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Agent Scott demonstrating the anomalous effects of SCP-3446 when worn

Item #: SCP-3446

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3446 is to be kept in a standard containment locker. Access is to be restricted to personnel with Level 2 clearance or higher.

Personnel using SCP-3446 are to be equipped with a wetsuit, and respiratory gear with at least three hours of breathable air available. During usage, SCP-3446 and its wearer must be attached to a retractable cable for emergency recovery.

Description: SCP-3446 is a pair of dark grey waterproof rubber waders that reach up to the mid-torso.

SCP-3446's anomalous properties activate upon being worn by any person. When SCP-3446 is worn, any surface the wearer stands on will take on a muddy consistency, becoming a highly viscous liquid version of the original material. SCP-3446 and its wearer will sink further into the surface, and may become completely submerged. This happens regardless of surface depth, and it is noted that wearers do not reappear out of the other side of the surface.

While in the process of sinking, the subject may move around as if moving through mud or water, allowing them to wade through the floor. The anomalous effects continue to follow them, allowing for consistent motion. Once SCP-3446 moves far enough away from a location, the surface will revert to its original state and shape. As long as the surface maintains its anomalous properties, other objects may be lowered through it as well as SCP-3446.

Addendum: Testing has confirmed that when using SCP-3446, subjects sink into an extradimensional space, designated SCP-3446-1. SCP-3446-1 does not possess breathable air, and instead has an atmosphere made of an unidentified transparent liquid with large amounts of suspended particulate matter, and relatively high viscosity. The terrain of SCP-3446-1 is almost entirely comprised of mud, and no ambient light has been observed in SCP-3446-1 aside from light produced by the bioluminescent organisms inhabiting it.

Addendum 2: Further excursions into SCP-3446-1 have been successful in recovering samples of the native flora and fauna. Recovered specimens are to be kept in a tank filled with the fluid from SCP-3446-1 and no light.

Due to the new information regarding these organisms and the potential hostility of the environment, new protocols have been implemented for excursions into SCP-3446-1, as detailed in the containment procedures.

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