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Item#: 3421
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to their tendency to integrate with local infrastructure and the expertise required to uproot them, instances of SCP-3421 are to be recovered by MTF-Theta-4-1 ("Leavesdroppers"). These instances are to be stored separately in purpose-built Faraday cages in the Anomalous Technologies wing at Site-66. Cages are to receive bi-weekly maintenance; necessary repairs are to be conducted within 24 hours.

Newly discovered instances of SCP-3421-1 are to be removed from soil upon discovery and kept in Faraday bags until brought to storage at Site-66. Instances are to be stored separately in radio-shielded lockers away from sunlight.


An instance of SCP-3421 prior to containment

Description: SCP-3421 is a species of anomalous organic cellular towers. Towers closely resemble non-anomalous towers camouflaged to resemble trees1. Instances integrate with the surrounding infrastructure and operate as cellular towers within local network specifications. The branches of SCP-3421 have photovoltaic properties, which enable it to continue operations during daylight hours in the event that power is disconnected.

SCP-3421 produces novel transmissions as well as acting as standard cellular relays. It is unknown whether SCP-3421 instances use these transmissions to communicate or the transmissions are merely a byproduct of the object’s primary anomalous effect.

SCP-3421-1 is the designation for mobile telephones that have received anomalous transmissions from SCP-3421. In the presence of soil and near favorable power-line conditions, instances of SCP-3421-1 can mature into full instances of SCP-3421 in as little as 72 hours.

Discovery: ██████ ██████████, a wireless concealment company, developed the first camouflaged cell towers in early 1992. The first instance of SCP-3421 was discovered on 04/05/1992 in Tucson, AZ, after city officials started receiving complaints about improperly zoned cell tower constructions. Foundation personnel embedded in the planning department of the city investigated the lead. Initially, MTF-Mu-4 ("Debuggers") was dispatched to contain the anomaly, but deferred the operation to the MTF-Theta-4 ("Gardeners") after it was determined to be organic. After a review of the city, ██ other instances were found and contained. MTF-Theta-4-1 was formed afterwards for ongoing containment operations. The number of extant uncontained instances of SCP-3421 is unknown.

Addendum 3421-a: On 05/05/2016, an instance of SCP-3421 was discovered in ███ █████, ██ , United States. A field study on the reproductive mechanisms of the anomaly was authorized and MTF-Theta-4-1 was dispatched to the location with instructions to collect data before moving the instance to containment. Signals being relayed through the instance were intercepted and recorded for close study. A transcript of notable logs are attached.

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