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Item #: SCP-3437

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedure: Due to its nature it is currently impossible by current technology and function to properly contain SCP-3437. Usage of Class-Z mnestics may be distributed to researchers experimenting with SCP-3437.

Any personnel with a probable cause to access instances of SCP-3437-2 may do so, but only with permission from the three Class-4 personnel, and at least one Class-4 person overseeing the handling and usage of SCP-3437-2.

All instances of SCP-3437-1 must be kept in standard humanoid containment or reclassified as a Class-D and admitted into the Class-D database.

All instances of SCP-3437-2, labeled as SCP-3437-2-aaa through SCP-3437-2-zzz, are to be kept in a storage warehouse at Site-205. If usage of any instance of SCP-3437-2 is required by the Foundation, permission from at least two Level-4 personnel is required. Guards are to patrol the perimeter of the storage containing all instances of SCP-3437-2.

Protocol-Null-00 is to be activated by vote of the O5 Council. During Protocol-Null-00, only personnel approved by the O5 Council may leave Sites, otherwise all Sites are to go into immediate lock down.

All Class-D personnel are to be kept within their respective cells and may not be permitted to leave unless administered Class-B amnestics.

Procedures for Protocol-Null-00 is restricted on a need-to-know basis; only O5 members and Class-A and Class-B personnel are allowed to view the procedures. Any non-approved personnel attempting to view Protocol-Null-00 should be detained by guards and administered Class-B amnestics.

Description: SCP-3437 is a metaphysical entity that expunges and censors information. It mainly censors information about itself, but it has also been noted to expunge information other than about itself.

Such incidents range from deleted Foundation spreadsheets, official government records, to the whereabouts of Dr. █████'s car keys.

It has been hypothesized that SCP-3437 may have originated around the same period as the emergence of sapience and complex thought, expunging information that SCP-3437 itself deems anomalous or 'dangerous' in nature. Information is not limited to human thought, as it has also been noted to expunge entire physical entities (as described in Report-3437-5ta77p2 (Archive File-5ta77p2 Elemental Extermination)).


An instance of SCP-3437-2 (Mb7), documented at Site-205

SCP-3437-1 instances are humans. They typically lack official records or are identified as missing persons. SCP-3437-1 entities appear to be agents of SCP-3437, equipped with unknown technology (hereby classified as SCP-3437-2) and are capable of apparently anomalous behaviour and function. During Incident-3437-Alpha, it was found that there were a total of 6,872 instances of SCP-3437-1 found across all Foundation Sites.

SCP-3437-2 instances equip SCP-3437-1 with a powerful antimemetic property, rendering them completely undetectable except to other instances of SCP-3437-1 equipped with similar mnestic-based technology. It has been hypothesized that instances of SCP-3437-2 are anomalous in nature, or is so technologically advanced it is capable of producing an antimemetic field around SCP-3437-1 or other operators of SCP-3437-2.

Currently Foundation researchers are investigating and attempting to reverse engineer instances of SCP-3437-2.


Incident-3437-Alpha Report


Foundation algorithms, particularly the recently developed AIID ("Uni Stud"), have been detecting odd amounts of anomalous behavior regarding information. It appears, through deep neural analysis, that information on the internet was being summarily deleted rapidly.

Algorithms could not find any history of any user deleting or altering the text. Deeper investigation yielded inconclusive results. Interviews showed that no subject seems to recall said information, despite some being on commonly visited websites.


The O5 Council, upon hearing of this incident, conducted a vote to on whether to activate Protocol-Null-00 with votes ██ and ██, results in favor of activating Protocol-Null-00.

On 0█/██/20██, 3 days before after Incident-3437-Alpha, Protocol-Null-00 initiated. Procedures to Protocol-Null-00 can be found [DATA EXPUNGED]. After 5 days, Protocol-Null-00 was completed, and SCP-3437 was discovered.

During Protocol-Null-00, a total of ███ casualties from Foundation agents, ███ from governmental entities and organizations and a ██ total civilian casualties.


On 1█/██/20██, approximately 12.5 terabytes of information was distributed among countless nations' and organizations' databases. A total of 3,148 entities (including corporations, governments and the memories of people scattered across 100 countries) received a percentage of the 12.5 terabytes of information. In total the Foundation received around 550 gigabytes worth of information among databases across all Sites.


On 1█/██/20██, the initial incident, a total of ██,███ SCP-3437-1 were discovered (throughout the world, only 6,872 were found in Foundation Sites). It appeared that when the information leakage during 1█/██/20██ occured, it also revealed/disabled the technology that allowed instances of SCP-3437-1 to remain antimemetic, therefore revealing them in their entirety.

In total, around 7,000 instances of SCP-3437-1 were terminated upon the interruption of their antimemetic cloaks. During Protocol-Null-00, any who were not executed were captured and sent to Foundation Sites.

The following reports are information extracted during Protocol-Null-00, including ones extracted from hard drives. Some came in raw text format, others came as pictures of some kind. A large quantity of cognitohazardous and infohazardous files were also collected during Protocol-Null-00, such information can only be viewed under approval by the O5 Council.

Note: The information and reports noted here are in English as it appears to be the predominant language used in the files, though other articles from different languages have also been found. Some are in modern languages, some written in Latin and other files written in unidentifiable languages.

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