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Instance of SCP-3403-1-A, manifesting on-site at Field Office 352-Zayin.

Item #: SCP-3403

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3403 is to be kept within a secure item locker when not in use. Requests for testing may be submitted to the Research Director at SCP-3403's site of containment (Field Office 352-Zayin as of 01/10/2015). Following any testing or transport, SCP-3403 is to be rinsed in water and wiped clean to prevent manifestation of anomalies.

Description: SCP-3403 is a rectangular concrete box measuring approximately 17.75 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm. The object has no external openings, but contains a hollow aperture housing several materials. Following penetrative imaging and substance analysis, the space within SCP-3403 was determined to be filled primarily with charred organic material identified as cremated mammal remains, surrounding a small assembly composed of a circuit board connected to a dried flower (Eichhornia crassipes) by means of short wires curled around the stem. Analysis also revealed a short text passage inscribed on the interior surface of the object, the contents of which may be found in Document 3403-A01.

The anomaly associated with SCP-3403 manifests when the object is fully covered with soil on all six sides. Under these conditions, three instances of SCP-3403-1 will manifest within 1000 square meters of the spot at which the object is buried inside of 24 hours. Instances of SCP-3403-1 are incorporeal images resembling specific domesticated canines. They have no measurable mass or volume, and the space occupied by their bodies measures on average 5 degrees Celsius warmer than the surrounding air. Instances behave in a manner consistent with non-anomalous canines, though they are apparently unable to detect humans. Left alone, instances will play with one another, chase non-human animals, and periodically rest. All manifestation of SCP-3403-1 ceases once SCP-3403 is no longer in contact with soil on all sides.

The instances of SCP-3403-1 have been designated as follows:

SCP-3403-1-A: Male boxer, apparent joint pain and occasional seizures, highly active, estimated 13 years of age

SCP-3403-1-B: Female bull mastiff, slight limp in rear left leg, moderately active, estimated 8 years of age

SCP-3403-1-C: Male bull mastiff, missing right ear, lethargic, estimated 4 years of age

SCP-3403 was recovered from an empty lot in St. Johns, Florida on 09/04/2014, following numerous reports of "ghost dogs" in the area. No further associated incidents have been reported following recovery.

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