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The following is an outdated version of the current document, retrieved from a Foundation extratemporal deep-well archive, which describes a now neutralized anomaly. Information discrepancies will be readily apparent. It is important that Foundation personnel acquaint themselves with this text in order to contextualise the current documentation for SCP-3391.

By viewing this document you acknowledge that you are a member of staff assigned to the Hubris Project or a member of the O5 Council. If you have erroneously discovered this document or have otherwise accessed it without fulfilling the previously described qualities, close this window immediately. Unauthorised access is punishable by amnesticisation, dissolution of Foundation employment and/or termination.

Item #: SCP-3391

Object Class: Safe Keter

Special Containment Procedures: In cooperation with the government of Greece, a naval exclusionary zone has been established 9 km from SCP-3391 under the guise of a SPAMI1 ecological reserve. Approaching civilian ships and other vessels are to be turned away. Any vessel attempting to breach the perimeter will be detained, and its occupants subsequently amnesticised. Two Foundation naval vessels are to patrol the perimeter at all times, and are to serve as monitoring stations for SCP-3391.

Due to the self-containing nature of SCP-3391 and its sub-instances, no activities are to be undertaken to actively contain SCP-3391. Containment is to be focused on preventing civilian exposure to the anomaly and studying its effects on the local marine ecosystem.

Update 16/05/16: SCP-3391-3 is to be contained in a standard psionic isolation locker in Site 104's sublevel. SCP-3391-3 is not to be exposed to unsheltered muscular tissue nor any small mammals or fish. 27/05/16: Due to the destruction of SCP-3391-3 containment procedures for the anomaly are no longer necessary

Update 27/05/16: As of recent events surrounding SCP-3391 the anomaly has been reclassified as Keter and designated a threat to consensus reality, as well as a potential eschatological threat. Military operations are to be conducted in order to contain, and ultimately terminate the entity.


A closeup of an instance of SCP-3391-1, taken by a drone during initial containment efforts.

Description: SCP-3391 is an irregular mass of undifferentiated tissue located at coordinates ██.█° █, ██.█° █ in the Libyan Sea south of Crete; located ███m beneath sea level. Sonar scans indicate the mass covers approximately 16 km² of the seafloor. Recovered samples have revealed the surface of the structure to be composed primarily of mammalian cardiac tissue. Deep-tissue analysis has been hindered by the presence of SCP-3391-1 and SCP-3391-2.

SCP-3391-1 are the marine wildlife present in the waters around SCP-3391. All SCP-3391-1 organisms appear to be mutated or modified strains of otherwise non-anomalous organisms typically present in the waters surrounding SCP-3391. In nearly all recorded cases instances of SCP-3391-1 possess redundant or harmful modifications to their bodies such as nonviable configuration of organs, missing appendages and other damaging features inherent to their biology. SCP-3391-1 organisms are extremely fertile and are able to breed with any other instances, resulting in a stable population of between ≈█████ to ██████ instances at any one time. It is unknown how SCP-3391-1 maintains a stable population; so far, no instances have displayed the need to metabolise or consume any substances. Captive instances of SCP-3391-1 remain alive indefinitely without any nutritional input, but prove susceptible to regular means of termination such as physical trauma, suffocation and incineration. While SCP-3391-1 are generally docile several larger instances have proven openly hostile to personnel, complicating operations in and around the anomaly.

SCP-3391-2 describes the waste products produced by instances of SCP-3391-12. Due to the high mortality and breeding rate of SCP-3391-1, SCP-3391-2 currently covers ██ km² of the seafloor, measuring almost 20m deep near the centre of the mass. SCP-3391-2 is constantly absorbed into the mass of SCP-3391, with dead cells reanimating, and assimilating themselves into SCP-3391’s surface, causing SCP-3391 to expand in size over time. Even when removed from SCP-3391 this behaviour continues, preventing SCP-3391-2 from experiencing decay.

Sonar scans have determined that SCP-3391 reaches almost 300 metres beneath the seafloor. Analysis of the water surrounding SCP-3391 has revealed it to contain several exotic organic compounds such as leptin and estradiol in carcinogenic concentrations near SCP-3391. The source of these compounds is unknown but their presence is limited to the area in which SCP-3391-2 manifests, rendering them harmless to the world at large.


Image of The Fissure, taken from Beta's bodycam

Addendum 3391-1:

On 15/05/2016, Foundation patrol ships reported significant anomalous activity in and around SCP-3391’s containment area, citing large yellow streaks visible in the water, increased SCP-3391-1 movement, and minor seismic activity. Sonar scans detected the formation of a large cavity in the centre of SCP-3391. After a brief period of debate, acting director F████ G█████ ordered MTF Gamma-6 (“Deep Feeders”) to investigate, who were promptly dispatched to investigate the structure.

Post Action Report:

MTF Gamma-6's mission was deemed a success. The removal of the ’heart’3 from SCP-3391 resulted in no visible changes to the overall anomaly. The yellow substance surrounding SCP-3391 dispersed into the ocean over several hours. Analysis of the fluid revealed it to be composed of various organic proteins and lipids, several not occurring in nature. Standard analysis revealed it to be a non-anomalous source of both organic compounds, as well as safe for ingestion during laboratory testing. Its concentration in regional waters was deemed low enough that no disinformation campaigns were necessary.

