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Item #: SCP-3413

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3413 is to be monitored by the Foundation webcrawler program I/O Kiwi. Any uploads will automatically be saved to a secured Foundation server and deleted from the channel. Downloaded episodes are to be immediately reviewed by containment specialists. Individuals expressing the belief that any information in an SCP-3413 video was not always true are to be detained and interviewed. Non-Foundation personnel are to be administered a Class-B amnestic following interview.

Description: SCP-3413 is a channel on the video-sharing website YouTube titled "Safari Dave's Wild World!!". The majority of videos are done in the style of a wildlife documentary, narrated by "Safari Dave", referred to as SCP-3413-A. Each episode focuses on a different animal.

SCP-3413-A is a human male of average build, approximately 50-60 years of age. He appears in clothes typical of an Amazonian safari, and speaks with an exaggerated Australian accent. As the host of SCP-3413, it provides information regarding the featured animal- including habitat, diet, and methods of survival within their own ecosystem. The majority of this information is accurate, however, occasional episodes include falsified or otherwise incorrect statements.

Thirty minutes after uploading a video to SCP-3413, any incorrect statement contained within the video will become true. Records, memories, and the animals themselves will be retroactively altered as if the statement had not been in error. Only the memories of those who have watched the episode prior to this alteration will be unaffected.

SCP-3413 was discovered after various personnel in Foundation zoological divisions noted perceived discrepancies between reality and their memories of reality, primarily concerning the spelling of "giraffe". Several researchers, including one specializing in ungulates, reported that the correct spelling was "girraffe". The affected personnel were referred to psychological counselling and interrogated. It was discovered that Chief Researcher ██████ had encountered SCP-3413 after it was shown to him by a close family member, and he in turn had shared it with several members of his department. SCP-3413 was quickly contained.

Attached are summaries of the content of SCP-3413's videos, including a partial transcript of the "Q&A special".

Addendum: Most videos end with a brief credits sequence. Investigation into the names shown revealed that most did not correspond to real individuals. Lester █████, identified as being "camera crew" on the fourth video, was traced to project housing in Detroit, and interrogated.

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