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SCP-3393-EX performing amnestic drug analysis

Item #: SCP-3393-EX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: N/A

Description: SCP-3393-EX is Dr. Hailey Rivera, Level 3 researcher in the Antimemetics Department. Dr. Rivera is unable to retain knowledge regarding Dr. Verity or perceive him when directly confronted. No such anomalous properties were exhibited by Dr. Rivera prior to 04/12/16. The origin of these anomalous properties is still under investigation.

Discovery: The following is security footage from Dr. Rivera's office demonstrating the effects of Rivera's anomalous properties.

Dr. Verity approaches Dr. Rivera's office. He stands in front of the door with his hand raised to knock. Dr. Verity then looks up and down the hallway, and checks his phone. He turns back to the door. He knocks on the door twice.

Verity: Hailey? You in there?

There is no response.

Verity: I know you're in there. Rachel told me you didn't have any meetings today.

There is no response.

Verity: I can tell you're not exactly happy with me. I just want to talk to you about it.

There is no response.

Verity: Talking through a door probably isn't helpful… I'm coming in.

Verity opens the door and enters the office. Rivera is sitting at her computer, writing up a recent testing report.

Verity: Hailey… we can't work through this if all you do is ignore me.

Rivera does not turn around.

Verity: Can't you at least turn around? Look at me. Like, this is just being a dick.

Rivera does not turn around. Verity grabs the back of Rivera's chair.

Verity: Just a little spin. It's not that hard.

Verity spins Rivera's chair to face him. Rivera stops typing and places her hands in her lap.

Verity: See, that wasn't that hard. Right? Hailey?

Verity waves a hand in front of Rivera. There is no response.

Verity: Hailey? Hailey!

Verity shakes Rivera.

Verity: Why won't you say anything!

Verity stops shaking Rivera. His breathing is erratic. Rivera turns back to her computer.

Verity: Hailey?

There is no response. Verity runs out of Rivera's office.

I see you left out that I suggested you to talk to her face to face instead of just texting "Hello?" every day.

Addendum 3393-EX-2: The following is a transcript from an interview between Dr. Verity and Dr. Rachel Frie, a close friend of Dr. Rivera. The interview was conducted one day after Dr. Verity recognized that Dr. Rivera had been exhibiting anomalous properties.

Frie: Oh, you even brought a recorder. I thought "interview" was a coy way of asking if I wanted to grab lunch.

Verity: Sorry about that. Unfortunately this is official business.

Frie: So, you're not asking me about Hailey?

Verity: I am. That's why it's official business.

Frie: You're kidding.

Verity: She's not answering my texts, my calls and when I went to her office—

Frie: I already told you, that's called the silent treatment, Julius.

Verity: But she stared right through me! Like I wasn't even there!

Frie: Oh.

Verity: You've seen amnestized people before. There's that look in their eyes, like an emptiness.

Frie: Uh huh.

Verity: You can see why I'm worried.

Frie: I do, yeah. But I'm also pretty sure that it's just you.

Verity: Exactly, which is why I need you to talk to her.

Frie: I mean, even if she did get wiped—

Verity: Please. I need to go back and see if I can see if anything sparked this, but I only know so much. I'm not in her head and… well I'm not anywhere to her.

Frie: … fine. I'll talk to her.

Verity: Thank you so much.

Verity then left Frie to eat lunch by herself.

Addendum 3393-EX-1: The following is a timeline regarding Dr. Rivera and Dr. Verity's interactions while working at the Foundation, augmented with Dr. Verity's thoughts on each notable event to provide additional context.

