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Artist rendering of HD-85512B, designated post-3426-14.

Item #: SCP-3426

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Until the nature of SCP-3426 can be definitively ascertained, containment should focus on preventing as many of the theorized conditions for its occurrence as possible. As such, scientific progress into a unified physics hypothesis1 and the creation of infinitely sustainable energy should be heavily impeded. Other areas of social and technological progress that could potentially result in an occurrence of SCP-3426 on Earth must be prevented by any reasonable means currently available. Additional measures may be taken in the event that the collective human race approaches attainment of Type I civilization status (as defined on the Kardeshev scale)2.

Investigation of phenomena related to SCP-3426 will take place under Operation GREY VOICES. Mechanical probe surveys to a maximum range of 100 light years will attempt to ascertain the commonality and range of SCP-3426, and manned excursions of post-3426 planets are currently in the planning process. Operation GREY VOICES will centralize the relevant collected data, and collaborate with other Foundation internal research divisions, including the Memetics and Infohazards Division, Temporal Anomalies Department, Thaumatological Department, and Biological Containment and Research Division, for the purpose of attaining a greater understanding of SCP-3426.

Civilian surveys of exoplanets and cosmological imaging projects will be strictly monitored for images or data that show evidence of SCP-3426. Upon discovery, data of SCP-3426 is to be erased or edited as necessary, and amnestics administered to persons involved.

Description: SCP-3426 is a phenomenon that is responsible for the total extinction of a technologically and socially advanced planetary civilization. SCP-3426 may be an event, entity, process, object, or concept; to date there exists no definitive hypothesis on the attributes of the anomaly. However, it is known that the conditions for the manifestation of SCP-3426 are self-consistent and follow an established pattern. It is believed that SCP-3426 manifestation is widespread and possibly universal.

A planet that has been affected by SCP-3426 is termed "post-3426." Post-3426 planets and civilizations share a number of common characteristics.

  • The civilization must have achieved a relative degree of global sociopolitical stability3.
  • A limitless or indefinitely sustainable source of worldwide energy is in use (e.g. nuclear fusion, hydrogen mining, orbital solar collection, or enhanced geothermal systems).
  • This energy must be widespread and plentiful enough for the civilization to qualify as a Type I civilization or higher on the Kardeshev scale.
  • A unified scientific theory/model of the universe must have been developed.
  • Space travel is commonplace, and is advanced enough to allow for detailed exploration of the local solar system.
  • There exists an organization whose purpose is to catalogue and contain as many anomalous phenomena as possible.

Post-3426 planets display widespread anomalous material corrosion, reality distortion, complete or near-complete corruption of information and information media, and the pervasive presence of visual cognitohazards and abnormalities. Sapient lifeforms on a post-3426 planet appear in two stages based on time since SCP-3426 took place. If it has been 1 year or less since the occurrence of SCP-3426, such organisms appear suspended or frozen in place, lack any consciousness, and display total cell death. In some cases, they may appear translucent or blurred to cameras and to the eye. Afterwards, intelligent life is apparently completely spatially erased; while possessions, information, and structures created as a result of the species remain present, if highly deviated, no physical remains of the species itself exist.

Data, items, and artifacts were collected primarily through the mass usage of drones, orbital probes, and imaging sensors deployed onto post-3426 planets. Further information on the exact properties or effects of SCP-3426 has been difficult to recover. Probes that enter the atmosphere of a post-3426 planet quickly deteriorate within 24 hours, becoming affected by the spacetime distortion and material corrosion permeating the planet's surface and surroundings. As a result, recovered data on post-3426 planets is extremely limited.

Based on data and related analysis from Operation GREY VOICES, it is believed that SCP-3426 induces a slow collapse of the consistency of universal constants and stable states within the planet. This collapse weakens force interactions between elementary particles, creates extreme planetwide ontokinetic and material distortion effects, and gradually prevents any information or conscious thought from being distributed. This process culminates in all matter on the planet reaching a state of catastrophic incoherence, theoretically resulting in the slow erasure of objects, concepts, and lifeforms originating from it. This phenomenon has been provisionally classed as a ZK-λ-Class Cosmic Fragmentation Scenario.

While research into SCP-3426 has yielded a vast variety of information regarding its nature and end results, the mechanism by which SCP-3426 acts remains unknown.

Addendum 3426.1: Incomplete List of Post-3426 Planets

At present, Operation GREY VOICES has examined all exoplanets within a 75-light year radius of Earth. From this current exploration area, 16 planets have met the hypothesized conditions required for the occurrence of SCP-3426. All 16 were affected by SCP-3426 either upon discovery or within 5 years of detection.

Addendum 3426.2: Recovered Data and Artifacts List

Rough translations of recovered data were provided by the Linguistics Department under request by Operation GREY VOICES. Translations are not guaranteed to be accurate.


Addendum 3426.3: Post-3426-13 Exploration Log


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