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Item #: SCP-3394

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3394 is contained within a subterranean cell constructed primarily of concrete with fiberglass reinforcement. The debris surrounding SCP-3394 is contained within a cubic mahogany wood barricade no less than 20cm in thickness, constructed using dovetail joints1.

No metal, ice, or paraffin wax is allowed within SCP-3394's containment cell. No personnel with detailed knowledge of SCP-3394's anomalous properties are allowed within SCP-3394's containment cell. No personnel are to approach closer than 2m from SCP-3394. All staff entering SCP-3394's containment cell are to maintain a threatening mindset and are encouraged to frequently picture themselves destroying lumps of brain matter.

Between 4-36 times per day (determined by random number generator) at least one class-D personnel is to enter SCP-3394's containment cell and think of threatening and destructive imagery directed at SCP-3394 for no less than 5 minutes.

Description: SCP-3394 is a mass of human brain tissue measuring 0.2kg. As of 5/17/2018, SCP-3394 is surrounded by roughly 1 metric ton of metal debris, 2.1m in diameter. This debris is composed of the metallic building components of Dr. Whitehall's office and surrounding rooms, compressed into a roughly spherical shape with SCP-3394 at the center. The metal shell surrounding SCP-3394 can be observed to loudly shift at random intervals as portions of the surface are seen to forcefully collapse further inward. This behavior declines greatly following periods of threatening thoughts as described above.

SCP-3394 posses the ability to detect certain objects and occurrences within its vicinity. While the method of this detection is unknown, it appears that SCP-3394 is only able to detect things which it has been able to logically deduce the existence of2. The origin of this logical process and how SCP-3394 is able to maintain it are currently unknown. SCP-3394 is currently known to be aware of the following:

  • Human thoughts within a 6 6.5m3 radius of SCP-3394
  • Humans in physical contact with the outer shell of SCP-3394.
  • Any metal object of greater than 0.5g in mass within a 7.8m radius of SCP-3394.
  • Accumulations of ice greater than 0.1g in mass within a 8.6m radius of SCP-3394.
  • Amounts of Paraffin wax as low as 1g in mass within an observed 2m radius of SCP-3394

Additionally, SCP-3394 has displayed the ability to act on any physical objects it is aware of with an observed force of up to 345 N/mm² through an unknown means. SCP-3394's effects on human thoughts, if any, are not currently known.

SCP-3394 was first discovered in Dr. Whitehall's office on 6/6/2017 during investigation of his apparent suicide by handgun. Roughly 5 minutes after initial discovery, emergency medical staff reported experiencing what they described as "a lot of questions, all at once". Questions were described as being non-vocalized in a way affected subjects had difficulty describing. Subjects were unable to recall many of the questions, but described several as "repeating". Reported questions have been paraphrased here: "Where am I?", "Who am I?", "How do I get out of here?". Following Site protocol, medical staff withdrew from the room until further anomalous effects could be determined.

Less than two minutes following the report of anomalous activity, security cameras capture the metal components of Dr. Whitehall's office rapidly collapsing into a growing spherical shape around a mass of brain matter on the ground. The resultant collapse of the westernmost wing of Site-88's research office building exposed more metal to SCP-3394's anomalous property, with the resultant sphere reaching an estimated mass of greater than 1.2 metric tons before no further metal was within its area of effect.

SCP-3394 was held in temporary containment on location for over 228 hours until the permanent containment site specified in this file could be constructed a suitable distance beneath it. Object was subsequently lowered into permanent containment via a series of tunnels collapsed beneath it, and its chamber completed from the outside.

The following tests were performed while SCP-3394 was held in temporary containment.

Communication Test - 6/6/2017

Subject: SCP-3394

Procedure: Researcher White and Junior Researcher Dwyer instructed to stand 2m from the surface of the mass surrounding SCP-3394 with Researcher White focusing on a Foundation standard sentient entity test, pausing for roughly 1 minute per question. Researcher Dwyer directed to observe any anomalous activity.

Results: Both researchers reported an unbroken stream of questions from the moment they were within 6m of the suspected center of the anomaly4 until roughly 6 minutes into the procedure, at which point researcher White vocalizes that the questions have stopped. SCP-3394 then reported to induce the sensation of being watched, with both researchers exhibiting signs of extreme distress. Junior Researcher Dwyer became agitated, expressing desire to attempt destruction of SCP-3394 via plastic explosive. SCP-3394 ceased all identifiable mental broadcasting at this time, and none has been detected since.

