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SCP-3407 upon recovery.

Item #: SCP-3407

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3407 is to be kept facing a 5x13 m projector screen and is required to be kept inside its projector booth at an elevation of 8 meters. Lead researcher Dr. Carter, lip reading specialist Researcher Lynn, and two designated Level-1 Personnel are to be present at Site-28 by 12:30 PM (local time) to annotate SCP-3407’s daily projections.

Description: SCP-3407 is a Pathé-Frères 1910 model film projector. It displays signs of wear consistent with its age and is structurally identical to non-anomalous instances of the product.

At precisely 1PM local time every day excluding Sunday, SCP-3407 will project a black and white silent film. The setting of the film is in the suburban town of [REDACTED], portraying the first-person point of view of an adult African-American male. The film will play for approximately twenty-five minutes each showing before becoming inoperable again.

SCP-3407 will always project its own film whether or not a reel is placed within its feed spool, though it has been shown to produce lower quality projections when a reel is within SCP-3407. SCP-3407 has also exhibited the ability to activate without any form of electricity or manual operation. Attempts to activate SCP-3407 outside of its scheduled projection have all been met with failure.

Upon each projection, SCP-3407 will display a sequence of events distinct from prior showings of the film. A common trend in SCP-3407’s projections is the aforementioned male interacting with a juvenile female, presumed to be the subject’s daughter. Scenes involving the female usually take places in areas such as playgrounds, churches, and a small bedroom. The final five minutes of the film always conclude with the subject being forcibly restrained against a bed before another figure, presumed to be a doctor, approaches and injects the subject with an unknown substance.

Individuals exposed to projections of SCP-3407 report an altered emotional state. Instances of sorrow, nostalgia, and mild euphoria have all been documented. No harmful effects have yet been observed after viewing a projection from SCP-3407.

Addendum 3407.1: Dr. Carter has been designated as the primary researcher of SCP-3407's anomalous abilities. The following is a truncated list of projections documented during observation of SCP-3407.

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