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Camera footage of SCP-3390 within freight elevator 28th March 19██

Item #: SCP-3390

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Floor B19 of Site-99 is to remain in a permanent state of lockdown, power to this floor is to remain cut and all entrances to be destroyed or sealed, with exception to the lower fire exit stairwell which must remain behind its magnetically sealed blast door. This door is to be kept under observation until protocol violet has been completed.

What remains of Site-99 Floor B19 is to be considered temporary containment zone 617α and is for the exclusive containment of SCP-3390 until it can be removed and secured in a more permanent containment location. All personnel and equipment on this floor are to be considered irretrievable.

Standard containment procedures regarding Breach Level and Temporary Containment scenarios are to be followed in the addition that no personnel with Germanic heritage, within two generations, are to enter Site-99 nor are any personnel to make disparaging remarks in regards to the performance of the French military forces, or the nation of France in general.

In the event of a failure of temporary containment, the three members of foundation personnel assigned to the monitoring of SCP-3390 are to remain behind until the containment status of SCP-3390 can be confirmed. Otherwise, standard evacuation protocols are to be observed.

Description: Due to the nature in which it is contained SCP-3390 has been able to evade all attempts at a full examination. As a result, all information pertaining to the description of SCP-3390, both physically and in reference to its anomalous effects are entirely through physical observation via eyewitness reports and security camera footage.

SCP-3390 is a large mechanical construct that is superficially identical to a Char2C Armoured Fighting vehicle, or tank, manufactured 1919 and constructed by the Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée (FCM) company for the French Armed Forces during the period of the First World War.

SCP-3390 is approximately 4 meters high, 10 meters in length, 3 meters in width and is expected to be at least 70 tonnes in weight. It is painted in a dark green color typical of French Army forest camouflage schemes of the period and is showing signs of wear and tear that can be assumed to be from age and lack of maintenance.

Prior to Incident 3390-1, the anomalous effects of SCP-3390 were unrecorded. It remained in an inactive state and was contained within a standard vehicle containment garage at the Site-99 underground motor-pool pending classification.
Following incident 3390-1 SCP-3390 was observed via closed circuit security cameras until power to floor B19 was lost.

Addendum: Incident Reports


SCP Foundation Site-99
Incident Number: 3390-1
Date: 18th September 19██

Summary of Incident: Events leading to SCP-3390's current containment conditions.

Timeline of events
Security Camera footage observing SCP-3390 at Section D of the underground containment motor-pool at Site-99 notes two members of security personnel, identified as ████ ████████ and ██████ ██████, patrolling the area stopping to observe SCP-3390. The remote mic picks up the two discussing Second World War history.

Guards return to their patrol route continuing to discuss history. One of the guards identified as ████ ████████ utters the words "Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys", a common insult directed at the performance of the French forces during World War Two, at which point the engine of SCP-3390 turns over. Both guards are seen turning in confusion and SCP-3390 accelerates towards them.
Cause of death to both guards was through crushing injury.

SCP-3390 continues moving on an eastern trajectory, it enters the D-block staff carpark at 4:44 am after breaching the secondary containment wall of SCP-████. It pauses for exactly 2 minutes and opens fire 4 times with the 75mm cannon located in the main frontal turret, destroying several vehicles. Reason for this is currently under investigation.
Details of destroyed vehicles are listed here:
Personal vehicle of Dr. Lambart Steel, BMW X5 Black
Personal vehicle of Dr. Andrew Shepard, Volkswagen Golf White
Personal vehicle of O-class Micheal Brown, Audi A3 Yellow
Site-99 Utility Vehicle, Unimog U4000 Orange

Containment Alarm is sounded, Site-99 begins evacuation protocol.

SCP-3390 continues moving on an eastern trajectory in a straight line. It penetrates the inner wall of the facility and enters corridor 44/B partially destroying Site-99's D-Lab block resulting in the deaths of ██ Personnel and injuring ██ others.

SCP-3390 has accelerated to a speed of 31kph and continues to move through the facility with complete disregard for any objects or persons in its way. SCP-3390 Demonstrates the capability to drive through solid objects beyond the expected capability for a machine of its design and period including concrete barricades, thick metal walls, and solid steel doors.

SCP-3390 penetrates D-Lab blast door, now entering Section F staff cafeteria.
Security Personnel are witnessed opening fire using standard weaponry, SCP-3390 appears undamaged and returns fire.
Resulting blast weakens structure around staff cafeteria causing part of section F to collapse. SCP-3390 is witnessed falling with the collapse.
SCP-3390 continues downwards through the facility, coming to a rest at Floor B19
Current containment protocols were initiated

Observation Notes


SCP Foundation Site-99
Incident Number: 3390-2
Date: 20th July 20██

At approximately 3:45 am GMT, PA system of Site-99 was briefly activated, a single message in a low pitched French accent was played before personnel were able to shut-off the system.
Recording of the message follows:

Bientôt nous partons. Vous ne ferez pas obstacle à nos progrès. La victoire finale française est assurée. Vers Berlin, n’arreter jamais. Vive la République!

Investigation linked the intrusion to a terminal on floor B19. A camera mounted to a small drone was deployed, but could not locate terminal nor SCP-3390 due to the recent collapse of old supporting walls. Drone returned without incident.

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