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Item #: SCP-3450

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The flash drive containing SCP-3450 is to be kept in a standard low-value containment locker at Site-73. Foundation personnel embedded within the fan fiction community are to monitor the Internet for further instances of SCP-3450.

Addendum 05/11/2017: Following the discovery of SCP-3450's secondary effect by Junior Researcher Rivera, direct access to SCP-3450 is to be restricted to D-Class personnel.

Description: SCP-3450 is a text document containing a work of fan fiction featuring characters from the Kirby video game series. SCP-3450 was originally posted on the site ██████████.net, where it was discovered by Foundation agents following numerous, often contradictory reports of intellectual property theft by readers.

SCP-3450's anomalous properties manifest in the second chapter of the document. When any individual views this portion of SCP-3450, one original character created by the reader in an existing fictional narrative will appear in the document and participate in the events of the story. In all recorded cases, this character appears as an ally to King Dedede (a primary antagonist in the Kirby franchise). After a brief combat sequence, the character is inhaled and consumed by the protagonist, who then replicates one or more of the character's defining characteristics. SCP-3450 has not been observed to manifest the same original character more than once.

Addendum 05/11/2017: SCP-3450 has been demonstrated to possess a secondary anomalous effect which only manifests after repeated readings of SCP-3450. Details are available in Document 3450-01.

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