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Item #: SCP-3428

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Reports regarding the discovery of SCP-3428 are to be investigated immediately, and the instance is to be secured as soon as possible. Should it activate before being properly secured, Mobile Task Force Alpha-21 ("DDT Did Nothing Wrong") is to be sent in to subdue and capture the instance. Class-A amnestics are to be administered to all witnesses.

SCP-3428 instances in custody are to be submerged in soil unless needed for experimentation. Testing involving SCP-3428 requires approval from SCP-3428's Head Researcher (currently Jared ████), and must be submitted 6 days in advance.

Description: SCP-3428 are crude statues of hummingbirds with wingspans no larger than 5 meters. "CtM" is engraved upon the underside of each instance. Individual instances differ slightly in make with one another, although most instances are composed of scrap metal and polyester fabric. SCP-3428 are typically found around .5 to 1.5 m underground, either in archaeological dig sites or urban construction areas. While buried underneath at least .5 m of soil, SCP-3428 remains inert.

Approximately 5 to 10 days after being unearthed, SCP-3428 will spontaneously animate. Behavior varies between instances, although most have shown destructive tendencies upon animating. Instances of SCP-3428 will generally only cause damage if the act of doing so is clearly visible. It is rare for instances of SCP-3428 to outright attack humans.

Although SCP-3428's crude physiology renders them unable to feed, instances have been observed attempting to scavenge for food and drink, much of which lies outside the typical trochilidae diet.

Addendum: SCP-3428 instances of note are listed here:

Instance Animation Date Area Behavior Notes
SCP-3428-1 13/3/1983 Dijon, France Instance was uncovered during scheduled maintenance of a ████-████ factory. By the time agents arrived, SCP-3428-1 had nearly leveled the structure. This was the first SCP-3428 occurrence. SCP-3428-1 was severely damaged during capture.
SCP-3428-5 19/2/1985 New Orleans, Louisiana SCP-3428-5 was found harassing alligators outside of a sugar plantation, and sustained serious damage before being secured. SCP-3428-5 appeared to be wearing a Mardi Gras mask and beads. Investigation into the possibility of a deliberate unearthing is underway.
SCP-3428-16 13/11/1990 Burbank, California Upon waking, SCP-3428-16 headed towards [REDACTED] Studios before becoming distracted by a █████Co delivery truck. Attached to SCP-3428-16 was a loudspeaker. As soon as SCP-3428-16 animated, the loudspeaker began playing Night on Bald Mountain1.
SCP-3428-46 12/8/2005 Site 56 SCP-3428-46 dug itself out of the ground and proceeded towards Site 56's front entrance. Its attempts to force itself through ended when the automatic security system decapitated it. SCP-3428-46 is the first instance to unearth itself without observed human assistance. In addition, SCP-3428-46's insides housed a nest of wasps, which proceeded to fly out after SCP-3428-46's destruction and unsuccessfully attack a soft drink vending machine.
SCP-3428-49 12/5/2007 Site ██ [REDACTED] Cross-testing between SCP-3428 and other avian SCP objects is strictly prohibited from this point.
SCP-3428-59 23/6/2013 Jackson, Ohio After waking, SCP-3428-59 knocked over several power lines before attempting to destroy a soft drink vending machine. However, upon contact, SCP-3428-59 immediately stopped and fell apart. After SCP-3428-59's destruction, witnesses reported an unidentified male voice saying "Feel the buzz. Chill out with a █████.". An investigation of █████Co is underway.
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