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Sketch of an Apis Animo worker bee

Item #: SCP-3368

Object Class: Keter Declassified

Special Containment Procedures:

All personnel must wear Foundation grade beekeeper suits when outside of designated SCP-3368 safe zones. Due to worldwide infection, every Foundation site is to be fitted with an SCP-3368 quarantine unit, and all instances of SCP-3368 and SCP-3368-1 are to be placed in these units. Foundation personnel are to be given documents on how to spot SCP-3368 infection and are encouraged to report SCP-3368-1 instances to MTF Mu-Pi-6 ("Beekeepers"). Instances of SCP-3368-1 who are Foundation personnel are contractually obligated to transfer to the nearest quarantine unit and will be compensated for doing so. These individuals furthermore must continue working for the Foundation if able.

In addition to quarantine management, MTF Mu-Pi-6 will continue the investigation into the phenomenon that led to the infection of approximately ██.█% of the animal population of Earth.

Description: SCP-3368 is Apis Animo, a species of honey bee that exclusively makes hives in the brains of living creatures. A finished hive displaces a large volume of the brain, but researchers have not been able to observe any statistically significant changes in the infected's personality and memory. Tests have shown that a portion of the worker bees spend the majority of their time in the hive and do not assist in food or bee production. It is currently theorized that these worker bees, dubbed "mind bees", perform the tasks that were previously performed by the removed portions of the brain.

SCP-3368 displays numerous traits that allow for them to covertly and efficiently construct hives. The most notable traits are as follows:

  • They have an average size of 1mm, which is roughly an eighth the size of a member of Apis Florea ("Dwarf Honey Bee"), one of the smallest bees known to the non-occult world. This size allows for them to easily fit into the ear canals of most animals.
  • Their hair and shape allow for easy movement through tight spaces. In particular, tests have shown that members of SCP-3368 can "squeeze" through tubes that are half a millimeter in diameter.
  • While the wings of SCP-3368 do produce a buzzing noise while the bees are in flight, this is below the hearing level of the average person.
  • They possess serrated mandibles, which can easily tear through most forms of flesh.
  • Their stinger produces an unknown substance that has been shown to have similar properties to numbing solutions and mild amnestics. Tests have shown that roughly 50% of subjects who are informed about the presence of SCP-3368 in their vicinity will forget this fact altogether after being stung.

Due to these traits, less than 6% of infected individuals become aware of the sudden changes in their brain's anatomy and the bees themselves. Such a person is considered to be infected by SCP-3368 and an instance of SCP-3368-1.

SCP-3368 was first found during an autopsy of Wayne Goss, a former Premier of Queensland whose death has been attributed to brain cancer. Interestingly, evidence of SCP-3368 infection was not found in scans nor operations on his brain prior to his death. Due to the frequency of brain scans of Goss and the slow process involved in SCP-3368 infection, it is the current opinion of the research staff that Goss' medical data has been tampered with.

Addendum 3368.1: At the insistence of the O5 Council, MTF Mu-Pi-6 has been formed, whose primary mission objective is to investigate links between SCP-3368 and GoIs who could be acting as potential saboteurs. In addition, MTF Mu-Pi-6 has the secondary objective of finding and quarantining all instances of SCP-3368-1. Research into the anomalous properties of SCP-3368 is to take place under Dr. Makshi Bickers, noted for her extensive background in bee research. Both MTF Mu-Pi-6 and the SCP-3368 Research Team will report directly to O5-2.

Addendum 3368.2: The SCP-3368 Research Team has found that the pinkish-red honey produced by SCP-3368, noted as SCP-3368-2, has hallucinogenic properties when consumed. Testing by Dr. Bickers has shown that these hallucinations have a strong correlation to the memories and feelings of the SCP-3368-1 instance that the honey was harvested from. The SCP-3368 Research Team will continue to research potential avenues for extracting SCP-3368-2 from an SCP-3368-1 instance without causing cessation of life.

