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Item #: SCP-3433

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All artwork/paintings related to SCP-3433 are to be contained in Storage Unit 14, Site 8. Each painting is to be encased in a glass container, approximately 127 cm x 127 cm x 8 cm. Currently, all paintings are on sale on an online site owned by the SCP Foundation at www.scp█████████.com, and are being constantly purchased and sold in rotation every 3 hours between 20 designated employees through an AI system programmed to purchase and sell items. Constant monitoring of this AI system is required at all times.

If this AI system fails, the 20 designated employees will be immediately alerted, with at least 7 employees required to report in (this number may change as new paintings related to SCP-3433 are discovered) to www.scp█████████.com, manually purchasing and selling the paintings until the AI system is recovered. All designated employees involved in this manual labor will be excused from their current jobs until further notice.

Description: SCP-3433 is a social phenomenon related to a series of paintings by Andy Warhol from 1968-1987, created in "The Factory"1 at 33 Union Square West, Manhattan, New York. It is currently unknown how many works related to SCP-3433 exist at this time. Currently, 3 paintings related to SCP-3433 have been claimed to exist, each designated as SCP-3433-n, but only 2 of these 3 have been confirmed as artwork related to SCP-3433.

The artwork related to SCP-3433 was distributed across the United States of America through several members of the "Warhol Superstars"2, who were each reportedly gifted an artwork of SCP-3433 by Andy Warhol himself. Following this, the works of SCP-3433 were distributed to various customers and museums. At this time, only 1 of these "Warhol Superstars" has been identified and apprehended for further interrogation.

Each artwork related to SCP-3433 allows the current owner (person or institution) of SCP-3433-n, now classified as SCP-3433-n-n, to experience an event or phenomenon within the next 24 hours that results in them receiving approximately 14-15 days of widespread media attention. During this time, all sources of media, including radio, television, internet, and paper, will turn their focus to the events surrounding SCP-3433-n-n. Subjects labelled as SCP-3433-n-n are unaffected further by SCP-3433.

Following the aforementioned 14-15 days, SCP-3433-n-n experiences a series of events that continue to occur as long as SCP-3433-n-n maintains ownership over SCP-3433-n.

1. (1-2 days) SCP-3433-n-n experiences an increasing attachment to SCP-3433-n. This attachment will increase over time, with SCP-3433-n-n becoming visibly distressed if others take interest in SCP-3433-n. This distress has been seen to evolve into violent outbursts against those who attempt to purchase or remove SCP-3433-n.

2. (3-5 days) All public records (written and visual) of SCP-3433-n-n are removed or destroyed in both physical and digital forms through unknown means. Private possessions containing SCP-3433-n-n's information appear unaffected.

3. (6-10 days) The memories of those who are aware of SCP-3433-n-n's existence and the events surrounding SCP-3433-n-n appear to be affected, being unable to recall the events or even basic information on SCP-3433-n-n (including name, age, gender, etc.).

4. (10-20 days) All memories (involving SCP-3433-n-n) of those aware of SCP-3433-n-n's existence and the events surrounding SCP-3433-n-n have all been either modified or erased. Even SCP-3433-n-n's closest relatives and significant other are unable to recognize SCP-3433-n-n. New memories of SCP-3433-n-n are unable to be created, but new records are able to be produced.3

5: (20-25 days) The ability to notice or visualize SCP-3433-n-n becomes increasingly difficult for others, taking approximately 7-10 minutes for an individual to even acknowledge SCP-3433-n-n. SCP-3433-n-n has visible difficulty in physically interacting with its surroundings and other objects [Data indicates that SCP-3433-n-n in this state appears to exhibit traits classified as "intangibility"].

6: (25+ days) [UNCONFIRMED] At this time, SCP-3433-n-n is unable to be located through any means.

These effects appear to be permanent, but these effects cease to affect SCP-3433-n-n any further when SCP-3433-n-n sells or gives SCP-3433-n to another owner. If SCP-3433-n-n is an institution (e.g. Museum), then all employees and personnel related to the institution, as well as the structure itself are affected by the effects of SCP-3433.


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