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Item #: SCP-3418

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3418 is contained onsite at Outpost-3418. Personnel assigned to Outpost-3418 are required to rotate out every two consecutive weeks, with staggered terms. Personnel must be observed by at least one other staff member while sleeping, without exception.

Personnel are to maintain constant surveillance of the ███ River, and must retrieve instances of SCP-3418-1 on sight, unless SCP-3418-2 is present. Personnel are to remain at least 20m from SCP-3418-2 at all times, and must not attempt interaction with the entity at any time, for any reason.

Upon identifying instances of SCP-3418-1, the individual's family (or present living company) will be located and administered Class-A amnestics, misdirecting them to believe that the person in question was killed in a mundane manner. Five instances of SCP-3418-1 will be held for research purposes; the remainder are to be incinerated.

Description: SCP-3418 is a phenomenon occurring in the ███ River in [REDACTED], China.

SCP-3418-1 are complete, recently deceased human remains which spontaneously manifest within a 700m section of the ███ River. In all cases where SCP-3418-1 have been identified, they have corresponded to reports of missing persons within a 40km area surrounding SCP-3418. These reports share a commonality in that the victim was abducted while asleep, with no witnesses.

The cause of death for SCP-3418-1 is unknown. SCP-3418-1 exhibit abnormal decomposition and are not consumed by microbial, insect or animal life, enabling them to remain well-preserved without external assistance.

In contrast to the comprehensive cell death in all other tissues, the central nervous system of SCP-3418-1 remain alive and fully functional despite lack of oxygen and vital nutrients, and is capable of surviving indefinitely. Due to the complete lack of activity in the peripheral nervous system, sensory organs and other systems, all attempts to communicate with or determine the level of consciousness (if any) in SCP-3418-1 have failed. Electroencephalogram and functional neurological imaging demonstrate high levels of activity.

SCP-3418-2 is a massive aquatic entity which sporadically manifests within the area of SCP-3418. The entity resembles Bagarius yarrelli (Goonch or Giant Devil Catfish), and is selectively intangible, rendering it immune to physical damage or capture. SCP-3418-2 possesses intricate, faintly luminescent markings over its entire body. Additionally, its eyes are absent, the orifices instead filled with pale green, opaque gemstones which emit faint light.

Undisturbed, SCP-3418-2 preys exclusively upon SCP-3418-1, swallowing the latter rapidly and whole. If interrupted, SCP-3418-2 will attack and consume the responsible party, if possible. SCP-3418-2 produces small amounts of neutron radiation, and generates substantial Cherenkov radiation when manifesting or vanishing.

Addendum [3418-001]: Timeline of SCP-3418 Discovery & Containment

28/04/20██: Reports initially surface regarding human remains in the ███ River, in [REDACTED] China. Situation is minimally monitored by local Foundation assets, due to lack of evidence for anomalous involvement.

02/05/20██: Coroner's report detailing abnormalities in the four recovered human remains is intercepted by Foundation personnel. Recovered items are appropriated by the Foundation, as are several newly discovered remains in the ███ River. Identity of the deceased successfully traced to missing persons in the [REDACTED] area.

07/05/20██: Initial sighting of massive aquatic organism in the ███ River. Initial reports are unsubstantiated, but monitored closely by Foundation personnel due to proximity to another suspected anomaly.

11/05/20██: Seven further human remains are discovered in the ███ River. Anomaly upgraded from Extranormal Event classification and designated SCP-3418. Exploration initiative authorized.

15/05/20██: Aquatic entity (now designated SCP-3418-2) encountered by Foundation exploration team. SCP-3418-2 successfully contained and transported to [REDACTED]

17/05/20██: SCP-3418-2 containment failure.

21/05/20██: SCP-3418-2 successfully contained and transported to [REDACTED]

22/05/20██: SCP-3418-2 containment failure. Two personnel lost during breach.

25/05/20██: Attempt made to destroy SCP-3418-2. Attempt failed.

28/05/20██: Attempt made to destroy SCP-3418-2. Attempt failed.

31/05/20██: Attempt made to destroy SCP-3418-2. Attempt failed.

01/06/20██: Containment analysis of SCP-3418. Fourteen sets of human remains (now designated SCP-3418-1) are secured by Foundation personnel. Projections do not indicate viable long-term covert containment. Preparations begin for depopulation protocol.

06/06/20██: Depopulation protocol 85% successful. [DATA EXPUNGED]

16/06/20██: No further anomalous activity observed. SCP-3418 declared Neutralized.

22/06/20██: Reports of SCP-3418-1 discovered originating from a separate section of the ███ River, [REDACTED] from the original site.

25/06/20██: Reports of SCP-3418-1 substantiated. SCP-3418-2 identified.


01/07/20██: Present containment procedures devised. Construction of Outpost-3418 begins.

Addendum [3418-002]: Recovered Materials

The first four instances of SCP-3418-1 were later confirmed to be members of Huǒjù zhi Zi.2 Materials recovered from the homes of the individuals in question were obtained and examined to provide insight into the nature of SCP-3418. Two relevant excerpts from the appropriated documentation are transcribed and translated below:

Shadow is born from light. Darkness is born from nothing. ██████ is darkness. ██████ swims in the vast and empty sea between light and shadow. ██████ eats the flame of life. Flames swallowed by the darkness may never rejoin the Father. They drown forever.

███ ███ █████ (Date of quotation unknown, possibly ████ BCE, approximately)

██████ came from the sea of dreams. ██████ came through the sea of stars. ██████ came to the sea of our shores. It grasped our people in their sleep and drew them into its waters. I saw the pale flesh of our people. It was a lifeless prison for their flames. They were motionless. They could only wait to be devoured.

When ██████ opened its maw to consume our people, a light pierced the sky. Night became day. Three hands reached out and engulfed ██████ in a vast blaze, casting it back into the darkness.

██ ██ ███ (Date of quotation unknown, possibly ████ BCE, approximately)

This is the testament of our actions. Glory to the Radiant Father.

██████ hungers, and it eats without restraint. The Radiant Father slumbers. He cannot help us. He cannot save us. We must destroy ██████. Just as we are dreams in the sea of ██████, we shall make ██████ a dream in the sea of us. We shall anchor it to flesh with the sacred stones and expose it to the true flame.

███ ██ ██████ (Written 25/4/19██)

Addendum [3418-003]: Classified Records

Addendum [3418-004]: Event-3418-Shēnyuān

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