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A road 12km outside of De Jest, Louisiana, the day after a manifestation event. No trace of the ritual can be seen from the road.

Item #: SCP-3402

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3402 is currently uncontained. Global social media as well as regional news channels within 600 kilometers of De Jest, Meteore Parish1, Louisiana, are continually monitored using machine learning algorithms. Once detected, MTF Sigma 80 "Crimson Permanent Assurance" will be dispatched to seize recordings, dispense amnestic treatment to all witnesses, and attempt to secure as many anomalous individuals as possible in a Foundation humanoid anomaly carrier modified with an asbestos baffle between the containment area and the crew compartment. Fire crew in Meteore Parish have been supplemented by clandestine field agents, and aerial firefighting equipment has been donated to local emergency response teams through a shell company.

Currently, no living individuals involved in SCP-3402 events have been contained due to a phenomenon designated 3402-AA-WICKER. A standard humanoid containment chamber outfitted with fire-retardant panels and an inert gas dispensing system is on standby at Provisional Area 284, in the event that an affected humanoid is successfully detained.

Description: SCP-3402 is a phenomenon local to a group of █ counties in upper Louisiana remarkable for a level of white-collar employment which is unusually low compared to surrounding counties. Although no pattern to the anomaly's manifestation has been found, it occurs exclusively between 0100 and 0500 hours CST2.

When an event occurs, between 4 and ██ anomalous humanoids appear on a public road in an unobserved, rural area. Each humanoid is male and of average height, with a slim-to-average build and unremarkable grooming choices for a young white-collar worker. In all cases, the humanoids register ordinary heat signatures, though they do not manifest where any kind of camera, including infra-red, are currently recording. Each anomaly is outfitted with a complete business suit of navy blue or charcoal grey color, a button-up shirt, patent leather shoes stamped with a brogue pattern, and a tie. The instances will follow the road they materialize upon, walking up to █ kilometers to find a means to leave the road, such as a gate or gap in the fence. If no opportunity to leave the road is found, ██% of the time the anomaly will disperse without a trace. In all remaining cases, the event will progress immediately to its final stage.

Upon leaving the road the anomalies will walk up to three kilometers further, choosing paths which lead further from population centers whenever possible. Upon conclusion of their travel phase, instances of SCP-3402-A turn upon one another, tearing strips of flesh from one another using their own teeth and fingernails. Instances appear to feel pain, as they will scream and beg for mercy as they skin other instances alive, but they make no effort to leave or defend themselves. Once an instance has incurred fatal damage from this process their subcutaneous fat will spontaneously ignite, typically consuming the majority of the instance's body. This frequently results in a chain reaction as additional instances are fatally injured by the fire. This effect, known as 3402-AA-WICKER, also occurs if an instance is restrained from following the group.

3402-AA-TRICAD is a phenomenon observed affecting nearby non-anomalous humans who fit the general profile of anomalous instances. All matching humans within ███ meters of the anomalous group's center will join the group and display mutually murderous characteristics consistent with the manifested anomalies. These humans are thereafter classified as instances of SCP-3402-B.

Instances of SCP-3402-B will, like SCP-3402-A, make no attempt to escape or defend themselves. Their vocalizations will frequently suggest an understanding of what is happening to them, and they may exclaim confusion regarding their situation. In certain rare cases, individuals not matching the profile will be compelled to join the group, invariably resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED].

Non-anomalous humans witnessing the final phase of the ritual will be compelled to join the group regardless of distance or similarity to the profile, but will not take part in the stripping of flesh. Anomalous humans, and humans affected by 3402-AA-TRICAD, will preferentially dismantle these bystanders before turning on each other.

In █% of manifestations POI-3402-ALPHA, an individual wearing a crude paper-mache mask, is part of the group. This individual participates in the ritual skinning of other members, but is ignored by all other participants and is never harmed during the process. Manifestations in which all subjects expire will result in a significantly longer time between manifestations3, and in these cases the following manifestation will never be attended by POI-3402-ALPHA.

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