eliza: I know you've come to help us with supplies but that won't do much against the Ravens. You all are honestly just putting yourselves in danger.

Johnston: I wouldn't worry about us. I wish I could help but the non-profit I am a part of doesn't deal with that sort of thing.

[Eliza scoffs.]

Eliza: Of course. That's all you foreigners have to offer, empty platitudes and violence. In YOUR country, you get to say whatever you want about the people in power. Here in Colombia? The Ravens send a Valkyrie for your head.

Johnston: Trust me, I've had Valkyries sent after the people I care about. Tell me about your personal experience with them. I've been told you saw them up close.

[Eliza goes silent and begins to look away from Johnston.]

Johnston: If you need a moment…

Eliza: No it's alright. We… were just harmless workers, packing medical supplies and food for the Viboras. None of us had ever picked up a gun or assisted in any of their operations. That's when the Ravens came in and started shouting, pointing guns at us.

Johnston: What did they want?

[Eliza shrugs.]

Eliza: All we got was a lot of shouting. "Down on the floor!" Their commander had yelled, and he slammed me to the floor. They seemed very agitated about something. I was expecting death by firing squad when they lined us up but instead, they moved a trough underneath us. I-I think they wanted our blood for one of their sick rituals.

Th-then the swords came out and I knew then it would be the end of us. Perhaps they wanted to make an example out of us. But then it happened…

Johnston: It didn't work?

[Eliza smiles and nods]

Eliza: I had closed my eyes and prepared to meet my maker but the end never came. I opened my eyes to see their commander struggling to slit my throat. It was weird but I could feel that someone was there pushing him back. I looked around to see those gringo mercenaries trying to hack at the others but as hard as they tried they couldn't kill us. Era un milagro.6 That's when we heard them. Our saviors had come. Las Viboras came streaming into the warehouse just like the knights of old.

[Her tone turns somber]

You know when I was younger, I used to love stories like that. Knights protecting the weak, shielding the innocent.

Johnston: I was the same way and now….I kinda get to live those stories out too.

[Johnston shuffles a few papers]

I think that covers everything I wanted to know. Thank you for your time. I hope you and your people see better days. And in the meantime, I hope that we can do something about Valravn and what they've done to your people.

Eliza: I do as well. Good luck to you doctor. I hope you found what you are looking for.

Afterward, Site-78 was contacted by Valravn's Operations department and a request to transfer defective weapons was made. After the following conversation between Site Director Leah Richter and Valravn Operations Liasion Kayla Pho Yoh, the original weapon and its replicas were given to Site-78 for containment. The original weapon was classified as SCP-3452 and its replicas as SCP-3452-1 instances.

Richter: You'll have to excuse my reticence, Ms. Poyo. But after everything that my site has been through with your organization, I find it hard to believe that you would just… hand us an anomaly out of the blue and with no strings attached.

Pho Yoh: There's no trick here, Director Richter. We are prepared to give you Durendal and our stock of Ravendal Blades free of charge.

Richter: I was made aware that you were having an issue with a certain form of your blades. To confirm as well, you said this is the Frankish sword Durendal?

Pho Yoh: Certainly, Director! This is a genuine historical piece found by our Archaeology and Requisitions Department in Rocamadour, France. We had already made a few hundred replicas for our troops before we stopped production. Both the mass-produced series as well as the original proved to be defective for our use cases. We do not need them anymore. Since by Article Six of the Cartagena Agreement we are to hand over defective products to Foundation custody for safekeeping, I´m glad to oblige.

Richter: Defective…. right. Well, I'd rather them in our hands than yours. You can send them over.

Pho Yoh: Excellent. As always a pleasure, director. Óðinn á yðr alla.

Addendum 3452.01: Thaumaturgical analysis of SCP-3452

After the acquisition of SCP-3452, Researchers Johnston and Chudley took SCP-3452 for a thaumaturgic analysis by SCP-7261-17 with the intent of discovering the defective property of SCP-3452.

[Begin Recording]

[Chudley, Johnston, and SCP-7261-1 are standing around a table with SCP-3452 and an SCP-3452-1 laying across it. SCP-7261-1 is chanting in an ancient language moving her hand across the anomaly. Researcher Chudley appears agitated.]

Chudley: I can't believe this, we just get to sit around and do nothing about Valravn? Because of a piece of paper that says they get to attack Las Viboras by reasons of… what, "containing the anomalous?"

[Johnston raises her voice slightly.]
Johnston: Chudley, watch your tone. You know Richter doesn't want you speaking off the cuff in these interviews.

Chudley: Tch. Sorry. I just hate that we can't move against them when they're harming innocent people.

Johnston: Don't think I'm not with you on that.

[Johnston appears down.]

Johnston: We don't always get to be heroes kicking in the door and saving the world. Secure. Contain. Protect. As long as the veil is maintained, nothing we can do about it. (sighs)

[SCP-7261-1 stops chanting and appears to be annoyed.]

