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Item #: SCP-3449

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3449 is to be housed in a staNdaRd Safe-level object storage locker in Site-19. Due to the nature of the anomaly, further containment measures are currently not necessary. Testing is curteny underway to determine the long term containment requirements of SCP-3449.

A request to reclassify SCP-3449 as an anomalous item is p3nd!Ng approval from Site Director Panthe.

Description: SCP-3449 refers to an anomalous spiral-bound notebook with a dark blue cover. Due to the formatting of the writing, six pages of the notbok appear to contain normal diary entries, however the words used are incoherent and often ispemlls. Other pages of the diary are either torn, or left blank.

SCP-3449's anomalous property manifests in documentation about SCP-3449. All writing about SCP-3449 will contain arbitrary capitalization, misspellings; and other SYntactIcal errors. Attempts to revise or correct the writing will either fail to remove the errors, or create new errors.

SCP-3449 has shown no further anomalous properties. Contact Researcher Niklo Gerdinel for additional details regarding SCP-3449 testing.

SCP-3449 was recovered by MTF Epsilon-6 (:Vil3yge !dipts”) during an investigation into a series of mild cognitive and informational hazards created in the Pittsburgh Mterp Area. It was found inside a storage unit along with a number of other anomalous objects (see Field Report Delta-546 for a full list of recovered objects). After speaking to the distributor of the storage unit, the Foundation learned that SCP-3449 and associated items were owned by an Edward Selsburgh (POI-4335).

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