File Request: Granted

Document Version: For Your Eyes Only

Your request has been logged.

Item #: SCP-3393

Object Class: Euclid

Description: Because of your ability to access this file, and read this sentence, you are SCP-3393. There exist only three other individuals who can access this file, and memetic agents embedded in this document would display alternative text for these people.

Very little is known about you, due to your primary anomalous property. All information regarding you is unable to be viewed/remembered soon after it is created. This includes your appearance, past records, and other information. The only known way to counteract this effect is through the use of a powerful mnestic drug that has been distributed to the Director of the Foundation's Antimemetics Division, O5-█ and Researcher ███████ █████.

You have attained Level Four security credentials. Attempts to remove this clearance from your account have failed, as the account itself cannot be located. It is unclear if this is a consequence of your antimemetic properties, or a separate anomalous property.

Despite your antimemetic nature, the Foundation has been able to hypothesize a number of your properties. Below is a list of all properties that have a 90% or higher confidence rating:

Property Evidence
You are a corporeal entity. Personnel reported doors opening as well as equipment being moved on their own.
You are attracted to information about yourself. You are currently reading this document. Other files1 regarding you have been accessed without authorization as well.
You seek out information about yourself in order to either delete it or make changes to it. This file has undergone a number of unauthorized modifications (See Addendum 3393-1) and deletions.
Your antimemetic properties can be transferred. Researchers at Site-31 reported that files had gone missing from the database. An investigation led by Researcher ███████ █████ revealed that this was not the case. The files had not been deleted or moved. Database metadata showed that you were the last person to access these files.
You have a strong resistance to memetic agents. Attempts to utilize memetics against you have failed (See Addendum 3393-2).
You are confined to Site-31. Phenomena that can be attributed to you have only occurred in Site-31, and have occurred recently. It is also corroborated by the fact that all attempts to access this file have come from Site-31.
You are Dr. Mackey or the results of Dr. Mackey's research. See Discovery Log.

Discovery Log: You were first discovered on 04/13/2018 when records regarding Dr. Mackey were discovered by Site-31 personnel, although none remembered any such Dr. Mackey having worked at Site-31. It is currently believed that whatever event created you occurred on 04/12/2018, and resulted in the loss of all memory regarding Dr. Mackey and their research. It is currently unknown where these experiments took place, and any information regarding the experiments has been destroyed, most likely by you.

Addendum 3393-1: Below is one of the modified versions of this file that you produced:

Item #: SCP-3393

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Don't worry, I can handle this.

Description: I wasn't supposed to happen. I wasn't supposed to exist. At least not like this. But, let me deal with it. This thing that I am is best kept away from all of you. Don't try to analyze me, or test me, or whatever. I don't want any of you to catch what I have.

Just call me self-containing and we'll be good.

Addendum 3393-2: Below is a list of attempts to contain you.

Operation Name Description Notes Result
Site-31 Sweep Site-31 was evacuated while MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil") entered the facility in an attempt to locate you. It was determined that your inability to be perceived is not simply a cognitohazardous attribute. It is still unknown how you were able to evade Eta-10; however, it is hypothesized that you may have used undocumented areas of Site-31. A secondary search for such locations is still underway. Failure
Memetic Incapacitation Memetic agents were embedded in files detailing information about you that should immobilize sentient, corporeal entities. After the file was accessed, the memetic agent was activated. This implies that you are an entity susceptible to memetic attacks. The file remained open for ten minutes before it was deleted, which has sufficed as evidence for your memetic resistance. Subsequent sweeps of the facility did not locate you. Failure
Bait The Hook See Special Containment Procedures. Pending Pending

It is believed that previous failures to contain you can be attributed to a breach of intelligence. During post-operation reviews, it was discovered that details for Site-31 Sweep and Memetic Incapacitation had been accessed by you before their execution. How you managed to consistently find and access these files is still under investigation.

Special Containment Procedures: The following procedures documented here are for the benefit of the Director of the Foundation's Antimemetics Division, O5-█ and Researcher ███████ █████.

MTF Eta-10 personnel are to be positioned around Site-31 under the guise of normal Site-31 researchers. Access to this file is to be restricted to five selected terminals at Site-31. Should this file be accessed without notice seventy-two hours in advance, Eta-10 personnel are to block off all physical entrances to the room containing the terminal accessing this file. This room is to be quarantined, and repurposed as your containment cell.

These containment procedures are to be written at the end of your file, as to give Eta-10 personnel ample time to contain you before you understand what has transpired, thus reducing the possibility of your escape.

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