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SCP-3371 in containment.

Item #: SCP-3371

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3371 is to be contained within a high-grade intangible humanoid containment chamber (minimal furnishing). Requests pertaining to the use of artistic implements are to be denied.

SCP-3371-1 through SCP-3371-7 are to be contained within a high-value object warehouse, and monitored via CCTV cameras. Following a Reanimation Event, relevant containers are to be examined for damages and repaired appropriately.

Description: SCP-3371 is an incorporeal entity bearing heavy resemblance to English contemporary artist Damien Hirst, barring two small, round scars located on its temples. SCP-3371 is entirely intangible, passing through solid surfaces with no evident resistance.

SCP-3371 was initially captured after reports centralized within the Tate Modern art gallery suggested the presence of a male figure 'passing through walls'. MTF Mu-13 ("Ghostbusters") was dispatched, and apprehended SCP-3371 as it observed a series of paintings.

Efforts to locate Hirst for interview have been unsuccessful.

SCP-3371-1 through SCP-3371-7 designate a series of periodically animate exhibitions and objects, all of which SCP-3371 claims to have created during its corporeal state.

'Reanimation Events' tend to occur with a frequency of one every twelve days, each event lasting for approximately four hours. The specific effects are unique to each object, but generally characterised by the movement of a previously deceased animal or inanimate object.

SCP-3371-1 The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, the carcass of a mature tiger shark within a glass vitrine. Preserved via formaldehyde solution. The shark thrashes violently, often shattering or otherwise damaging the vitrine. In the event that SCP-3371-1 breaches its container, it will proceed to roll onto its back and cease the function of its vital organs.
SCP-3371-2 For The Love of God, a diamond-encrusted human skull cast from platinum. SCP-3371-2 will chatter rapidly, displaying an estimated bite force of 3,200 psi. No visible damages to teeth.
SCP-3371-3 The Dream, the carcass of a foal. A prominent resin 'horn' is located on the forehead in order to simulate the classic depiction of a 'unicorn'. Preserved via formaldehyde solution. SCP-3371-3 has been observed to violently buck its hind legs against its container in an attempt to break through. It has thus far been unsuccessful in doing so.
SCP-3371-4 The Golden Calf, a white calf with gilded horns and hooves, topped with a decorative golden plate. Preserved via formaldehyde solution. SCP-3371-4 will behave similarly to SCP-3371-3, kicking its container in an attempt to shatter the glass. SCP-3371-4 has been successful on two separate occasions, both of which it spent slowly circling SCP-3371-3's container.
SCP-3371-5 For Heaven's Sake, a platinum casting of an infant's skull, studded with both pink and white diamonds. SCP-3371-5 will 'cry', resulting in a long, piercing noise emanating from the skull, followed by small teardrop-shaped diamonds forming around the sockets. No relevance to SCP-3371-2, barring superficial similarities.
SCP-3371-6 A Thousand Years, an exhibition consisting of a decomposing cow's head, several Musca domestica1 larvae, and an electric insect killer. A pool of dried blood is present around the head. The head will lift and hover, as if connected to a living cow, and 'graze' on a non-existent pasture for approximately five minutes. It will then remain at a standstill for the remaining period of time, accompanied by a distinct 'squelching' sound.
SCP-3371-7 Mickey, a gloss painting, consisting of twelve coloured dots, intending to form the figure of popular cartoon character 'Mickey Mouse'. SCP-3371-7 will disassemble, gradually protruding from the canvas and spiraling randomly in several directions. Upon reaching a length of two meters, the 'tubes' will become hollow and deposit an average of £480 in coins and rolled-up bank notes.

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