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Item #: SCP-3451

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3451 is to be secured in a locker of its own dimensions. This locker is to be located in the Site-██ Containment Vault and access restricted to Level-3 personnel. During testing, this locker is to be placed in an indentation at the end of a 15-meter hallway, limiting exposure to as much of its surface area as possible, to prevent uncontrolled contamination.

SCP-3451 is to be monitored at weekly intervals for evidence of behavior previously unrecorded by Foundation personnel. Following the events of Interview Log- 3451-1, SCP-3451 is to have 25 30kg of live fish inserted in its interior every 72 hours. Suitable lighting is to be provided to ensure that the shadows of the fish are to be cast on SCP-3451's interior. Should SCP-3451 produce a creaking sound with no visible source, an additional 10 kg of live fish are to be provided, and the incident reported and logged.

Description: SCP-3451 is a wardrobe constructed of mahogany. The exterior contains various scratch and claw marks, as well as additional signs of physical trauma. The twin doors of the cabinet are not attached to SCP-3451 and their location is unknown. Despite physical trauma, structural integrity remains high.

SCP-3451’s anomalous properties manifest when exposed to the shadow of any living creature. Shadows cast partially on SCP-3451 will slowly extend and expand onto SCP-3451, until a duplicate shadow of identical proportions to the original is produced. Should this occur, any shadow cast on SCP-3451’s exterior will begin to behave in an independent manner to its original caster. During this time, the shadows may move about the surface area of SCP-3451 freely, but appear incapable of moving on any other surfaces. Six hours after exposure, both shadows and subjects will exhibit signs of declination and continue to deteriorate at an accelerated rate until they expire from malnutrition. Human subjects report a feeling of overwhelming sluggishness, and eventually fall unconscious within five hours. Attempts to combat this deterioration with food and water in human subjects have yielded negligible results. Upon the expiration of the physical subject, the corresponding shadow will fade from SCP-3451 within two minutes.

Discovery Log: The item was recovered from a waste disposal plant in ████████, Ireland. Agents were alerted to a possible anomaly following reports by local law enforcement of a string of unusual deaths of workers in the plant, relating to malnutrition. SCP-3451 was successfully contained without incident and amnestics were administered to all relevant parties. According to the testimonies of two employees, SCP-3451 had been brought to the plant by an unknown civilian party, two days before the first deaths had occurred. Attempts to locate the original owners of SCP-3451 are currently ongoing.

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