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Item #: SCP-3398

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3398 is contained in situ. Civilians are to be restricted access to SCP-3398 under the pretense of condemnation. The entire perimeter of SCP-3398 is to be sealed off using a standard chain-link fence, apart from a single gate allowing personnel access. Two personnel with memetic resistance are to be stationed in the adjacent building to SCP-3398 for close monitoring. Personnel may restrain or amnestize any civilians approaching SCP-3398 when deemed necessary.

Foundation web-crawler B7890a (“WINCHESTER”) has been set to monitor for all advertisements or mentions of SCP-3398. No visual media produced by SCP-3398, nor the full written name of the hotel is to be viewed.

Description: SCP-3398 is a hotel located in ████████, █████, which exhibits several mind-affecting properties. SCP-3398’s exterior takes an appearance of a semi-dilapidated 6-story building, composed of exposed concrete and blacked-out windows. Its only visible entrance is the front gate. The front gate is a smooth, white double door with no handles or any other visible marking, and is operated by simply being pushed to open. Its interior lobby is an identical copy of ██████████ Hotel, located in Bangkok, Thailand. Any attempt at entering SCP-3398 by means other than the front gate has been met with failure.

Any visual media pertaining to SCP-3398 or the mention of the hotel’s full name induces a memetic effect that compels subjects to then seek residence at the estate. Subjects display symptoms of elation and disorganized speech similar to that of a manic episode. This effect ceases 24 hours after viewing, or once the subject enters SCP-3398's primary elevator fully. Amnestics have also proved to be effective in relieving the memetic effect.

Individuals who enter the estate will begin to perceive a humanoid figure (hereafter designated SCP-3398-1). SCP-3398-1 takes form of a male of Southeast Asian descent in his 30's, dressed in a beige suit. The entity will vocalize hospitably, but this vocalization cannot be heard by any individual other than its direct recipient. SCP-3398-1 will then provide a key card to the person of entry, then guide them to the primary elevator. After this point, SCP-3398-1 de-materializes, until another person enters the building. The primary elevator contains only one button. Any individual who has entered the elevator and pressed the button is assumed lost.

The resulting floor contains a single, seemingly endless corridor (current accounted length: 3km). While it is lined with doors as expected of a hotel, most of the doors lead to more elevators. Hotel rooms themselves are rare and randomly-placed, and are all found to incorporate elevators and their components as part of their structure. The number of buttons inside the elevators usually exceed that of 2000. The floor numbers are largely inconsistent over all of the elevators; currently, the highest number recorded is 7███████████.

No further manned exploration is to be performed past ██/08/18 per Site Director's request.

Addendum: On ██/07/18, 4 bags, presumed to have belonged to D-26821 and members of the MTF Zeta-9 (“Mole Rats”), materialized in front of the gate. Inside contained all of the initial materials; samples of the elevator cable, elevator door, wallpaper and the carpet; and a note:

Lost luggage

Testing of the all the samples revealed them to have 99% matches to human DNA.

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