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Item #: SCP-3420

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The structure that now houses SCP-3420 has been bought through various shell corporations and has been marked as a health hazard due to hazardous levels of asbestos. The structure has been deemed Provisional Site-531 and is to be staffed with no less than three individuals trained in hospice care. All civilians who enter Provisional Site-531 are to be treated with Class-C amnestics and released.

SCP-3420-1 entities require no sustenance. All effort is to be ensured that SCP-3420-1 entities remain comfortable and do not attempt to leave SCP-3420. Application of fentanyl in doses of 200 mcg per hour (administered through a spray to the navel) have been shown to be effective in treating SCP-3420-1 entities. SCP-3420-1 entities who request termination are to be treated with Class-C amnestics and a raising of their fentanyl dosage.

Description: SCP-3420 is a spatial anomaly located in what was formerly Apt. 420 of the Twin Oaks Apartments in Cleveland, OH. All attempts to enter room 420 through any method other than the door meet with failure. The windows show what is believed to have been PoI-6870's living quarters in a state of disarray. All objects within are unmoving and show no expected decay.

SCP-3420 is comprised of fourteen interconnected rooms, the layout of which changes every seven hours and thirty-seven minutes. Any objects that are “between” two or more rooms will be cut during this layout shift. Within each room is an instance of SCP-3420-1.

Each room in SCP-3420 resembles a “torture chamber” such as those that can be attributed to Catholicism during the Spanish Inquisition in popular imagination. Rooms in SCP-3420 are furnished with various items of torture, including those that were never historically used, such as the “choke pear.” All items within SCP-3420 disappear if brought outside of the confines of the room in which they appear.

SCP-3420-1 are humanoid entities that have the appearance of continually-discharging static electricity in a roughly human shape that is permanently being consumed by flames. This is believed to be an optical illusion, as SCP-3420-1 are solid and do not display any of the effects expected of their apparent composition. SCP-3420-1 are subject to a limited compulsion to use the instruments present within SCP-3420 on themselves; this compulsion can be counteracted via persuasion. SCP-3420-1 entities are capable of speech and communicate a constant feeling of pain similar to burning or being electrocuted.

Incident 3420-3: On 5/5/16, SCP-3420-1-G requested termination. The question was ignored, as per regulation. This resulted in SCP-3420-1-G undergoing extreme distress beyond baseline levels of discomfort. In light of the effectiveness of fentanyl in treating their pain, Class-C amnestics were authorized in an attempt to bring the entity to a more containable state. Treatment was effective, and Class-C amnestics have been authorized in similar cases.

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