The team recovered several items of interest, several of which have been catalogued below. Followup dives failed to rediscover the room that MTF Gamma-6 had entered, or any other features of interest within SCP-3391. Review of Gamma-6’s mounted cameras reveal the entry chamber to have likely been a containment vessel for a large Thaumic working, with various artefacts and faint inscriptions within the room having acted as dampeners for EVE rebound during various thaumic activities.


SCP-3391-3 is the object recovered from the central pedestal of the room found within SCP-3391. It is physically and molecularly identical to a non-anomalous human heart, excluding a lack of openings where the pulmonary veins and arteries would be present, with thick layers of cardiac tissue in their place. When placed near exposed muscular tissue4, SCP-3391-3 will begin to beat rhythmically, causing the exposed muscle to anomalously contract and relax at a similar pace. Testing has revealed it to have a weak compulsive effect on small mammals, increasing libido and appetite.

Recovered Materials:

Several written texts and items were recovered from SCP-3391, many of anachronistic design. In total, Gamma-6 recovered three scrolls, one book, one now catalogued anomalous object5 and numerous generic objects associated with Sarkic6 rites, including a series of sacrificial knives, preserved human organs and carved runic tablets. One such text believed to be related to its origins has been placed below.

Recovered Text Excerpt: "Journey to The Undying Kingdom"7

Addendum 3391-2

On 25/05/16 at 6:22 PM, SCP-3391-3 demonstrated previously unknown psionic properties. 63 of the 81 staff at Site 1049 simultaneously experienced various forms of cardiac dysfunction. Of these personnel, a number died of heart palpitations and arrhythmia. Medical staff attempted to treat the sudden development while nearby sites were contacted to request support and replacement personnel.

Approximately twenty minutes after the initial incident, all staff who had previously been affected suddenly became hostile, and began attacking unaffected personnel, demonstrating an unusual awareness of each other and coordination. Several convoys of staff and relief personnel from neighbouring sites were attacked and captured before the situation could be properly reported. Due to the mounting severity of the crisis, MTF Epsilon-11 (“Nine Tailed Fox”) was dispatched with psionic resistance gear and heavy armaments in an attempt to subdue all affected staff, and recontain SCP-3391-3.

MTF Epsilon-11 Log:

Due to the total loss of MTF Epsilon-11, the task force has been officially disbanded. All members of the team have been posthumously awarded Foundation Stars for sacrifice in service to The Foundation. Site 104 has been decommissioned, and information about the site has been appropriately amended.

Readings transmitted by Epsilon-11 revealed the structure of the psionic patterns SCP-3391-3 utilised. Replications under laboratory conditions caused exposed organisms’ physiological patterns and thought processes to synchronise, effectively forming a rudimentary psionic hivemind. Besides increased cooperation and the ability to share information, no anomalous compulsions, or physical changes similar to SCP-3391-3‘s were observed. No human subjects were exposed, for obvious reasons.

Addendum 3391-3:

On 27/05/16 at 4:45 AM, the SCPS-Java and SCPS-Orion, stationed at SCP-3391, reported erratic movements of SCP-3391-1 specimens. At 4:59, both ships reported being attacked by instances of SCP-3391-1, capsizing and damaging the vessels through sheer mass, before attacking and consuming personnel. SCP-3391 at this point resumed its rhythmic pulse, despite the absence of SCP-3391-3. Several large aquatic entities emerged from the fissure with in SCP-3391 over the course of three days, and were engaged and terminated by Foundation forces stationed in and around the Baltic Isles. Over this time period, SCP-3391-2 was noted to have expanded in surface area by approximately 27km², covering a significant quantity of the Mediterranean seafloor.

Over the next week, several more instances emerged, increasing in hostility and anomalous abilities. Attempts to terminate SCP-3391 were hindered by its ability to produce enormous numbers of SCP-3391-1 instances when threatened, and control spatial dimensions near its main mass; making bombing efforts difficult. On 6/06/16, an enormous wave of psionic energy and Akiva radiation swept over the globe, resulting in the mass psionic affectation of humans worldwide. An estimated four hundred thousand (400,000) civilians in the Mediterranean states were affected, developing minor psionic abilities. Said civilians also began to emit psychic patterns similar to those seen in SCP-3391-3, resulting in enhanced empathy and mental intuition. Research is ongoing but due to the widespread and vague nature of this phenomenon, full containment is not expected to be carried out until ██/██/21.

In light of these events, SCP-3391 has been designated an active, uncontained Keter anomaly. Sitra Achra personnel, in conjunction with the Global Occult Coalition have been tasked with engaging SCP-3391-1 entities, and suppressing the influence of SCP-3391 over humanity, whether by containing or terminating affected civilians. Despite ongoing amnestics operations it is estimated that Foundation operations and anomalies in general will become public knowledge within 9 months or less.

Addendum 3391-3

The following document has been attached due to its relation to SCP-3391. This message likely documents the aftermath of a K-class scenario. This is an automated message.

Foundation Extratemporal Monitoring Site 13-B:

End of document

It is believed that SCP-3391 was responsible for a YK-end of the universe class scenario in a previous iteration of reality, which was undone by an unknown deific entity. Following extensive exploration of the Mediterranean seafloor it was decided that SCP-3391 is not extant in the current iteration of reality. As such, it has been tentatively classified as Neutralized.

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