Addendum 3368.3: Extensive testing has shown that the pollen or nectar of certain flowers can temporarily alter the personality of an infected individual. Below is an abbreviated list of these flowers and their effects on SCP-3368-11:

Addendum 3368.4: Routine psychological analyses of quarantined SCP-3368-1 instances have shown an increase in pro-cooperation, pro-feminist, and pro-environmental views. Many SCP-3368-1 instances have also reported having nightmares and dreams involving bees, however, this has been attributed to psychological trauma involving their infection.

Note: Since SCP-3368 can be used for mind reading and control, and since a high-ranking Australian official was found to be infected with SCP-3368, I have requested MTF Mu-Pi-6 to analyze all high-ranking politicians and figureheads for infection. -O5-2

Addendum 3368.5: MTF Mu-Pi-6 has finished an analysis of high-ranking politicians and figureheads and has found that no less than ██.█% of them are instances of SCP-3368-1. Notably, statistical analysis has shown that this infection ratio is much higher than the infection ratio of the world population. In addition, there has been an ██.█% increase in the number of missing persons, most of whom have a deep connection to the political landscape of the world. Due to their influence, the living infected political members will not be quarantined or replaced, but instead studied and protected. Assigned bodyguards are to ensure that these SCP-3368-1 instances do not cause further infections and that they are surrounded by Iris Confusa and/or a sufficiently large variety of plants so as to minimize the changes to their personalities.

Addendum 3368.6: Subsequent autopsies on SCP-3368-1 individuals who have been infected for more than a year and a half have shown that, after the brain has been fully modified, SCP-3368 will begin to expand the hive throughout the body. The long-term effects of this expansion require further investigation. Currently, all that is known about this scenario is that the honey produced from other areas within the body does not appear to have any anomalous properties.

Addendum 3368.7: Chaos Insurgency Outpost Raid Transcripts

Addendum 3368.8: Per protocol, The Foundation issued a formal request for an apology to the GOC due to the loss of personnel at their hands. Three days following this request, Foundation operatives obtained several packages from the GOC, which contained blueprints for paratechnology related to SCP-3368, as well as a small collection of fully built versions. Most notable are the "Yellow Suits". Yellow Suits offer protection from head to toe, are complete with "indoor facilities" such as insulation and air conditioning, and have been explicitly made to "never be removed". Of particular interest to the SCP-3368 Research Team are the "Bee Trackers", scanning devices which, according to GOC documentation, "can find and track SCP-3368 with 99.9% precision." In addition to this is a note from D. C. Al Fine, which has been scanned and logged.

Addendum 3368.9: In Spring 2017, the leader of MTF Mu-Pi-6 and The SCP-3368 Research Team met with O5-2 in her garden for the first of many monthly status meetings.

Addendum 3368.10: The following personal diary entries belonging to infected Foundation personnel were found and noted during routine inspection. Routine inspector █████ has since been reprimanded.

Addendums 3368.11 - 3368.33: Events Transpiring Between Addendums 3368.11 and 3368.33:
NOTICE: Events in this era pertaining to SCP-3368 can only be passed down to those of a lesser clearance by an O5 Council Member. If it is absolutely essential for your job, you may petition a request for this information using Form #3368.B.33.

Addendum 3368.34: The O5-Council met on ██_██_2022 to discuss the future of SCP-3368 and SCP-3368-1 individuals.

Addendum 3368.35: The Ethics Committee met on ██_██_2022, and in a landmark vote, approved a series of anti-discrimination rights to be applied to SCP-3368-1 personnel2.

Addendum 3368.36: Declassification of SCP-3368 was approved by the O5 Council on ██_██_████. The Special Containment Procedures are to be considered null and void, and the object class is to be "Declassified". The majority of the information in the Description is considered to be out of date, and it is preferable to consult a local library for current information on SCP-3368. This document will remain untouched for historical reasons, and due to sensitive information pertaining to The Foundation, is not to be released to the public without O5 approval. Improper release of this information is to be considered grounds for termination.

Abeedum 3368.B:

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