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Item #: SCP-3443

Object Class: N/A

Special Containment Procedures: Owing to its complete non-existence, no containment procedures for SCP-3443 have ever existed. Protocol 00-Null Engram is in place to manage any hypothetical SCP-3443 instances. The existence of this protocol is in no way an assertion of the possible existence of any such phenomenon.

In accordance with Protocol 00-Null Engram, should evidence suggesting the existence of SCP-3443 ever be discovered it is of vital importance that it be ignored completely and no action or investigation taken in response. Even vague or circumstantial evidence is to be disregarded entirely regardless of source or type. This directive applies to all personnel regardless of rank, clearance, assignment, or any other considerations.

Any individuals, Foundation personnel or otherwise, who indicate any belief in SCP-3443 or demonstrate a clear propensity towards such belief, are to be immediately reported to Taskforce 03-Macaque. Taskforce 03-Macaque is trained to administer Frobisher-Gladstone personality restructuring (use of class D, E, and F Amnestics authorized as necessary) as a precautionary measure.

No research or investigation has been or is to be undertaken into any SCP-3443 candidate beyond those measures necessary for supporting the ability of the Foundation to comply with Protocol 00-Null Engram, such as ensuring integrity of this database entry and maintenance of Taskforce 03-Macaque.

Description: SCP-3443 is a designation within the SCP Foundation database which serves as a placeholder for a class of hypothetical anomalous phenomena. The designation describes any memetic or cognitohazardous phenomenon or entity which in some way asserts an impossibility for knowledge about itself to either exist or be expressed. This could be by either direct interference with any knowledge relating to itself or prevention by some means of any communication regarding itself. It is the unequivocal position of the SCP Foundation that no phenomena of this type exist, however due to their nature confirmed total non-existence is insufficient reason not to deploy general safeguards against them.

Although multiple entirely mutually unrelated phenomena of this type could exist (rather than the none which do), only a single designation will be allocated. Given that no specific real instances could ever be described in any detail, no reason exists for reserving additional designations.

It is hypothesized that the existence of any knowledge of such a phenomenon, given that it would be a memetic cognitohazard of some kind, could have possible consequences including but not limited to:

  • Inability of any person to acquire or to retain such knowledge
  • Replacement of any expression of such knowledge with unrelated information
  • Replacement of any expression of such knowledge with a direct denial of that knowledge
  • Inability for any person holding such knowledge to continue to exist or have existed
  • Inability for any form of information regarding any person holding such knowledge to be perceived
  • Various AK-class end-of-the-world scenarios
  • Various CK-class restructuring scenarios

The above examples are purely conjecture and serve only to illustrate the importance that containment of such a phenomenon might have if any existed.

The exact criteria to qualify as knowledge of any SCP-3443 candidate that would trigger these effects cannot be known exactly. It can only be inferred that non-specific suspicion, such as the mere suggestion that such phenomena might exist, is insufficient to initiate the effects of any extant SCP-3443. As no SCP-3443 instances exist, this inference is of little value.


"Honestly what do we even have this entry for? It has never been Foundation policy to devote resources to managing problems which don't exist, we have more than enough trouble trying to keep up with things which can't exist but do…

Wow, it seems that even the person who put this here doesn't want to be associated with it. I think this might be the first entry in the database I've ever seen without any mention of previous researchers or even account names listed in the edit history. I guess it makes sense that no-one wants to admit to this garbage though. And what's this Taskforce it's talking about? I'm not sure it even exists, but if it does… are we seriously employing people for this crap?"

- Dr ████████

Dr ████████ has submitted a formal request that database entry for SCP-3443 be reviewed for deletion and expungement from all archives, along with review of any associated divisions or taskforces.

"Staff are reminded that while requests to either modify Foundation archives outside normal editing channels or dissolve assets can be made, they are taken extremely seriously and only to be used where necessary. Wasting O5 time by ironically tricking the submission form into accepting an unsigned request to make a complaint about anonymous edits and wastage of Foundation resources is completely unacceptable conduct. This incident will be investigated. As SCP-3443 does not exist, however, the request for deletion will still be considered.

Entry for SCP-3443 will remain for the time being pending the outcome of that review, until then the 00-Null Engram protocol will remain in force. This will include the continued use of personality restructuring as prescribed. All staff are reminded that no instances of SCP-3443 exist and that all containment procedures are to be followed entirely."

- O5-███

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