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Item #: SCP-3416

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3416 is to be stored upon a pedestal within a standard containment cell. A perimeter with a radius of 10 meters has been established around SCP-3416, in which all objects weighing less than 23kg are required to be bolted to a solid surface. Guards and personnel in proximity of the perimeter are to be wary of any spontaneously levitating objects, and must report such activity to the acting Hazardous Materials Containment Liaison (HMCL) supervisor on duty.

Access to SCP-3416 requires clearance from one level-3 personnel. A security team escort is required for any personnel entering SCP-3416’s cell. Only personnel with level 4 psychic resistance or higher are permitted within a 6 meter perimeter of SCP-3416.

Any requests from SCP-3416 are to be handled on a case-by-case basis by the acting HMCL supervisor. Privileges available to SCP-3416 are dependent on behavior, with good behavior (defined here as being non-hostile and cooperative) allowing further requests after HMCL supervisor approval. SCP-3416 should not be permitted access to materials and objects more advanced than what would be present during pre-colonial Polynesia.

SCP-3416 has been deemed prone to emotional outbursts, and any activity indicating such should be reported to the active HMCL supervisor. A trained therapist1 is assigned to SCP-3416 with regular meetings.

Following the events of Interview Log 3416-8, SCP-3416 may be permitted live animal tribute as an option still dependent on the previous rules stated for requests.

Description: SCP-3416 is a clay object sculpted to resemble a head with a height of 80 centimeters. SCP-3416 is sapient and can project a disembodied voice within an 8-meter vicinity of itself. This voice is consistently described as being deep, loud, and masculine. This voice is always heard in a listener’s primary language, albeit with a noticeable Polynesian accent.

SCP-3416 can move itself and objects weighing less than 23 kilograms via telekinetic ability. The range of this ability has shown to fluctuate, but typically remains within 10 meters of SCP-3416. The telekinetic force of SCP-3416, while unmeasured, can turn small objects (such as pens or rulers) into fatal weapons.

Additionally, SCP-3416 can instantaneously transform up to 2 liters of non-living material into pure iron once a day. This process seems to only work for materials softer than palm tree wood (an abundant material on SCP-3416’s original island). SCP-3416 refuses to perform this for any purpose other than creating weapons to attack personnel.

Any human with insufficient psychic resistance within 6 meters of SCP-3416 is at risk of mental possession. SCP-3416 can control the movement and speech of a single individual that enters a 6-meter perimeter of SCP-3416. This effect ends immediately upon exit of the 6-meter radius around SCP-3416. The method of this ability, like all of SCP-3416’s other anomalous effects, remains unknown. Affected individuals recount having full consciousness during possession.

SCP-3416 has proven itself to be prideful and commanding, despite being completely contained. SCP-3416 typically has exaggerated mannerisms in speech and action, being temperamental to the point of violence. Its abilities are easily containable and present little risk to Foundation personnel.

Addendum 3416-1: SCP-3416 was retrieved from the island of █████ ███ in Polynesia, which had noticeably remained isolated from outside influence until the capture. As this island lacked natural metals, SCP-3416 was the only source of metal in the area. Because of its abilities, SCP-3416 was worshiped as a god and ingrained in the island’s culture. Here, SCP-3416 was given the name “Anoati2,” with which it refers to itself by. It is unknown how long SCP-3416 has existed due to the lack of written records in █████ ███. Due to this past, SCP-3416 refers to itself as God and believes itself to be as such.

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