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Item #: SCP-3415

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Maintenance Team-3415, consisting of Class-C personnel cycled in biyearly from a candidate pool, is stationed at SCP-3415's containment area. Two members of Maintenance Team-3415, trained as plainclothes guards, are to maintain a constant presence outside the building.1

The building containing SCP-3415 is officially registered as condemned. Any unauthorized individual attempting to access the premises is to be apprehended, interrogated, and administered amnestics before release.

Maintenance Team-3415 are to maintain a Standard Foundation Monitoring Post located outside of the cubicle housing SCP-3415. Any discrepancies in idle anomalous activity are to be logged and noted. Entry into the cubicle containing SCP-3415 outside of research sessions must be granted by the current head of Maintenance Team-3415. Time spent within the cubicle must not exceed more than one minute at a time due to risk of unpredictable anomalous behaviour.

Currently, 34 instances of SCP-3415-1 remain onsite in varying storage units in SCP-3415's containment area. An additional 59 instances have been transported to Site-16 for research purposes and are to be kept in Storage Locker 18G outside of testing sessions.

Description: SCP-3415 is a mind-affecting phenomenon involving the individual known as Jocelyn Blom2 and her position as a HR Representative for a small, now-defunct accounting firm. SCP-3415 is comprised of numerous anomalous alterations and cognitohazards applied to the space within Cubicle 11I, situated on the second floor of an office building located on the outskirts of Nottingham, England.

The effects of SCP-3415 primarily manifest mentally with tenuous visual-audio elements. SCP-3415 can be triggered by an individual in two ways:

  • Learning of any basic knowledge regarding Jocelyn Blom's identity. This includes details such as her full name3, place of birth or association with ████ ██████
  • When an individual observes any visible portion of Cubicle 11I. This also extends to any visible portion of Jocelyn Blom at her workspace.

When triggered, SCP-3415 will implant specific information regarding Jocelyn Blom into the mind of the affected individual. This information is not memetic in nature and does not override existing knowledge an individual might have involving Jocelyn Blom, who is busy.

Analysis of the information delivered by SCP-3415 has determined that the anomaly's primary purpose is to convince an individual that Jocelyn Blom:

  • Is currently present in her cubicle.
  • Is able to complete any work assigned to her before the end of the workday.
  • Is due for a promotion soon.
  • Will not be disturbed for any reason that does not involve the assignment of unfinished work.
  • Is currently not in a different location outside of her cubicle.
  • Is responsible for all instances of SCP-3415-1
  • Will not be punished in any manner if she is found breaking company policy or disobeying authority figures of any kind.
  • Is not responsible for the kidnapping and murder of ████ ██████, a 22-year old vagrant who was last reported in a local homeless shelter on ██/██/████. This individual has yet to be located.

Additionally, SCP-3415 implants the belief that an individual known as Lsaac Forster is responsible for the kidnapping and murder of ████ ██████. Of note is that the information transmitted regarding Lsaac Forster might be an error caused by the structure of SCP-3415's anomaly; an employee by the name Isaac Foster was noted to have worked in Cubicle 11D from a length of time spanning 2007 to 20██4. Lsaac Forster is interpreted as a separate individual from Isaac Foster by individuals exposed to SCP-3415's effects and can only be described as the responsible culprit for ████ ██████'s murder.

Visual observation of SCP-3415 will display the presence of Jocelyn Blom at her workstation in Cubicle 11I. Individuals have been unable to describe exact details of Jocelyn Blom's appearance and behaviour beyond information enforced by SCP-3415. Attempts to capture visual record of Jocelyn Blom has consistently resulted in severe corruption of the produced images.

On multiple occasions individuals have reported having been able to hold conversation with Jocelyn Blom, but were unable to describe the nature, topic or content of any discussion. Attempts at interviews have lead to transcripted logs becoming instances of SCP-3415-1. All transcripted replies from Jocelyn Blom in these logs are replaced by her signature, regardless of context.

Attempting to remain within Cubicle 11I for longer than five minutes at a time will induce a secondary effect that compels the individuals to immediately exit the space. Affected individuals report mild disorientation upon exiting, citing a desire to leave Jocelyn Blom alone during work hours.

Inspection of Cubicle 11I is difficult due to SCP-3415's effects extending to the state of numerous objects located within its space; these items also cannot be retrieved from their original locations and are not considered to be instances of SCP-3415-1. Various analytical sessions have determined Cubicle 11I contains the following:

  • A standard office desk with two wheeled chairs. No anomalous effects noted.
  • Several personal effects owned by Jocelyn Blom, located on her desk. Two items (identified as a white plastic bucket and an "X-Acto"-brand utility knife) described as having a 'soily' texture when touched.
  • A Dell Monitor and Desktop. Attached to the desktop is an external hard drive of unknown make.
  • A keyboard and mouse of unclear make. Described as noticeably 'blurred'. Both objects will randomly produce sounds associated with their function, despite lack of input.
  • Multiple discarded boxes of KFC Boneless Banquet and five crushed cans of Tesco-brand cider. Located on desk. Contents missing.
  • 114 lbs worth of salt.
  • 180 lbs worth of unknown material. Described as having a 'soily' composition. Suspended midair, opposite of Jocelyn Blom.
  • A full outfit consisting of winter clothes. Described as 'filthy'. Suspended midair, opposite of Jocelyn Blom. Noted to be overlapping with numerous other materials found within Cubicle 11I.

SCP-3415-1 are cognitohazards considered to be the 'finished' versions of any item that has been affected by Jocelyn Blom SCP-3415. The majority of SCP-3415-1 instances are documents, files and forms that are typically handled in an accounting position. Many of these documents contain modifications made by Jocelyn Blom, with handwriting that has been confirmed as a 99.7% match.

In order for an instance of SCP-3415-1 to be created, a corresponding 'unfinished' item must be placed within Cubicle 11I. If the item is considered 'unfinished' or a 'work in progress', it will be converted into a SCP-3415-1 instance after a period of 1-6 minutes. Items that do not possess these qualities and are not in direct contact with human skin will disappear after a similar period of time. The conversion of an item into a SCP-3415-1 instance has never been observed.

The majority of standard cognitohazard detection routines indicate SCP-3415-1 instances do not objectively exist; those able to detect them as physical objects detect a number of highly complex cognitohazards covering the visible form of all instances. SCP-3415-1 instances otherwise function exactly like their nonanomalous counterparts.

Jocelyn Blom can also create instances of SCP-3415-1 with unfinished works that would be considered outside of her area of expertise, so long as it can be considered 'complete' upon conversion. All instances are finished in a manner that would be expected with their associated form.5

Addendum 3415-A: Recovery

SCP-3415 was officially discovered by Foundation assets on 04/11/2014 after numerous reports of Jocelyn Blom being unable to leave her cubicle, despite the recent condemnation of the office complex containing SCP-3415.

Due to the long-reaching effects of SCP-3415 it has been difficult to determine the original date of the anomaly's manifestation. Interviews with co-workers of Jocelyn Blom report a noticeable decrease in interactions with Jocelyn Blom as a result of her workload from as early as 2009.

Addendum 3415-B (03/02/2018):

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