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One instance of SCP-3447. Engraving not visible in this image.

Item #: SCP-3447

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-3447 are to be kept at Remote Site-71 in separate, standard Safe-class storage lockers. Each instance is to be fitted with a trumpet mute with an explosive charge, which can be deactivated with a code provided to on-site Level-3 researchers. If a mute is removed without the code being entered, the explosive charge will detonate, rendering the instance inoperable and neutralized.

As of 05/25/2017, MTF Eta-11 (“Savage Beasts”) is to track down possible sources of SCP-3447 reproductions, and to monitor any further anarchist activities against Foundation sites involving musical anomalies.

Description: SCP-3447 refers to a collection of twenty-five thirty anomalous trumpets, with more theorized to currently exist outside of Foundation custody. They appear identical to non-anomalous trumpets with the exception of an engraving along the bell reading “Anartists without Borders #XX”, with “XX” being a number between one and twenty-five thirty. When not being played, SCP-3447 demonstrates no anomalous properties other than an increased resistance to scratches, blemishes in the finish, and other minor forms of damage.1

SCP-3447's primary effect manifests whenever a G pitch2 of any octave is played. When this occurs, all nearby man-made walls will begin to deteriorate for the duration of time that the note is held, beginning with large cracks in the base of the structure until it inevitably collapses. The speed of decay is unaffected by the size or material of the wall in question; SCP-3447's effect will destroy approximately half of a meter of the wall for every second the note is held. The range of a single instance is approximately 5 meters in front of the user, but this effect is additive with additional trumpets playing the same note nearby, including otherwise non-anomalous trumpets.

SCP-3447 was originally discovered at an anartist music festival on 05/25/2007 in ██████, █████, apparently being advertised by anarchist music group “Anartists without Borders”, a known cell of the anartist Group of Interest Are We Cool Yet?. The band promoted the item as a way to “Tear down the walls that separate us” and to “…destroy the prisons of our tyrants”. Following SCP-3447's unveiling, MTF Eta-11 (“Savage Beasts”) intercepted and detained the group en route to an anarchist protest, notably located near the █████-█████ border. During the raid, all twenty-five instances of SCP-3447 were recovered. A gathering of fifty anarchists, all of whom had non-anomalous trumpets, were waiting at the protest site and were amnesticized and informed the event had been canceled due to an impending thunderstorm. No further anomalous activity regarding SCP-3447 has been reported was reported for ten years; see addendum.

Addendum SCP-3447.1: On 05/25/2017, ten years after the original anartist music festival, twenty-five anarchists3 approached Site-62 and attempted to breach into the site utilizing five previously unknown copies of SCP-3447 and twenty non-anomalous trumpets. On-site security forces eliminated the anarchists before they reached any containment sectors, but not before several research sectors suffered approximately $1,500,000 in damages. The additional SCP-3447 samples were transported to Site-71.

Due to the apparent reproduction of SCP-34474 and high probability of more existing, SCP-3447 has been reclassified as Euclid.

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