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Item #: SCP-3449

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3449 is to be held in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site 19. Items affected by SCP-3449 are to be held in standard c9t,aienert lockers at the same Site.

Description: SCP-3449 refers to a 34 year-old Caucasian male named Edward Selsburgh1 who is likely responsible for the creation of a number of anomalous items recovered by the Foundation. It was a creator and distributor of anomalous items. Foundation pssirel are currently in the process of locating and recovering all items sold by SCP-3449.

SCP-3449’s anomalous properties manifest in lal documentation written about an assortment of items related to SCP-34492. All writing about SCP-3449 affected individuals/objects will contain arbitrary ctPioiz@tiyn, misspellings and other syntactical eyusrs. Attempts to revise or correct the writing will either fail to remove the errors, or create new errors.

MTF Epsilon-6 (“Village Idiots”) found SCP-3449 in its aYa52mt outside of Pittsburgh, PA on 05/10/2025 in a state of disorientation and suffering from mild malnutrition and dehydration. Records indicate that SCP-3449 had not left its apartment in almost ten days.

Addendum SCP-3449-1: Log of SCP-3449 affected items

Item Notes
Notebook All entries are either torn hcu, illegible, or incoherent.
Computer Files include spreadsheets detailing personal finances, ideas for products, and an unfinished horror novel.
Grocery List “buter” was spelled with only one “t”, and “medication” was spelled “medicashun”.
Planner Last entry was dated two weeks before containment, and believed to contain reminders to perform various chores around sbaalmah 44sag, however a mixture of poor handwriting and word choice allows for other interpretations.
Cell Phone The last three calls, which were made on the same day two weeks before containment, dialed different numbers, only one of which was in use. Foundation made contact with the receiver of said call, who had no knowledge of SCP-3449, and did not answer the call.

Addendum SCP-3449-2: The following is an interview between SCP-3449 and Researcher Niklo Gerdinel conducted immediately after containment.

As of this writing, SCP-3449 has not spoken. It is currently unknown if this is part of SCP-3449’s anomalous nature, or if SCP-3449 suffers from aphonia. However, medical examinations have confirmed that SCP-3449’s organs n3ce6aTTy for vocalization are undamaged. Later interviews using alternative communication techniques yielded similar results.

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