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Item#: 3452
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Special Containment Procedures:

All SCP-3452 instances are to be kept within a standard weapon containment locker in Site-313's armory. Site-313's armory is to be protected by a retinal scan and a Level 4 keycard. Five extra security personnel will be assigned to protect SCP-3452 from possible raiding attempts.




SCP-3452 is the designation of a set of potentially twelve melee weapons. Chemical analysis has revealed them to be made of a previously unknown anomalous carbon alloy presenting with a Mohs hardness rating of 11.1. In addition, the blades, themselves anomalously never lose their cutting ability even through repeated use. Subjects wielding SCP-3452 instances demonstrate increased strength, agility, and reflexes above the top 99th percentile of Olympic athletes.

Approximately 14% of these subjects report hearing "a voice in their head" while wielding an SCP-3452 instance. This voice, described as "warm" and "powerful", advises the subjects to lead a "life of honor" and not harm the "innocent and defenseless". This has led researchers to believe that SCP-3452 may be conscious, possess a sense of morality, and even share some type of hive mind and telepathy, however, the evidence remains inconclusive.

SCP-3452 Instances Description
SCP-3452-I Bracamante/Saber (Unconfirmed)
SCP-3452-II Kali Sticks (Unconfirmed)
SCP-3452-III Halberd
SCP-3452-IV Sais
SCP-3452-V Rapier
SCP-3452-VI Indian Katar
SCP-3452-VII Battle Axe
SCP-3452-VIII Zweihander
SCP-3452-IX Urumi
SCP-3452-X Scimitar
SCP-3452-XI Macuahuitl
SCP-3452-XII Longsword

SCP-3452-XII is believed to be the template from which the rest of the instances were derived. While instances from -III to -XI bear a modern design and are believed to have been recently industrially produced, SCP-3452-XII resembles a traditional medieval French longsword2 and has been carbon-dated to the 8th century.

Due to the circumstances of its discovery, SCP-3452-XII has been purported to be Durendal3 of French legend. This hypothesis, while remaining unconfirmed, is supported by the composition of SCP-3452-XII's hilt. It contains a golden tooth, traces of human blood, hair, and a piece of raiment4.

Discovery Log:

SCP-3452 and all instances of SCP-3452, besides -I and -II, were left by an unknown individual (now POI-675) in a duffel bag at a phone booth in Cartagena, Colombia. This phone booth serves as a secret entrance to Site-313.

Footage showed a tall man of Afro-Latino descent dropping the bag and leaving the area. The suspect also left a note in the bag: "Keep this safe, carceleros5. We already took our share." It is unknown how this individual knew about the Foundation and the entrance to Site-313. Attempts to identify and secure POI-675 are ongoing but have been unsuccessful so far.

A day after the incident, the Director of Site-313 received an electronic mail through an encrypted channel. The senders of the mail identified themselves as belonging to the guerrilla movement "Las Víboras"6. The electronic mail claimed to provide some "context" on SCP-3452 which, while being written in an unconventional style, affirmed the existence of another two instances presumably under Las Víboras custody, the connection to the Durendal legend, and additional anomalous properties of SCP-3452.

Addendum - Mail received by the Director of Site-313:

NOTE: Translations, explanatory footnotes, and comments added by Researches Gabriel Buendía, from Site-313's Mythology and Folkloristics Department.

To: Los Carceleres

From: Las Víboras.
Subject: Dear Carceleres..

We know you are confused. We gifted you Durendal and most of its siblings. Now we gift you the context in Three Cantos. And no, we won't tell you how we found about your secret backdoor. Have fun. - Las Víboras

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