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Item#: SCP-338

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-338 is secured in accordance with Dr. ██████████ recommendations. In order to continue proper research, the following should be performed weekly:

  • Check and replace Geiger counters. If unusual damage or circumstances are present, notify acting HMCL supervisor.
  • Check and replace video cameras and connected wires. Test with color cards found in SCP-338 control. If unusual damage or circumstances are present, notify acting HMCL supervisor.
  • Check and replace laser measures. Verify that lasers are in the correct directions. If at any point the laser emitted from unit 02 or 04 seems to disappear or become distorted when passing through the gap in SCP-338, notify acting HMCL supervisor immediately.
  • Check and replace RADAR equipment. If unusual damage or circumstances are present, notify acting HMCL supervisor.
  • After completion of weekly checks, notify acting HMCL supervisor.

Description: Item SCP-338 consists of two parallel circular copper discs, 30.48cm (12in) in diameter, separated by a 38.1cm (15in) gap. They are arranged like the ends of a cylinder. They cannot be shifted with respect to each other - this has been tested via hydraulic rams up to 30 tons.

There is no solid material detectable within the gap.

Objects placed in the space between the discs for more than a few seconds are seen to "fade".
If the object is not removed from the gap, this "fading" is complete in approximately ten minutes, after which the objects are not detected by either instruments or the eye.

In 73% of such cases of fading, after a period of not less than 72 and not more than 300 minutes, an artifact is seen to "fade in" within the gap.

These artifacts are varied in composition. Some appear to have machine qualities. Others appear partially self-aware for a short time. Most are less easy to classify.

These artifacts invariably crumble to 'dust' within about 30 minutes, but what limited examination has been possible has shown them to have molecular structure which is highly unstable, and indeed seems impossible to form given the physical laws of our universe.

Further study is advised. It is highly recommend that agents not place any part of their body within the gap.

Addendum: Current list of objects sent through and received. (Detailed Report located at ████████████)

SENT 12-11-████: Upon retrieving SCP-338, half (~4") of a combat knife was 'sent' by mistake.

SENT 12-12-████: While in transit, MSgt ████████████████ placed roughly twenty grams of chewing gum into SCP-338.

RECEIVED: 12-12-████: An unidentified object (338-X01) with similarities to a rock appeared.

SENT: 1-17-████: Lead plate (50 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm) was placed into the gap.

RECEIVED: 1-17-████: Unidentified object 338-X02 appeared.

SENT: 1-17-████: Photo camera with timer.

RECEIVED: 1-18-████: Unidentified object 338-X03 appeared.

SENT: 1-21-████: Chemical solution of ████████████ placed to determine possible thermal energy.

RECEIVED: 1-21-████: Unidentified object 338-X04 appeared.


SENT: 5-24-████: Small 9 V battery with toy electronic buzzer.

SENT: 5-25-████: Upon request of class D personnel ████████, two standard six-sided dice.

RECEIVED: 5-25-████: Unidentified object 338-X261 appeared. (See Document 338-X261/B)


Document 338-X261/B: Unidentified object 338-x261. Received on 5-25-████ at 1714. Upon examination, SCP-338-X261 was made of two main components. A thin dark layer with white markings on it (measuring 25.6 cm by 30.1 cm) was inside of two thicker layered objects. The outer objects were transparent (>99%), 50 mm longer and wider than the inner layer and acted to seal the inner black layer. class D personnel ██████████████ suggested as a type of lamination. Before SCP-338-X361 dissolved, a scan of the symbols was recorded and sent to Dr. ██████████, Dr. ████████████████, Col ██████, and Dr. ████████ for interpretation.

While theories between experts varied, the main conclusion is that the symbols were a form of note. Other than that, the theories varied from a message of warning, to an attempt at peaceful communication, to a prank. Experts who examined SCP-338-X261 were not informed of SCP-338 or any other objects 'retrieved'.

Complete reports located at ████████████ and ████████████████████████ under the call number ██████████████.

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