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SCP-3448 with SCP-3448-A inside.

Item #: SCP-3448

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3448 is to remain active at Site-2718. Personnel are to inspect SCP-3448 daily for additional messages from SCP-3448-A. Project Dammerung is to research any method of escape proposed or indicated by SCP-3448-A.

Description: SCP-3448 refers to the communication developed and used by Project Dammerung. Utilizing technology used in MRIs, particle accelerators, and anomalous rituals, SCP-3448 is capable of allowing an individual to die while remaining in contact with the world of the living. SCP-3448 resembles an MRI machine; however, its additional anomalous components are connected externally through the use of jumper cables and custom circuit boards.

SCP-3448 is the primary tool used by Project Dammerung to complete its objective: to contain the Dammerung Class Cognitohazard known as death.

Subjects are introduced to SCP-3448 through its main opening. Once the subject has fully entered the cavity, the anomalous components in SCP-3448 transfer the subject into a half-death1 state, in which all bodily functions cease. Any subject occupying this conceptual state is referred to as SCP-3448-A. This allows the consciousness to roam free from the body after it has entered the state of death (henceforth referred to as SCP-3448-1). Unfortunately, most documentation about the nature of SCP-3448-1 has been lost (see Addendum 3448.1).

When the consciousness leaves the brain in this manner, anomalous electrical activity continues, despite any source of energy. This activity is referred to as residual signals, which replicate how the brain would react should it be introduced to SCP-3448-1 while it was alive.2 By interacting with these electrical signals, the Foundation is able to establish two-way communication with SCP-3448-A.

In order to better understand the residual signals, they are interpreted by an additional anomalous component of SCP-3448. This component will generally produce an image, although individual words have been observed.

Agent Anthony Michaels, the only successful subject to have utilized SCP-3448 outside of preliminary testing, is the current SCP-3448-A. As of this writing, SCP-3448-A still exhibits standard residual signal activity.

Addendum 3448.1: Below is a series of records from the usage of SCP-3448. Due to the destruction of formal testing documentation as per the instructions of O5-4, the majority of recovered documents take the form of lab notes, or residual signal communication reports.

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