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Item #: SCP-3374

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Mobile Task Force Gamma-7 (“Nereids”) is currently stationed at the town of Wakoe, Illinois to monitor for and intercept any instances of SCP-3374 manifestation. The Wakoe County Public Recreation Complex has been adapted to serve as a base of operations for the Foundation personnel assigned to SCP-3374. Any samples of biological material taken from SCP-3374-1 instances are to be kept in cold storage at the base. At least three Level-2 researchers specializing in marine biology are to remain at the site at all times to oversee research processes.

Any bodies of water currently functioning as conduits for SCP-3374's primary anomaly are to be drained and cordoned off from the public. Should any civilians encounter an instance of SCP-3374-1, all witnesses to the anomaly are to be amnesticized. Any SCP-3374-1 instances involved are to be captured alive for lab analysis if possible; MTF personnel are to terminate any openly hostile SCP-3374-1 instances that measure over 1 meter in length.

Description: SCP-3374 is a phenomenon affecting bodies of water in the city of Wakoe, Illinois. As of currently, SCP-3374 manifests at locations within a roughly circular area encompassing the majority of the city.1 Affected bodies of water will exhibit the presence of a wide range of irregular aquatic organisms (designated SCP-3374-1). Many SCP-3374-1 instances do not resemble any form of known terrestrial life, and will enter and exit the affected body of water seemingly regardless of any natural or man-made boundaries around the water.2

Any terrestrial structures (aquatic or otherwise) will not be affected by SCP-3374, meaning that supporting boundaries or walls of affected bodies of water (e.g., swimming pools, bathtubs, toilets) will remain entirely physical and tangible before, during, and after an instance of SCP-3374-1 exits through the structure. Instances of SCP-3374-1 interact with water non-anomalously3, and may only exit the body of water by interacting with another support boundary or wall.

SCP-3374 was first discovered in early April 2002, when local news stations reported a shoal of anomalous fish appearing in storm drains overnight. Foundation assets were notified, and MTF-γ7 was mobilized to secure the town.

Manifestation Log: The following is a partial log of notable SCP-3374-1 manifestations.

Date Location SCP-3374-1 Description Additional Details
3 April 2002 Multiple storm drains on Wakoe Main Street Shoal of fish similar in appearance and weight to Carasius auratus, the common goldfish. Instances lacked eyes and fins. Widespread reporting by local media outlets led to Foundation attention; establishment of SCP-3374 containment procedures.
12 August 2002 Bathtub at 201 Fairview Place Anguilloforme4 approximately 4 meters in length, ringed with 0.5-meter radial ‘arms’. Instance’s head terminates in a cluster of approximately 22 eyestalks. Appears to be herbaceous. Instance appeared while the house’s residents were bathing. Residents alerted local authorities and were amnesticized by Foundation operatives.
1 November 2004 Puddles caused by flooding near elementary school Unknown, possibly selachian5 Instance appeared and consumed a resident (approximate age: 4). Captured on-camera by eyewitnesses, suppressed by Foundation operatives. Additional personnel allocated to SCP-3374 investigation.
20 December 2005 Wakoe County Public Recreation Complex swimming pool Chitinous wheel-like organism approximately 3 meters in diameter, ringed with 1-meter hair-like protuberances. Instance appeared after pool closing hours, rotated in place for approximately 75 seconds, and exited with no further disturbance. Instance did not appear susceptible to high chlorine levels. Incident led to the establishment of Wakoe County Public Recreation Complex as MTF Gamma-7 base of operations.

Exploration Data: Partial documentation follows.

Date: 3/14/07
Purpose: After initial testing indicated that foreign structures maintaining physical contact with SCP-3374-1 also have the ability to anomalously exit out of affected bodies of water, a request was made for an exploration mission to discover the point of origin of SCP-3374. Approval was given by the Foundation Regional Administrator.
Subject(s): 2 D-Class personnel, remote observation team

  • One 7500 kg capacity air winch outfitted with 1 km of cable and industry-grade shark cage
  • Two underwater head-mounted flashlights and video feed systems
  • Two diving knives

Exploration Log:

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