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Item #: SCP-3409

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3409 has been hermetically sealed to inhibit the spread of SCP-3409-A. An outer perimeter fence topped with barbed-wire has been established. As the structure is located in a remote location, additional security measures to deter civilians are unnecessary. Nevertheless, warning signs indicating a chemical hazard are placed along the perimeter. An on-site security team is to guard the structure against attempted retrieval by hostile agents. Use of lethal force is authorized.

Interaction with the structure requires use of a Level-A hazmat suit. Personnel assigned to SCP-3409 are to ensure that SCP-3409-A does not spread beyond the confines of the structure. If necessary, flamethrowers may be utilized to control and prevent the spread of SCP-3409-A.

The IV bags of the infected subjects currently within the structure are to be refilled daily. No attempts to retrieve said subjects are to be made, in order to preserve the diameter of SCP-3409-B for further study and exploration.

SCP-3409-B is to be monitored through CCTV, for any signs of unusual activity. Any unusual activity is to be reported to researchers of level 4 clearance or higher.

Description: SCP-3409 is an abandoned confection production facility located in ████, ██████. Prior to containment, the facility was under the maintenance of 21 hostile human subjects in hazmat suits, utilizing firearms to deter intruders. The aforementioned subjects were successfully apprehended or terminated during initial investigations of the anomaly. Interrogation of the subjects revealed them to be associated with a previously unknown cult.

The interior of SCP-3409 is infested with a previously unknown, invasive fungal organism of non-terrestrial origin, henceforth referred to as SCP-3409-A. The fungus is composed mostly of a chocolate-like substance that is infectious to human subjects. SCP-3409-A originates from a spacetime anomaly, henceforth referred to as SCP-3409-B, located in a modified central chamber within the structure. The fungus appears as a network of tendrils, clinging to any surface it spreads upon, with a growth rate of around 0.6 m per hour. This spread is facilitated by the absorption of nutrients from terrestrial organisms, including microorganisms.


3D MRI representation of subject infected with SCP-3409-A.

SCP-3409-A infects a human subject through physical contact, injecting fungal material into the bloodstream through the use of nematocysts. The fungus will affect the behavior of the subject within 42 hours, compelling them to travel to SCP-3409-B, regardless of location. Advanced stages of infection result in a subject incessantly speaking in an unknown language. The means by which the fungus achieves this is currently unknown. Testing on D-Class personnel indicates that self-preservation instincts and logical reasoning are severely impaired, and subjects may expire before reaching the destination.

Infected subjects will also develop tumorous growths in advanced stage infection, containing the chocolate substance found in SCP-3409-A. No form of treatment is known to reverse this process. These growths will regularly release spores capable of spreading the infection. Infection can also occur through ingestion of the chocolate produced within the tumors of infected subjects.

The central chamber of SCP-3409 contains 103 iron cages arranged around SCP-3409-B. 37 36 cages are occupied by live, adult humans.1 All aforementioned subjects are under the influence of SCP-3409-A. Tendrils of SCP-3409-A are affixed to these subjects at various points, absorbing nutrients and the produced chocolate. The affected subjects are unaware of their surroundings and are unable or unwilling to respond to Foundation personnel.2 Nutrition and hydration are provided to the subjects intravenously, with IV stands fitted on every cage. Attempts to remove a subject from SCP-3409-A will result in its expiration. When this occurs, the diameter of SCP-3409-B has been observed to decrease, indicating a direct relationship with the number of subjects affected by SCP-3409-A.

Prior to containment, the personnel managing the facility regularly harvested the chocolate from the bodies of the caged subjects, through surgical intervention. The harvested substance was then processed with the equipment present to produce consumable chocolate candy. The resulting chocolate was prepared in unmarked packaging and stored for distribution to civilian populations. All instances have been confiscated by Foundation personnel. D-Class that consumed the chocolate during testing reported that it is of high quality and good taste before being infected by SCP-3409-A.

