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Item #: SCP-3435

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3435 is to be contained in an opaque, airtight case equipped with a desiccator to preserve it. The image of SCP-3435 is not to be distributed outside of approved personnel and test subjects. Personnel must be screened before assignment to SCP-3435; those with backgrounds in politics or art criticism are automatically prohibited from viewing SCP-3435 or images of SCP-3435. MTF Upsilon-23 ("Art Critics") is to monitor art galleries in Clark County for sightings of PoI-0171 (Guillermo Gutierrez) or his works.

Under no circumstances are any personnel to be assigned to both SCP-3435 and SCP-2078 at the same time.

Description: SCP-3435 is an oil painting by known anartist Guillermo Gutierrez, titled "Dream a Better Dream", measuring 110 cm by 68 cm. SCP-3435 depicts two entities: a blue theropod dinosaur with cybernetic attachments and various laser weapons reminiscent of those in science fiction; and a red European-style wyvern dressed in a pointed hat and colorful robe, holding a staff and what appears to be a spellbook. Repeated viewings of SCP-3435 often show changes in the relative positions of the entities, although the majority of viewings appear to show the two entities physically fighting. The background of the painting also varies widely between different viewings, even when viewed multiple times by the same person.

SCP-3435 exerts a primary anomalous effect on the dreams of any individual who views it or a photograph of it. In 87% of cases, the viewer's dreams will sporadically involve the entities depicted in the painting. Reports indicate that the dream entities, designated SCP-3435-1, will attempt to communicate with the dreamer. SCP-3435-1 will cease to appear in dreams after a varying period of time from viewing of SCP-3435; the length of this period has been between one and eight nights. Use of amnestics to remove the memory of viewing SCP-3435 successfully ends the presence of SCP-3435-1 in dreams. A common theme in dreams involving SCP-3435 is elements from the dreamer's childhood.

If the viewer perceives SCP-3435 as being representative of a sociopolitical issue or conflict, the viewer will experience migraines of various severity. If the viewer writes down or speaks about their interpretation of SCP-3435, they will experience further side effects, including stomach cramps, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, or constipation.

Chemical analysis of SCP-3435 has revealed several previously uncharacterized compounds in the paint, thought to be responsible for the colors. Testing is ongoing, but so far analysis has not shown them to possess any perception-altering properties.

Addendum 3435-01: SCP-3435 was first unveiled at the Contemporary Arts Center in Las Vegas, NV. MTF Upsilon-23 first flagged it when they noticed the perception-based anomaly surrounding SCP-3435. SCP-3435 was confirmed anomalous when its effects manifested, causing several prominent art critics discussing the painting to simultaneously vomit and experience severe migraines. SCP-3435 was contained successfully, and amnestics and a cover story involving undercooked hors d'oeuvre were distributed.

Addendum 3435-02: PoI-0171 was apprehended during Incident-████-9F92, involving AWCY?, SCP-████, and SCP-████. Mr. Gutierrez denied responsibility for the incident, and insisted that he was not a member of AWCY.

Requesting permission to conduct extended testing on SCP-3435. -Dr. Maravilla

Denied. There is nothing more to be learned from it. In fact, your excessive involvement with this anomaly and the POI responsible already borders on the unprofessional, and if he hadn't provided valuable intel on AWCY activity before vanishing you'd be on the disciplinary watchlist already. Remember what's really important here. -Personnel Director Acosta.

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