Analysis: I don't know any other way to describe it. As soon as it knew we were there, as soon as it 'saw' us, or deduced our presence, or whatever, it… we… everything was so hopeless. It felt like being alone in the dark surrounded by monsters - knowing one's spotted you. I… I just wanted it to end. - Researcher White

Ice Test - 6/12/17

Subject: SCP-3394

Procedure: SCP-3394 spontaneously reacted to the presence of ice cubes in Agent Grant's beverage, who had moved within 6m of SCP-3394 while performing unauthorized observation of the anomaly. Agent Grant spilled a portion of his beverage, including a single ice cube, on the structure surrounding SCP-3394.

Results: Remaining Ice cubes exited Agent Grant's beverage with a suspected 345N of force and passed directly upwards through Agent Grant's skull. Ice cubes continued to move rapidly through the air in a roughly 8 meter radius around the center of SCP-3394 for the next 12 minutes. A gradual inward spiral was observed until the ice had fully melted.

Analysis: Fortunately Agent Grant's death bought us valuable information. We have a new theory regarding how it 'perceives', or perhaps 'deduces' the existence of certain materials. Additionally, despite the speed of the ice chunks, when one struck a segment of aboveground tree roots5, all of the momentum immediately vanished from it, with no mechanical damage to either the ice, or the root. - Researcher White

Ice Test 2 - 6/12/17

Subject: SCP-3394

Procedure: Junior Researcher Dwyer approached to a distance of 10m from SCP-3394 and directed to throw a series of 10 5g ice cubes towards SCP-3394 over the course of 1 minute. D-4977 directed to use a 3m long wooden oar6 to intercept as many of the ice cubes as possible.

Results: Ice cubes began moving in a rapid inward spiral as soon as they entered within 8.6m of the center of SCP-3394. D-4977 was able to intercept 1 of the ice cubes, resulting in the cube falling to the ground and remaining inert7. Remaining ice cubes struck the metal shell of SCP-3394 with sufficient force to dent the metal inwards and shatter the ice. Ice shards observed to continue grinding into the metal shell with masses of ice smaller than 0.1g becoming inert and falling to the ground.

Analysis: The addition of a wooden shell has been made to the blueprints of the permanent containment unit. - Researcher White

Paraffin wax Test - 6/12/17

Subject: SCP-3394

Procedure: Junior Researcher Dwyer provided with two 1g lumps of paraffin wax and directed to approach to a distance of 10m from SCP-3394 and throw one of the lumps on the ground within 2m of SCP-3394's outer shell. Junior Researcher Dwyer was then directed to throw remaining wax lump directly at the object's metal shell.

Results: First wax lump produced no effect. Upon contact of the second wax lump with SCP-3394's metal shell, both wax lumps observed to accelerate rotationally around SCP-3394's center point in an inward spiral. Both wax lumps smeared into thin patches on the metal shell with no further observed effect.

Analysis: The anomaly appears to recognize the presence of a given material only after something identical in composition to it touches the shell. I'm not certain why it doesn't work on grass and dirt. Or, for that matter, on the drywall and plastics that it must have come in contact with on the way here. Let's just call this one a win, and not let anything new touch it. - Researcher White

Human Test - 6/15/17

Subject: SCP-3394

Foreword: The 'test' documented here was the result of D-4977 coming into contact with the outer shell of SCP-3394 during the course of an emergency addition of explosives to finish off an incomplete tunnel collapse beneath SCP-3394. I regret that we were careless enough to allow it to happen. - Head Researcher Richardet.

Procedure: D-4977 comes into physical contact with the metal shell around SCP-3394 due to a loss of footing.

Results: D-4977 observed to 'collapse' into SCP-3394's metal shell over the course of 14 seconds until no portion of his body was visible. This process reported to increase in speed exponentially towards the final seconds. D-4977 spoke throughout the first 12 seconds of this process. The log of these vocalizations follows.

Transcribed audio log 3394.4977: (D-4977 weeping throughout.) "This one doesn't want to live either! Why do we have to stay? I'm squeezing as hard as-" (No further recognizable vocalizations follow.)

Analysis: The demolition charge, thankfully, never touched the anomaly. We got it contained. - Researcher White

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