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SCP-3439 as it appears in photographs

Item #: SCP-3439

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3439 is to be wrapped in a black cloth and placed in an envelope, with the front facing away from the opening. The envelope is to be stored in a dry, climate controlled archive room in the vault wing of Site-771. Any personnel working with SCP-3439 are instructed not to look directly at the object, and instead view it through a live feed display while handling. It is not advised for personnel exposed to SCP-3439 to receive any class of amnestic treatment.

Description: SCP-3439 is a picture-postcard depicting a view of Oia village, on the Greek island of Santorini. The reverse side lacks any form of postmark or address, and has only the words “Wish. I was here”(sic) hand-written in black ink. These details have been confirmed by repeat photographic and video analysis. However, individuals viewing the object in person provide inconsistent accounts, with no two subjects having described similar images or writings, even when observed simultaneously.

Any personnel who view SCP-3439 for too long becomes unresponsive, exhibiting deficits in attention and focus. Subjects describe feelings akin to melancholy which persists even when the object is removed. If left unchecked, this condition progresses into a deep state of depression. Personnel often report a strong desire to look at SCP-3439 again, with repeat viewings only enhancing these effects.

Addendum 3439.1: Test Logs

Forward: The following are examples of transcripts illustrating the anomalous properties of SCP-3439

Addendum 3439.2: Follow-up Studies

Since the initial testing, all civil documents pertaining to the D-class subjects involved have been reviewed and verified. All accounts support the information provided during the tests. This leads us to conclude that these memories were not in any way synthetic.

Subjects D-77053, D-88835, and D-93366 have had noticeable changes in behaviour following the tests, acting more withdrawn, distant, and generally less responsive. The decision was made not to terminate these subjects in order to evaluate potential recovery methods. Individual reports are detailed below:

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