SCP-7261-1: If you two are done bickering. I believe I have found the culprit of your defect. The spell I cast should allow you to talk to him now.

Chudley: The sword? (clears throat) Hello, I am Researcher Chudley of the Foundation, here with Researcher Johnston and… Agent Avalerra.

[SCP-7261-1 smiles at Chudley.]

SCP-3452: Hmm? Chudley you say? You've got a good heart about you! What is a Researcher might I add? And why do you have the same title as this woman here? Is the other a wench?

[SCP-7261-1 raises an eyebrow]

SCP-7261-1: My English may not be great, but did he just call me a wench?

[Chudley moves between SCP-7261-1.]

Chudley: Actually if anything, I'm Johnston's wench. She is in charge here. Researcher is… it's like a scholar.

SCP-3452: A… woman? In charge and a Scholar? Times have certainly changed in… oh how long has it been?

Johnston: 1200 years. I presume you're Roland?

SCP-3452: The one and only! Tell me, is Charlemagne's kingdom still around?

Johnston: No sir, it fractured and split up about two hundred years ago.

SCP-3452: A shame, however, nothing lasts forever. I do thank you for getting me away from those raven knights, they wouldn't know a thing about proper conduct.

Chudley: Proper conduct? How would you define…. "proper conduct"?

SCP-3452: For starters terrorizing god's subjects is not proper conduct, nor is utilizing blood for pagan rituals. To think that I would be found by heretics….

Chudley: But fighting God's soldiers is proper conduct? I don't think I understand.

SCP-3452: Combat is combat, Scholar Chudley. Even if I am to be used against the followers of god, I couldn't leave trained knights without a weapon. Even our enemies in Iberia deserved to defend themselves.

[SCP-7261-1 moves closer to the table]

SCP-7261-1: That doesn't excuse what they used you for. (scoffs) Gringo sword just thinks it's fine he's being used to slaughter fellow Latin Americans. It's not right.

SCP-3452: What is a Latin American? They didn't speak Latin but they spoke the language of España! I don't know if the roman language is being used to describe people now but I would not restrict my services to any one people.

SCP-7261-1: That doesn't make it any better! This isn't the 800s, we don't kill people to get our agendas across anymore!

[SCP-7261-1 crossed her arms.]

SCP-7261-1: At least that's how it should be…

Johnston: You have a point Avalerra, but he's out of their hands now.

[Johnston turns from Avalerra.]

Johnston: Roland, I'm interested to know more about conduct you don't approve of. Do you mind telling me about the instance with the Valkyrie? Laurisa Sanchez was armed and you let her kill your user.

SCP-3452: Women shouldn't be taking up arms! This new world is filled with many a heresy but even so, I will not let Durendal be sullied with the blood of a woman.

Chudley: Times have changed Roland, modern-day knights can be male, female and a few things in between.

SCP-3452: I do not know what you mean but a woman's place is in the household! They aren't strong enough to swing a sword! But those… explosive bows you use now don't need much strength I would say.

Johnston: ..L-let's move on before we have any more uncomfortable conversations. Roland. You said that you believe that a knight's conduct should include protecting women. But we saw you protect someone who was going to harm women. What do you have to say to that?

SCP-3452: The man was unarmed. I wouldn't let him be butchered without a means to defend himself.

Chudley: But if he picked up the gun and used it to shoot the woman?

SCP-3452: Then I would have allowed God's judgment to be rendered upon him.

Chudley: And leave the kid without a mother? That's cold.

SCP-3452: A fate that befell many a child in my time. Did you have any other questions?

Johnston: One last question. Loyalty. It was one of the main tenets of knights, I believe. The Ravens found you and forged more bodies for you, yet you betray them but taking away their means of defense. What do you say to that?

[SCP-3452 is silent for twenty seconds.]

SCP-3452: That doesn't make them my masters. At the end of the day, I've inhabited a weapon that I can just hardly control. I can stay the hands of men trying to harm the innocent but that is all. I don't get a say in the causes I support.

Johnston: Weapons can be fickle like that. Perhaps you ended up inside that sword as a sort of checks and balances for the destruction it can cause. I think that will be it, Roland. Thank you for your time.

[End Recording]

Updated Description: SCP-3452's tertiary anomalous effect comes from an inability to be used if the user intends to attack unarmed persons, women, and children under the age of 18. If this condition is met, the user will be unable to draw the sword from its scabbard. If the sword is already drawn when the user wants to harm someone who meets the criteria, the blade will stop short a few centimeters from cutting their flesh. The effect is compared to that of the repulsive effect of pressing two magnets together.

SCP-3452-1 instances also share this anomalous effect but the method in which this effect transfers from the original, despite being completely original replicas is still under investigation.

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