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Item #: SCP-3392

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3392 is to be kept mounted on the wall in its chamber and recorded by at least two video cameras during active testing, arranged in a way so that all writing on SCP-3392 is clearly visible at all times. Supplies of chalk and erasers are to be replenished as needed. Researchers with a master's degree or higher in mathematics are to supervise and observe test subjects while they are interacting with SCP-3392 and review session recordings. Under no circumstances are any personnel other than D-class permitted to write on SCP-3392 or modify the writing on its surface in any way. Any personnel who have been affected by the object are to be administered class A amnestics.

Description: SCP-3392 is a rectangular wall-mounted chalkboard approximately 2 meters wide and 1.5 meters tall. Its anomalous properties manifest when an individual uses it as a writing surface to carry out mathematical calculations. Upon finding the solution to the initial problem, testing subjects report feeling a sudden sense of "discovery", and will immediately display a strong desire to continue writing on SCP-3392 and expand upon their calculations. Subjects who continue to interact with SCP-3392 will soon become unresponsive to external stimuli and become exclusively invested in their work, neglecting to even rest or eat. These subjects must be forcibly separated from SCP-3392 and taken outside direct line of sight to the object in order to divert their attention.

Subjects who are allowed to continue interacting with SCP-3392 for extended periods of time appear to display increasing mathematical proficiency in their calculations, regardless of their previous education or background in mathematics. Upon being separated from SCP-3392, however, subjects appear to immediately lose such abilities. In most cases, subjects seem to become even less proficient than they were before interacting with the object. The degree to which this effect occurs depends on the amount of time previously spent with the object.

Recovery Report: SCP-3392 was recovered on 4/23/20██ from the University of ███████ after the body of university professor ██████ was discovered on the floor below the object by colleagues returning from spring break. The autopsy concluded that ██████ had died approximately 46 hours prior from dehydration.

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