SCP-3409-B occupies a fixed location on the floor of the central chamber. It is stable, circular in shape with a diameter of roughly 1 m, and is believed to be an extrauniversal aperture. Only inanimate matter and SCP-3409-A are capable of passing through the anomaly. Study and exploration of the space beyond the anomaly are possible through the use of remote-controlled drones.

The area beyond SCP-3409-B is vast, with its full size currently impossible to determine. Video footage reveals that the area consists mostly of barren landscape consisting of sediment, although several non-terrestrial organisms have been observed. Low light levels are indicated3 due to heavy concentrations of particles suspended within the atmosphere. Larger particles of undetermined origin are observed to constantly descend from the upper atmosphere, bearing a resemblance to marine snow. No vegetation capable of photosynthesis is indicated.

Several structures appearing terrestrial in origin have been observed within this space, including, but not limited to, unidentified aircraft, unidentified oceangoing vessels, at least one unidentified battle tank, and numerous bones of various species, including an apparent whale skeleton. The means through which these objects came to their current location is unknown. Furthermore, several structures corresponding to no known human civilization have also been observed.

All organisms observed within the anomaly are invertebrates with hydrostatic skeletons, adapted to a low light environment, believed to navigate through the use of chemoreception, and appear to be composed of a chocolate-like substance. The intelligence of these organisms has yet to be determined. Researchers project that approximately 90% of native species remain undocumented, due to the size of the anomaly. The observed organisms exhibited no hostility toward remote-controlled drones. A list detailing the entities encountered are listed in the following document.

The personnel maintaining the facility exhibit no anomalous properties. Their bodies display signs of ritualistic mutilation, along with tattoos of symbols depicting what appears to be a cacao tree, surrounded by three interconnected rings. The subjects were identified as missing civilians. Additionally, 12 children were recovered from the site, detained in cages outside the facility.

SCP-3409 came to the attention of the Foundation after investigating numerous reports of unexplained disappearances of civilians and police officers in adjacent towns. Undercover agents followed a family of infected civilians to the facility, and its anomalous properties were confirmed after subsequent investigations.

Addendum 3409-1: The following document was discovered in the office of SCP-3409. Investigations indicated that the handwriting belonged to confectioner █████ Garrison.4 All attempts to locate the subject have been met with failure. The document is listed as follows.

No. Your "best" isn't good enough.

You will ask the chocolate gods for repentance for uttering such insolence to me, their blessed messenger. No more excuses; gather more sacrifices. They are growing impatient. Your faith is strong. I felt it the moment I chose you. As such, you must not fail me. We must complete this project as soon as possible, as time is precious. The chocolate gods are dying, because of our infidelity. Because of those accursed heretics. A future without the light of the chocolate gods is a dead future. They breathed their life into us with the gift of chocolate and our diseased species thanked them by spitting in their faces and shutting them out. Does that not sicken you? Don't you dare call yourself my acolyte, unless you are going to give your absolute best to further our cause.

Find more martyrs by any means necessary. We need at least a hundred. Spare any children captured. Sacrificing them early would be a waste of potential; the adults would make better sacrifices. If need be, sacrifice some of the devotees under your command. Gain the trust of the children, and enlighten them with the chocolate truth. More followers will undoubtedly please the chocolate gods, and replace the ones that were martyred.

Stay strong, my children, and you will be rewarded with eternal life. We must find enough martyrs to awaken the blessed harbinger of the chocolate realm, the mighty Narzeil'larmarg, the incarnation of the living message. Once we retrieve what was ours, we shall pave the path for the rest of the chocolate gods. This world will soon be made clean once more.

Holy, holy, holy, are the denizens of the chocolate realm. Sing praise to the chocolate gods, feast upon the chocolate of salvation, and give offerings to Shimbul'liera, my children. The great reckoning is nigh.

█████ Garrison, messenger of the chocolate gods.

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