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SCP-3430 prior to its death.

Item #: SCP-3430

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3430 is to be stored in a cryogenic pod, which itself is stored in the center of a hermetically sealed chamber 10 meters in radius. At no point may any sapient entity be allowed within 10 meters of SCP-3430; personnel examining SCP-3430 must do so via remote mechanical means. Automated surgical drones are provided for any medical personnel who wish to perform any surgical procedure on SCP-3430. Personnel who wish to perform a surgical procedure on SCP-3430 must have Level-3/3430 clearance or higher.

SCP-3430’s cryogenic pod must be maintained as needed to prevent any decomposition.

Description: SCP-3430 is the corpse of a human male of indeterminate age, previously identified as Gregory ████████. Whenever a human comes within 10 meters of SCP-3430, subjects are compelled to display affection and care towards it.1 The range and intensity of SCP-3430's anomalous properties are not impeded by physical obstacles, but only affect sapient subjects; non-human animals and machines are not affected by SCP-3430.

Subjects under the effect of SCP-3430's anomalous properties that are unable to reach SCP-3430 by any means will attempt to hug, kiss, or compliment any nearby subjects also under the effects of SCP-3430. In the case of an isolated subject, the subject will instead hug themself, cry, and in some cases talk aloud to themself, giving themself compliments.

Subjects exhibit no desire to eat or drink despite still requiring sustenance, and unless removed they will continue their respective acts of kindness until they collapse from exhaustion. SCP-3430 will lose its influence on subjects once said subjects exit its area of effect.

Recovery: SCP-3430 was under surveillance for suspected anomalous phenomena when it was killed during an altercation at the ████████ Bar in ███████, Washington. Witnesses' accounts suggest SCP-3430's anomalous properties manifested upon its death, affecting surviving patrons and employees; all subjects affected were reported suddenly crying, hugging and reassuring each other over the corpses of deceased patrons. These reports drew paramedics and reporters to arrive on the scene, however upon reaching proximity to SCP-3430's corpse, they too joined the group. SCP-3430 was recovered from the site via automated drone, and Class B amnestics were applied to witnesses and affected subjects.

Addendum 3430-01: The following is a selection of entries from a journal recovered from SCP-3430's former residence. Journal is included for research purposes, in an attempt to determine the cause of SCP-3430's anomalous properties.

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