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Item #: SCP-3391

Object Class: Euclid/Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3391 is the current subject of Project Hubris, which is to be overseen and carried out only by staff personally vetted and selected by the O5 Council. All information about Project Hubris and SCP-3391 in its current form are to be kept from the Ethics Committee, Sitra Achra personnel and all Groups of Interest. Staff assigned to work with SCP-3391 are to stay at Site 104 until Project Hubris is complete, and are to be within lowest 1st percentile of the human population for psionic sensitivity.

Due to the antimemetic and psionic properties of SCP-3391, no specific containment procedures are necessary to prevent civilian exposure to the anomaly. Site 104 has been constructed inside the anomaly in order to house staff and provide a platform from which to interact with the anomaly. Site 104 is to be armed with several explosive devices that may be detonated by any two members of the O5 council, in the event that SCP-3391 begins posing a threat to The Foundation and reality at large.

As SCP-3391 poses a non-zero risk of a YK-class end of the universe scenario, Akiva radiation and Hume levels are to be kept precisely at background levels around the anomaly. Previous containment efforts centered around suppression of the entity and staffing the entity's chamber resulted in many repercussions, including failure of the Veil protocol and the aforementioned YK scenario. Due to SCP-3391's impressionable nature and psionic abilities, a minimal number of staff should be exposed to the entity.

Description: SCP-3391 is a spherical region with radius ≈200m in the Mediterranean ocean that expresses extremely powerful antimemetic properties. Even on the strongest mnestics available, it has proven impossible for personnel to observe the region. Individuals will subconsciously attempt to avoid SCP-3391 if directed to move toward it, even when aware of its properties. Should an individual enter the anomaly however, they become fully cognizant of the area within the anomaly's range. Upon leaving SCP-3391's effective radius, its antimemetic properties will resume, removing any memories of the anomaly from the affected.

Matter and energy can still freely circulate in and out of SCP-3391 and as such radio signals can be transmitted from it. Persons within SCP-3391 may freely communicate with persons outside of it without their speech displaying antimemetic properties, however visual information transmitted from within SCP-3391 shares such qualities with the main anomaly itself.

SCP-3391-1 is a large undifferentiated mass of cardiac tissue that acts as the central point of the SCP-3391 phenomenon. It remains in a fixed position relative to the Earth's centre of gravity and cannot be moved or damaged.

SCP-3391-1 is a Class-V eschatological entity. While initial measurements have been inconclusive, it is estimated to have an internal Hume measurement of 650-850, granting it powerful reality bending abilities. The object is currently devoid of any identifiable consciousness but is known to be able to host one under unknown conditions. It is believed that if it were to develop sentience its reality bending capabilities would be amplified significantly.

Documents recovered from the original iteration of SCP-3391 were archived on a separate page from the original SCP article. They have been placed here due to their relevance to the project and SCP-3391-1 itself.

Recovered Text Excerpt 1: “Aleazu Ma’Limua"1

Recovered Text Excerpt 2: “The Forging of Dreams"6

Recovered Text: Diary retrieved from SCP-3391

This excerpt is from a journal written by an individual known as “Karcist Iahel”, an obscure self proclaimed Neo-Sarkic leader, supposedly hailing from a now "lost"8 Italian commune, in which he established a small cult. An anomalous group9 matching their description were last documented coming into conflict with the Global Occult Coalition in Turkey and Greece. How they came to be associated with SCP-3391 is currently unknown, however; they are speculated to have been involved in the process that led to its current state in some capacity. The earliest entry in the diary is from 13/07/1985, but it is expected that Karcist Iahel had been alive for some time before he began writing in this particular journal.

SCP-3391-1 is the subject of Project Hubris, an ongoing initiative to study SCP-3391-1 among other eschatological entities and find ways to counteract their effects. It is unknown how much Foundation science stands to gain from the study of SCP-3391-1 as currently no methods to move, affect or interact with the anomaly exist.

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