Date Event Dr. Verity's Recollections
06/07/15 Dr. Rivera meets Dr. Verity during Foundation Researcher Orientation. There were about fifty of us, so I couldn't get to know anyone else super well.2 But Hailey and I sat next to each other on the first day and made awkward ice-breaker conversation to pass the time.
06/21/15 Dr. Rivera and Dr. Verity are assigned to the Antimemetics Department. I was happy. At least there'd be one person I'd know in the department with me.
07/02/15 - 08/04/15 Dr. Rivera and Dr. Verity travel to the Polynesian isles, to observe and track SCP-2256 instances. It was a fun trip. Felt like a safari, but with more note taking.3
08/05/15 Dr. Rivera and Dr. Verity join the amnestic subject evaluation team, and are given an office to share. I didn't have much preference to where in the department I was assigned, but I knew Rivera wanted to do this, so I decided I'd join her. It wasn't in the best interest of our work ethic, but it was around this time when I asked her out. I still can't believe she said yes.
12/15/15 Dr. Rivera is reassigned to aid in development of new amnestic drugs, and is moved to a different office. I knew we wouldn't be able to share an office forever, but I was still a little sad. It felt lonely having the office to myself. I've been doing the same testing work since, but now I have no one to immediately share it with.4
02/22/16 Dr. Rivera is promoted to oversee the design and production of her new amnestic drugs. I tried to make sure we could find time to be together. Everyone needs a break at times, especially someone who works as hard as she did. I needed to be there to make sure she didn't overdo anything.5
04/09/16 Dr. Rivera presents to the Antimemetics division on the successful completion of her new amnestics. She was never great at public speaking. I asked Hailey questions from the audience to help her train of thought, and expand on some points she must've forgotten during the talk.
04/11/16 Dr. Rivera presents her work to the Ethics Committee, volunteering herself for a demonstration. I didn't know she was demonstrating on herself until Rachel told me.
04/12/16 Dr. Rivera begins exhibiting anomalous properties. And I stopped existing for her.

Addendum SCP-3393-EX-3: Below is the transcript from the Q&A section of Dr. Rivera's presentation on her new amnestic drugs:

Dr. Rivera: Umm… and yeah. That's the work we've done on Identity Erasure Amnestics. Do we have any questions?

A line forms in front of a microphone set up in the middle of the audience. Dr. Johanson is the first in line.

Dr. Johanson: You said that the drug works by breaking down and then repairing certain synapses. How do you ensure that you only target neural connections regarding people and not, say, general knowledge or habits.

Dr. Rivera: Well, um, luckily most of the time, people are not directly tied to that type of knowledge. They may be associated, but there's degrees of separation so there's a lower likelihood we'll, uh, we'll touch those synapses.

Dr. Johanson: I see. Also congratulations on your presentation.

Dr. Rivera: Thank you!

Dr. Johanson returns to his seat. Dr. Verity approaches the microphone next.

Dr. Verity: You mentioned earlier you had strong success with erasing memories of most forms of relationships, could you expand on which relationships you had issues with?

Dr. Rivera: Which kind of relationships? I'm not exactly sure what you mean—

Dr. Verity: Like, say, twins.

Dr. Rivera: Oh. Like twins.

Dr. Verity: Or other forms of intimate or familiar relationship.

Dr. Rivera: Well, we did have issues with twins… they um, they have a few issues with um…

Dr. Verity: Could you speak up?6

Dr. Rivera: They would sometimes over-flow into untargeted neural pathways, okay?

Dr. Verity: Can you elaborate?

Dr. Rivera squeezes her hands into fists.

Dr. Rivera: People forgot what their own face looked like! But using amnestics to make twins forget each other is—

Dr. Verity: Did the new amnestic experience similar failures in any circumstances?

Dr. Rivera: No. Just the twins. Next question.

Dr. Verity returns to his seat. Dr. Rivera turns away from the microphone, takes three deep breaths before continuing with the questions. Her voice remains strained and on edge.

<Remaining transcript elided for brevity>

What should go here is "As demonstrated above, Dr. Verity took out his bottled up feelings of jealousy through purposefully provocative questioning during a public event, instead of being open about his emotions". You can even use that word for word.

Explanation: Currently, it is believed that during her demonstration of her amnestics for the Ethics Committee, Dr. Rivera's drug malfunctioned, causing her to mentally suppress the existence of Dr. Verity. Investigation of how to possibly recover from such an erasure is underway. Additional information from Dr. Frie's interview with Dr. Rivera may lead to new breakthroughs.7


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