Ohhh, won't you come with me to paradise,
To a ramshackle fantasy…

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Item #: SCP-3444

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The town of Nowhere has been comprehensively purchased by the Foundation, and has been converted into Site 90, the headquarters of the Unreality Division. Entrance into and out of Nowhere is prohibited to any civilians.

The use of SCP-3444 for recreational purposes has been approved. Any staff member with Level 2 clearance or higher at Site 90 is permitted to use it up to 2 times per year, with priority given to those suffering from stress, overwork or particular mental health issues.

Description: SCP-3444 is a train station located on the outskirts of the town of Nowhere, North Dakota. SCP-3444 contains only a single train-line which, if one approaches from the outside, appears to abruptly end approximately 50m out of SCP-3444 on either side. Both externally and internally, SCP-3444 is decorated in a design reminiscent of a 1920s "Art Deco" style. Several signs throughout the station are emblazoned with the word "NOWHERE"; a small digital monitor is present over the platform, constantly showing the phrase "GOING: ANYWHERE".

SCP-3444 manifests at 12 AM each night; should no human enter it, it will demanifest one hour later. Should a human mammal enter it, a Golden Event will begin; this results in SCP-3444 immediately disappearing to outside observers, before remanifesting at a variable time several hours later1.

To the observer within SCP-3444, the Golden Event progresses thusly:

  • A 4-8-4 type locomotive2 attached to a single 1920s-style carriage, will abruptly pull into the station. The locomotive and its carriage are hereafter referred to as SCP-3444-1. SCP-3444-1 is painted entirely black, except for the words "Midnight Train" painted in white upon the side of the locomotive.
  • The entrant into the station- hereafter referred to as the subject- will then be affected by a cognitohazardous effect. This effect compels the subject to abide by the "script" which governs the Golden Event and the Silver Events. The effect is mild to begin with, but intensifies in strength throughout the course of the Golden Event; a subject without cognitohazardous training ordinarily remains lucid until midway through SCP-3444-3's Silver Event.
  • The subject will enter the carriage of SCP-3444-1. SCP-3444-1 will then proceed to leave the station. Once outside, it will become apparent from the significantly altered surroundings that SCP-3444 and SCP-3444-1 are now located in an entirely different locale, believed to be a different dimension.
  • After approximately 8 kilometers of travelling, SCP-3444-1 will pull into another station, which is apparently identical to SCP-3444 except for the absence of the digital display, and with the signs displaying the name "NOWHERE" instead displaying the word "ORIGINS". This station is henceforth referred to SCP-3444-2. SCP-3444-1 will then stop, and will not resume its journey until the subject has alighted, left SCP-3444-2, entered the surrounding locale and returned onto SCP-3444-1.
  • Within this locale, the first Silver Event (henceforth referred to as Silver Event A) will occur. Each Silver Event involves the subject being compelled to act as the protagonist in an elaborately-acted cinematic scene. These scenes are apparently improvised but often involve complex choreography and singing. The landscape which appears outside each station is always thematically appropriate for the purposes of the Silver Event, as are the various individuals who inhabit each locale and participate in each Silver Event. These individuals are henceforth designated SCP-3444-9 instances. The landscape onto which each station opens and the nature of each Silver Event vary from subject to subject, often incorporating details from the subject's memories. The combination of all 8 Silver Events in each Golden Event together appear to form a broad narrative, the details of which can be found below.
  • Following the conclusion of Silver Event A, the subject will return to SCP-3444-1, which will then travel a further 8 kilometers to SCP-3444-3. This process will repeat itself through the train stations designated SCP-3444-3 to SCP-3444-8. These stations are all identical to SCP-3444, with the exception of variations in the signage; the name of the station appears to be different in each station. 8 kilometers after leaving SCP-3444-8, SCP-3444-1 will arrive at SCP-3444, which will remanifest in the town of Nowhere (with some minor alterations detailed below). A brief Silver Event will occur here, before the subject leaves the station.
  • The cognitohazardous effect will then be removed from the subject, and SCP-3444 will demanifest.

References to SCP-3444 first appear in October 19273, when an article about a "disappearing train station" appeared in the Capital Journal. The anomaly only came to the attention of the Foundation in 2003, when it was stumbled upon by researchers noting strong fluctuations in the area's Hume field.

Below are details of SCP-3444-2 to -8, as well as the Silver Events taking place within them. Each Experiment Log gives an account of a particular subject's experience at a particular station; a brief summary of the events in the rest of the stations they visit is included in each log.

SCP-3444-2 opens onto a predominantly rural landscape. A single building will be present somewhere close to SCP-3444-2; beyond this, the landscape appears to stretch on indefinitely, with little or no variation. Located within the building will be SCP-3444-9-A, ordinarily a genetic copy of one of the subject's parents4. The subject will feel compelled to enter the building, converse briefly with SCP-3444-9-A, and then return to SCP-3444-1.

SCP-3444-9-A will admonish the subject for failing to live up to their duties at home, and encourage them to follow a traditional career path within the local community (despite the apparent lack of one within the locale). SCP-3444-9-A will also frequently disparage the subject's aspirations for the future.

Please consult Experiment Log 3444-5 for more information.

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