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SCP-3381 after initial recovery

Item #: SCP-3381

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3381 is to be stored in a locker in safe storage when not in use. All testing on SCP-3381 must be approved by Dr. Corvino and properly documented according to Foundation protocols. SCP-3381 must be used every two weeks to ensure the object's integrity. This procedure must be performed by D-class personnel.

Description: SCP-3381 is a bed pillow in good condition, of standard dimensions and weight. The item is filled with the wool of Ovis Aries (common sheep), dried up olive leaves, and dried petals of poppies and other narcotic plants.

SCP-3381 shows its anomalous properties when a human falls asleep while using it; subjects under the influence of narcotics or alcohol are unable to trigger the effects. When a human subject falls asleep, they immediately enter REM sleep. The subject will experience a dream about a vast white expanse, with a building directly in front of them, which has been designated as SCP-3381-Alpha. The subject will not remember much from these dreams other than the mentioned start, with the exception of rare and exceptional events.

It has been observed that using SCP-3381 to sleep provides close to no rest, and an intense use can lead to exhaustion. Using it once every two sleep cycles has proven to be manageable for most subjects. It has been observed that after approximately 10 days of disuse, the item will start to deteriorate slowly. It will repair itself once used again. How this happens is currently unknown.

SCP-3381-Alpha has varied from subject to subject, but has always been identified as a "movie studio". The words "Dream Studios" are always emblazoned on the front of the structure. Any attempt to move away from the studio has always resulted in the subject waking up.

The building is inhabited by a group of entities, usually friendly to the dreamer, unless inopportune subjects are brought up. SCP-3381-A will usually prompt the dreamer to join them in making a movie, and will ask for a general direction before starting filming. During the following sleep sessions, the subjects will always dream of the studio as long as they sleep on SCP-3381.

After a variable amount of time, the filming will conclude, and upon waking up, subject will find a DVD copy of said movie under SCP-3381. As of now, the DVDs created by SCP-3381 have not shown any anomalous qualities.

Following are the descriptions of the entities inhabiting SCP-3381-Alpha, based on dreamers' memories and the outcome of Experiment-3381-5:

SCP-3381-A is the designation given to a humanoid entity inside SCP-3381-Alpha. The entity identifies itself as "the director" or "Francis Black", and appears to be a middle-aged man of European descent. SCP-3381-A is the first entity to interact with a dreaming subject, asking for what kind of movie the subject would like to make. He has been described as the head of the location, directing and instructing the other entities. It is speculated that SCP-3381-A is the oldest entity present inside the studio, as it has shown to be familiar with events up to 1920.

Addendum 3381-01: After Experiment-3381-06, the item was seen to deteriorate faster then usual. Sleeping subjects do not remember seeing SCP-3381-Alpha, and instead describe nightmares and lucid dreams involving SCP-3381-G. No movie has been created by these subjects. The item has been seen secreting saline water, as well as red liquid: test results showed this substance to be blood, specifically from an unknown human female.

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